Drug and alcohol addictions consume the lives of millions of people each year. Often fatal, treatment must be accessed via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bethnal Green as early as possible to ensure that sobriety can be achieved.

However, with many options to consider, locating a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Bethnal Green is often easier said than done.

To ensure that addiction treatment can be sought, here at Addiction Advocates, we have launched a self-referral service and helpline that has been designed to help individuals affected by addictions secure treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bethnal Green.

Irrespective of whether you have become addicted to drugs or alcohol, if you are ready to start your recovery, we are here to help you.

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Your Rehab Options

When it comes to choosing a rehab to attend, you will find that you are faced with two options. These options include inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab. Outpatient rehab can be accessed via the NHS and private providers. Meanwhile, inpatient rehabs are only available via CQC licensed clinics.

Although both inpatient and outpatient rehabs are recommended, at Addiction Advocates, we typically refer those who approach us for treatment to private inpatient drug and alcohol rehabs in Bethnal Green due to the level of care and quality of treatment available.


Addiction Treatment

Attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Bethnal Green will offer you access to numerous treatment options, all of which are proven to aid addiction recovery. However, the treatment you encounter will be dependent on the severity of your addiction, your recovery needs and whether you attend an inpatient or outpatient rehab.

We have outlined the treatments that can be expected via outpatient and inpatient rehabs below to offer greater insight.


Outpatient Treatment

Administered over a prolonged period, outpatient treatment includes one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy and group therapy. In some instances, detoxification is also administered.

These particular treatments support those in recovery in understanding their addiction. These treatments also ensure that the cause of addiction can be identified.

Undergoing cognitive behavioural therapy also encourages those in recovery to adopt a more positive mindset and learn how to manage any cravings and triggers that could cause them to relapse.


Inpatient Treatment

If attending an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Bethnal Green is a suitable option, you will have access to a wide range of treatments such as detoxification, rehabilitation, one-to-one therapy, group therapy, psychological therapy and well-being therapy.

Combined and incorporated into personalised treatment programmes, these treatments are proven to alleviate addictions and equip patients with the skills and resources needed to make a long term recovery.

In addition to completing a personalised treatment programme, inpatient rehabs offer 24/7 care and support. Inpatient rehabs also safeguard those in recovery from any triggers that could otherwise hinder recovery.


Aftercare Programme

Although attending a drug and alcohol rehab will help you overcome your addiction, additional support and treatment must be provided in the weeks, months and years that follow your time in rehab to ensure that you are able to maintain your sobriety.

As a result, irrespective of whether you attend an inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Bethnal Green, we will ensure that you have access to appropriate aftercare and relapse prevention support.

Typically, aftercare support consists of weekly group therapy sessions and continued cognitive behavioural therapy. Many rehabs also recommend attending recovery support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous.


Starting Your Recovery Journey

Having come to understand your rehab options and the treatments you will have access to via inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol rehabs in Bethnal Green, we welcome you to contact us today to start your recovery journey.

When you contact us, our admissions team will offer you a wealth of guidance and advice. They will also answer any questions you may have about attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Bethnal Green, and they will ensure that you are ready to progress through our self-referral process.

Upon making an initial enquiry, if you are happy with the information offered, you will be invited to complete a telephone assessment. Carried out by our addiction specialists, completing a telephone assessment will ensure that our team understands your addiction. As soon as this assessment has been completed, suitable drug and alcohol rehabs in Bethnal Green will be recommended.

From here, we will help you select a rehab of your choice before making a referral on your behalf.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How will a Rehab know what Treatment I need?
To ensure that appropriate treatment is provided, you will need to undergo a doctor’s assessment before commencing treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Bethnal Green. Here, your health will be reviewed to ensure that you are fit to progress through treatment. The doctor’s assessment will also enable the medical team at the chosen rehab to understand your addiction in greater detail. In turn, they will be able to recommend suitable treatments and incorporate them into your treatment programme.
How do you deal with withdrawal symptoms?
As withdrawal symptoms range from mild to moderate, how they are dealt with greatly differs. For example, mild withdrawal symptoms typically include headaches and nausea. Many individuals find these particular symptoms somewhat easy to cope with. In contrast, moderate withdrawal symptoms include hallucinations, fever-like symptoms, paranoia and sickness. As these withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant, medication is often prescribed to reduce the overall effect they have. One-to-one therapy is also extremely beneficial when it comes to dealing with withdrawal symptoms.
Can Addiction be overcome?
Yes, drug and alcohol addictions can be overcome with the right support and treatment. If you are committed to your sobriety and take advantage of the treatment available to you via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bethnal Green, you will have every chance of securing a long-term recovery.