Through deciding to withdraw from drugs and alcohol and embark on the unfamiliar process of rehab comes great worry.

You may personally be worrying about whether visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in East Kilbride is for you.

You may question the suitability of rehab as a service. You may even have anxieties over what’s ahead and whether you’ll personally be able to fulfil rehab.

No matter the worry, please be reassured that feelings of anxiety or of concern are normal, commonly part and parcel of committing to drug and alcohol rehab.

Yet, through those concerns, it is very important that you look to address them, to increase your acceptance of professional addiction support.

Below are some common concerns, experienced by our clients at Addiction Advocates, usually expressed at the beginning of the rehab admission process.

By working with our team, those concerns have been worked through, opening up the idea of visiting a local drug and alcohol rehab clinic.

You can experience the same level of support, helping you overcome your worries around drug and alcohol rehabilitation. By doing so, you’ll soon be positioned to accept support on a greater level, benefiting your addiction recovery experience.

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I’m worried about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in East Kilbride

It is very normal to experience worries around the idea of localised recovery. Your worries may be linked to judgment, may be linked to privacy, or may even be linked to the influence of your current lifestyle, fuelled by drugs and alcohol.

Through those worries, it’s therefore normal for you to push back on the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in East Kilbride.

If you’re truly looking to remove yourself from your local area of East Kilbride, this is doable, as residential rehab is a highly sought-after service, even at a distance.

Yet, if you’re ideally hoping for a convenient rehab experience, however, do have worries, please be reassured that we can work to address and resolve your concerns.

Commonly, the fear of judgment, of a lack of privacy and of influential associations can be dealt with through a reputable residential rehab clinic, which we can secure for you at Addiction Advocates.


I’m unsure whether rehab is for me

It can be difficult to accept rehab, especially without full awareness of the severity of your addiction. It’s also common to question rehab and its suitability down to preconceived ideas.

However, we must highlight the value of rehab when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation, standing as the only recovery option which offers effective and sustainable results.

With this in mind, if you are struggling with an addiction, while you may struggle to initially accept rehab, it will be the best option for you.

If you have concerns around the suitability of rehab itself, down to its offering, please be reassured that personalised programmes are provided through our recommended rehab clinics, ensuring that rehab can be a viable option for you.


I’m anxious about the unknown steps of rehab

Rehab is commonly a new process for most of our clients. With this in mind, it is a normal reaction to feel worried about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in East Kilbride.

Ultimately, the exact steps of rehab cannot be outlined, down to the personal formation of your own structure. Yet, a general outline focuses on moving you through the withdrawal phase, through the recovery phase, through the rebuild phase, and through the relapse prevention phase, helping you reach and maintain a state of sobriety.

The steps of rehab also focus on improving all areas of your life, from your nutrition to your lifestyle choices, to your coping strategies and to your education around substance abuse. While currently an unknown service, you’ll soon feel at home, comfortable and ready to turn rehab into a familiar and accepted service.


I’m worried about relapsing post-rehab

Worries around relapse risks are understandable, as ultimately, you’re aiming to avoid future drug and alcohol exposure. It’s important to know that relapse risks are present for all clients, where emotional symptoms are commonly experienced. A relapse doesn’t define failure, but the need for greater focus and recovery efforts.

While the idea of relapsing post-rehab is difficult to digest, it’s important to remember that you can revert the outcome of a relapse.

You can also prevent potential risks by maintaining a positive lifestyle, by reducing your drug and alcohol exposure once you return home to East Kilbride, and also by following your own relapse prevention plan.

Throughout your rehab programme, you will work through these steps, helping you prepare for post-rehab life. With this in mind, please do not let your worries around relapse risks reduce your current acceptance of rehab.


I’m doubting my own ability to withdraw from drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol may have been your life for some time. They may fill an emotional hole; they may support you or they may even fuel your motivation and routine.

Down to this, it’s understandable that you may doubt your own ability to withdraw from drugs and alcohol and detach yourself from them for the long-term.

However, it’s important to remember that you once lived without drugs and alcohol, and with manageable steps, this will be possible again.

This is why visiting a reputable drug and alcohol rehab in East Kilbride is recommended, as you’ll be armed with the tools and steps to overcome self-doubt, along with physically and psychologically detaching from drugs and alcohol. However, if East Kilbride is not suitable for you then we can find you a suitable alternative as we have clinics across the country and more locally to East Kilbride, including drug and alcohol rehab centres in Glasgow, Paisley and Clydebank.

Experiencing worry around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab clinic is very normal. Please do not worry about the emotions that you’re currently experiencing. Instead, it’s time to work through those concerns, with the aim to fully accept professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

We can help you reach this point by working through your reservations or anxieties, by providing the most fitting form of rehab for your needs.

Feel reassured by working with our team at Addiction Advocates, that rehab will be for you, will benefit you, and will change your life if you let it.