Working out a path towards addiction recovery, alone, can be tough. Knowing who to turn to, where to invest into and what to commit to is unnerving, knowing the impacts such decisions will have.

However, you’re not alone, as we at Addiction Advocates are here to support you in a multitude of ways, throughout your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

What you can expect from us is a committed, experienced, compassionate and professional team, who’s here to provide emotional support, insight and rehab recommendations, with your needs in mind.

We can help you understand who to place your trust in, where to invest in for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and what type of rehab programme to commit to, to benefit you.

You can start to receive our support from today onwards, where our goal will be to help you find and secure a suitable programme, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Haringey, capable of reliably prioritising your needs. Yet not only that, but we also secure suitability and your capabilities to recover.

Define your own addiction recovery journey by selecting Addiction Advocates as a helping hand, drug and alcohol rehab referral specialists.


What you can expect from Addiction Advocates

Working with professionals through this stage may be new to you. You may have considered completing the rehab admission process, alone. We however appreciate how tough such a process can be, with difficult and impactful decisions to make around drug and alcohol rehab.

If you therefore decide to select a drug and alcohol rehab in Haringey, through our services, here’s what you can expect, from emotional support, to an easier transition into rehab.


  • Free assessment 

On initial contact, we offer a free, confidential assessment. The assessment phase is in fact very important, as it offers personal insight into addiction types.

For example, we can assess your relationship with drugs and alcohol, to understand the damages and pressures such relationships are carrying. This type of information can then support our recommendations of the type of support you’ll need through rehab, to recover.

In tandem with your assessment results, we will also take your needs into consideration to ensure that you can access the right type of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.


  • Emotional support 

Transitioning over to rehab can be an emotional time. We’re here for you, with a listening ear, with a compassionate shoulder, and with a rational outlook to help you overcome your emotional barriers.

Our service is all about preparing you for rehab, on physical and psychological levels. Alongside increasing your awareness of your addiction makeup and triggers, we’re here to help you step up for rehabilitation.


  • Personal recommendations 

Our overarching aim is to help you find, secure and visit the right drug and alcohol rehab clinic. By considering the above steps, we therefore work to offer personal recommendations of rehab, which will serve their purpose.

We can help you find a drug and alcohol rehab in Haringey, from our affiliation to secure trust, reliability, comfort, high standards and true recovery opportunities.


  • A reliable referral into rehab 

Our services are reliable, meaning that you can feel secure and reassured when embarking on your rehab referral. The service that we recommend, you can expect by investing in a private drug and alcohol rehab. 

Know where you stand with drugs and alcohol through our services, along with a clear way out from addiction through rehab.


Select a drug and alcohol rehab in Haringey with our help

If you’re keen to press ahead, with our support, you can find a rehab clinic to trust and invest in. Our affiliation is to CQC standards, all fall within the private sector, all offer residential and personalised rehab programmes, and all specialise in drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. With this in mind, you’ll be in reliable hands, offering reassurance and confidence.

Deciding on rehab is a big step to take. Yet through our above support services, we can help you find and select a drug and alcohol rehab in Haringey while reducing the stress for you.

There are many benefits to our services, and to those of professional rehabilitation offerings. You can expect to profit from both by working with Addiction Advocates.

We’re here in moments of desperation, we’re here through drug and alcohol cravings and potential crises, we’re here to answer your burning questions, we’re here to support you through the admission wait, we’re here to offer reassurance, we’re here to support your loved ones, and we’re here to make drug and alcohol rehab, easier.

No matter the reasons as to why you require our support, we’re here, we’re ready and we’re experienced in personal and confidential rehab referrals.


The benefits of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation

As with our position, this far, you may have only considered NHS treatment services. If so, this is an understandable decision. However, if you’re also keen to start your rehabilitation journey, we urge you to keep reading.

NHS treatment services are a lifeline for many. However, as there is a waiting list, and as we understand that some individuals require urgent care and treatment, here’s where professional rehabilitation services stand as a lifeline.

There are many benefits to selecting such standards of care, from the immediate and consistent offering of addiction treatment services, to the environments that you’ll reside within, to the personal treatment programmes on offer, and to the holistic support you’ll receive.

However, the greatest benefit is the increased recovery capabilities that you can expect, down to the combined assets of residential rehab.

Down to the quality of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you can feel prepared to recover, you can feel reassured that you’re safe, you can feel happy to invest and you can feel confident in your long-term recovery forecasts.

Feel set on addiction recovery by selecting a professional drug and alcohol rehab in Haringey with our backing. This process can start from today onwards, where you’ll experience our 24/7 support, care and encouragement, ready to start your personal journey of rehab.

Reach out for more information on the type of support you can expect here at Addiction Advocates.