Do you currently live in Old Southwark and have you also found that you may need professional intervention and assistance in overcoming addiction?

If so, then committing yourself to a course of treatment at Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol rehab in Old Southwark may well be just what you need to put your drug and alcohol abuse firmly in the rearview mirror.

Addiction Advocates are here to make sure that anyone and everyone who is struggling with addiction can have access to the necessary facilities to overcome their demons.

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction can suddenly rear its head in the life of anyone, and there is no shame in reaching out and accepting the help of Addiction Advocates when it comes to conquering your substance abuse and/or alcoholism.

If you’ve ended up on this website, then you have clearly already accepted that you may need professional help which is a big first step on the road to recovery.

All you need to do is reach out and talk to our dedicated helpline staff on 0800 012 6088 and ask them about how to get the ball rolling on setting up a recovery plan.

Alternatively, if you’re here as you are concerned about the substance abuse or alcohol consumption of a loved one, then you can speak to our helpline staff about our family and friend referral scheme.

Our loved ones will often make up a valuable part of our support network in all walks of life; and, when it comes to overcoming addiction, this is no different.


What Forms Of Addiction Do We Treat

Across the length and breadth of the UK, there are countless people who defer getting the treatment that they severely need.

Most people delay reaching out and starting their treatment because of a misplaced belief that they will conquer their addiction on their own or that rehabs only treat certain types of addiction.

Although, this is far from the truth. Very few people are able to successfully conquer addiction on their own and even in the rare circumstances where people do they rarely last.

A professional rehab will make sure that you have the emotional, mental, and physical tools to remain sober for the long term.

Also, it is important to remember that regardless of the substance that you have found yourself addicted to, Addiction Advocates can ensure that effective, professional treatment will be made readily available to you.

Please find below a list of the addictions that we can make sure you receive treatment for at one of our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres:

Another thing that a lot of people can worry about is the prospect that, while receiving treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction, you may find that you present with other mental health illnesses which you have unknowingly been “self-medicating” for through your addiction.

However, this is nothing to be concerned about as Addiction Advocates’ dedicated and highly-trained medical specialists will be able to administer a dual-diagnosis treatment that will treat any underlying mental health symptoms which present during your treatment.


How Long Does A Course Of Treatment At Residential Rehab Take?

We completely understand that, for a lot of individuals considering residential rehab, the prospect of being removed from your home environment for an extended period may be quite daunting.

And, sadly, due to the fact that we tailor our treatments to each individual who we help it is impossible to say how long your courses treatment is at this stage.

However, it is very common for courses of treatment at our residential rehab to last for around 28 days.

While this amount of time may seem extensive, this is because the number of various treatments that we administer will take a while to get to the root of your addiction.

It is crucial to get to the heart of your addiction and conquer the internalised emotions which may have contributed to you developing an addiction, in order for you to forge a truly effective recovery.

Without addressing the underlying issues from which your addictions sprouted, it is near impossible to truly overcome addiction.

However, before we start administering the psychological treatments which will help you realise this, we will have to start you off with a course of intensive physical treatment.


Detoxification At Our Detox Clinic

Detox is something that a large majority of addicts will have either experienced in the past or be very aware of.

There are few things that can prepare you for the emotional and physical turmoil that drug and/or alcohol withdrawal can wreak upon a person; however, with the help of the dedicated staff at Addiction Advocates’ detox clinic, we can get you through this period in the safest possible manner.

Furthermore, having removed yourself from your everyday environment, which is likely filled with old triggers and negative memories, there is less chance of you relapsing during this process — or during the rest of your treatment for that matter.


Our Physical And Psychological Treatments Are World-Class

Once the detoxification physical treatment has cleansed you of any negative substances, the psychological treatments can then begin to help restructure your brain and retrain the way your brain considers addiction.

Addiction Advocates’ rehab in Old Southwark is populated with tirelessly working staff who are specialists in such treatments as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), NAD+ brain restoration therapy, satori chair therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), family drug support counselling, nutritional advice coaching, motivational thinking, one-to-one therapy sessions, group therapy and 12-step work, and much more.

All of the groundbreaking psychological work that you will be doing throughout your course of treatment with us will also help you to forge a relapse prevention plan, which will set you up for staying clean once you have left our loving facility.

However, with the help of our complimentary one-year aftercare plan, you will not be alone once you have returned to your everyday life.

Don’t delay any longer in getting help overcoming your addiction, call Addiction Advocates today on 0800 012 6088.