Drug and alcohol abuse is harmful and impactful on both the body and mind. Long-term, consistent consumption can lead to many health worries, including an addiction.

To overcome both substance abuse and addiction, physical and psychological treatments and recovery techniques will need to be completed. Not only are they necessary to treat and manage symptoms, but they are recommended to improve health.

Addiction recovery is a 360 process, which helps to improve quality of life without the habit of drug and alcohol consumption. Offered via private rehab, an extensive process can be completed, tailored to your health concerns, addiction type and recovery goals.

Via an admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Weybridge, we at Addiction Advocates can get to know your needs. Doing so will offer some personal and realistic recommendations of drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

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Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Weybridge

It’s essential to find a rehab programme to help you recover from addiction through a safe and sustainable process. Without safety, your physical and psychological health may deteriorate. Without sustainability, your results may not last beyond rehab.

We have a range of CQC rehab clinics registered for their standards and recovery results at Addiction Advocates. Both safety and sustainability can be expected, yet we must also consider your personal needs.

By completing the admissions process, we can help you find a drug and alcohol rehab in Weybridge to deliver a reassuring recovery journey. Your needs, addiction type and severity, and personal circumstances will be considered through your admission. The insight will help our team understand and arrange the most suitable rehab programme and experience.

We will match up your budget, your location, the type of care that you require and your expectations with the standards, treatments, and safety of a rehab clinic. You can soon visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Weybridge, offering a 360 approach to addiction recovery with our support.


What happens throughout rehab?

Rehab is a progressive process that can be tailored entirely to your needs. It offers access to a range of treatment services, which help treat addiction from physical and psychological standpoints. It also provides additional services which focus on well-being, coping and long-term recovery.

Designed to motivate long-term recovery, rehab provides some practical tools to carry forward, along with the right mindset, a clean slate, and a supportive network. Completing a single programme can offer life-changing results.

Finding a private drug and alcohol rehab in Weybridge will make sure that the process is safe. Yet finding the right programme will make sure that it’s sustainable and possible to complete. You’ll have the choice of either an inpatient or an outpatient programme. Both are offered privately and will consider your needs, yet are delivered differently.

Inpatient rehab is where you’ll check into your chosen clinic to complete a residential stay. The average visit lasts 30 days, offering the ideal time to progress through and take in the rehab process.

Outpatient rehab is where you’ll visit your chosen clinic for regular treatment sessions. This is a longer process to complete, which some clients can sustain. Yet depending on how soon you want to recover and how much time you have to dedicate, it may be an unsustainable option.

Both programmes will provide you with the tools you need to recover, a range of well-being techniques, exposure to relapse prevention, and professionals’ support.


How does treatment work?

Treating an addiction will take a range of different services, techniques, and processes. All will work together to detox the body, heal the mind, and offer a plan of action for the future.

On admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Weybridge, a medical assessment will take place. This assessment will gauge your current health, the symptoms you’re encountering, and the type of addiction you’re battling. This information will be used to create a tailored treatment programme, following either an inpatient or outpatient schedule.

Treatment will safely eliminate drugs and alcohol from the body, from the mind, and the surrounding area. It will also aim to prepare clients for sobriety by devaluing further consumption. Addiction treatment also works to improve mental health and other areas of life which promote stabling and positivity.


Treatment and therapy recommendations

Your personal needs will influence the structure of your treatment programme. Yet, there are some treatments and therapies which will inevitably be included due to their success.

  • Detoxification: To withdraw the body from drugs and alcohol through a medical process.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy: To heal the mind, understand emotions and consider future coping.
  • Family therapy: To gain mutual understanding and a strong support network.
  • Group therapy: To offer a safe space full of insight and support.
  • Dual diagnosis treatments: To improve mental health.
  • Individual therapy: To cover the sensitive, emotional struggles of addiction.
  • Stress management: To manage stress as a possible trigger.
  • Relapse prevention planning: To plan for and control future drug and alcohol exposure.
  • Motivational therapy: To offer sources of support throughout the rehab process.


Aftercare support in Weybridge

A CQC registered rehab will also offer free aftercare support post-rehab. You’ll have access to ongoing therapy and support groups for 12 months within your local area.

Aftercare is found to ease initial recovery. Understandably, this time can take some adjusting, which aftercare supports, making sure that you feel guided and on track. It will be tailored around your needs and lifestyle to benefit your recovery journey.

To begin the recovery process, you can contact our team at Addiction Advocates. We’re here for you to find the right drug and alcohol rehab in Weybridge for a safe and sustainable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is addiction a mental illness or disease?
Addiction is a disease which impacts the brain, carrying reoccurring risks. It’s very similar to mental health conditions as it impacts emotional responses and outlooks. It’s also linked to mental illness as symptoms of depression, anxiety and further conditions are common through substance abuse. Mental health issues are also a frequent cause of drug and alcohol abuse. Closely entwined, addiction and mental illness are similar, yet addiction is an independent diagnosis.
How do you deal with withdrawal symptoms?
Withdrawal symptoms are common post-detox. They can be difficult to manage independently, as they can display through physical and psychological side effects. Via private rehab, withdrawal symptoms will be dealt with and managed through a range of supportive treatments and medications.
Can addiction be cured?
A cure for addiction isn’t available, as it’s a reoccurring and complicated condition. It can however be treated, eased, and managed for the long-term. Addiction treatment will help to promote sobriety and long-term recovery.