Here at Addiction Advocates, we know that watching someone battle a substance addiction is heartbreaking.  We also know that you may find yourself unsure of what you can do to help an individual battling an addiction.

To ensure that you have the knowledge you need to assist a friend, loved one or employee, we have offered a wealth of information below that we are confident will answer any questions you may have.

However, if you would like to discuss your worries with us, please call us directly on 0800 012 6088.

How Can I Help Someone Who Is Struggling With An Addiction?

As you come to realise that someone you know is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, you will likely have many questions regarding what you can do to help them. For example, you may ask yourself whether you should confront them. You may even wonder whether you should remove substances from their possession.

If this resonates with you, we would first ask you not to attempt to remove substances from your loved one, friend or employee.

Doing so will cause them to relapse, which can be extremely dangerous when professional help is not available. We would also ask you to avoid approaching them before determining whether an addiction is indeed impairing their life.

Instead, we would encourage you to research the various drug and alcohol rehabs in Ashington.  We would also recommend uncovering the types of treatments that are available.

In doing so, when the time comes for you to approach your loved one, friend or employee, you will be able to inform them of the support and treatment that can help them overcome their drug or alcohol dependency.

What Are The Different Types Of Rehabs In Ashington?

As noted above, when it comes to ascertaining how you can help someone who is struggling with addiction, one of the most important things you can do is research the various drug and alcohol rehabs in Ashington.

Although you may not think that doing so is important, researching the different types of rehabs in Ashington is extremely proactive.  As you come to understand the difference between NHS and private rehabs, you will be able to distinguish the support that your loved one, friend or employee will be able to secure.

In Ashington, there are many NHS and private drug and alcohol rehabs.  Readily available to offer treatment, the type of rehab an individual attends will entirely depend on their personal circumstances.

However, at Addiction Advocates, we would usually refer individuals that require treatment to a private drug and alcohol rehab in Ashington.

This is because a private drug and alcohol rehab in Ashington will be able to offer almost immediate treatment.  Private rehabs are also known to provide industry-leading treatments on an inpatient basis.

Not only does this ensure that those progressing through treatment can make a full recovery, but it guarantees that a long-term recovery can be secured.

However, private rehab comes at a cost.  This is often why many people opt to attend an NHS drug and alcohol rehab in Ashington instead.

What Treatment Is Available In Ashington?

The treatment available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Ashington will depend on the facility that is attended.  However, drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment often consists of medically induced drug and alcohol detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare support.

Detoxification is the process in which those in rehab begin to withdraw from the substance they have become addicted.  As noted above, withdrawing from a substance without professional support is extremely dangerous.

Yet, when detoxification is administered in a drug and alcohol rehab in Ashington, it is perfectly safe.

Following drug detoxification, rehabilitation commences.  Rehabilitation sees those in recovery undergo psychological and well-being therapy in one-to-one and group environments.  Therapy usually consists of cognitive behavioural therapy, relapse prevention and motivational interviewing.

As an individual completes their time in rehab, aftercare support is provided.  Aftercare support ensures that those in recovery can seek support outside of rehab by attending weekly group therapy for 12 months.  In some instances, one-to-one therapy may also be offered.

How Does Rehabilitation Treatment Help Someone Overcome An Addiction?

Throughout an individual’s time in rehab, the treatment administered assists them as they physically and psychologically recover from the impact that their addiction has had.

Therapy, for example, encourages those in recovery to understand what has caused them to become addicted to substances.  Here, factors that contribute to addiction are uncovered, and coping strategies are devised.  The devised coping strategies will ultimately help your friend, family member, or employee understand how they can avoid relapsing in the future.

Group therapy is also highly beneficial when considering how rehabilitation treatment helps someone overcome an addiction.

This is because group therapy sees individuals invited to share their progress with others and listen to how their peers have overcome their addictions with the support of medical professionals and addiction support workers.

How Do I Refer An Individual For Treatment?

If you are certain that a friend, family member, or employee struggles with addiction, referring them for treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Ashington may be in their best interest.

To refer an individual for treatment, all you need to do is contact us.  When you do so, we will discuss the signs you have observed with you.  We will ask you a number of questions about the individual, and we will offer guidance on how to approach them.

If you find that your help is rejected, we can then stage an intervention.  Although for many, this is a last resort, interventions are often required.

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