Find Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

We are a group of people that have worked in the treatment space for years.  Some of us having worked for treatment centers, while others owned businesses helping centers. Today, we are here to help you with addiction.  We understand how difficult it can be to find the treatment center for you.  One that not only understands your needs, but is also highly effective at treating your addiction.  


Our advisers work with you to understand the situation, first and foremost.  We can't find the right center for you if we don't know the whole story.  You work with your adviser through the entire process and they are your advocate. They will help answer any questions you have about addiction.  If you are not sure if someone needs treatment, they can work with you to learn the signs of addiction. From there, we learn more about the drug use, weather drug abuse or alcohol abuse, or pill addiction, we identify what needs to be treated. If an intervention is needed, we can work with you to get you in touch with a top addiction interventionist near you. 

With the growth and success found in Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) we are also able to help those searching for an outpatient or inpatient MAT program. MAT programs have quickly became the “Gold Standard” for opioid and alcohol addiction recovery. With a success rate over 200% better than a standard program, it’s a great opportunity.

Once we identify your situation, we review your insurance information to understand what out of pocket costs you have or if your insurance requires in-network rehab or will help cover costs for out of network centers.  We review this information with you so you understand exactly what is going on.  Once we do this, we bring you options for the best drug rehab centers for you. You and your adviser will review these options, and make a decision on where to go.  Most times, your advocate will work to get you into a medical detox program to ensure your safety, prior to entering treatment. This could be any center around the U.S. based on your specific need.  However, we typically see people go to Arizona, California, Colorado, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

We will contact the treatment center selected and verify everything with the center.  You will then have an admissions call to ensure that you are going to the right centers.  After that, it is off you go.  

Our services are 100% free for you as we are an advocate for you or your loved one.  Our top priority is our patient's safety and long-term success.   If you are ready for a change, call us now.  You will be happy you did.