Are you currently located within the Hackney borough of London? Are you also looking for the best drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation centre offering long-term recovery chances in the area?

Across the London area, there is a massive amount of rehab facilities, addiction programmes, and treatment options to contemplate, some of which are traditional and some of which opt for more contemporary therapy options.

The most difficult choice for anyone considering rehab is making sure that you can find the rehab centre that is best suited for you and your needs, where your personal addiction recovery will be not only successful but will be long-lasting.

For some people, making such an important decision can be an overwhelming experience and can be a source of anxiety for some.

However, the fact that you are here reading this page means that you have already accepted that you need help with addiction which is the first step on the journey of recovery.

And, here at Addiction Advocates, we want to make sure that we remove the stress and worry from this experience by quickly and effectively recommending the rehab program and facility that helps you best overcome your particular obstacles.


Starting The Admissions Process

In order to start your admissions process, we simply recommend that you contact our team of specialists here at Addiction Advocates.

Once you contact us, our addiction specialists will evaluate your current situation in terms of your addiction, your history of mental and physical health, and your commitment to recovery.

Our staff will also discuss your financial options and accessibility requirements as we understand that there can be a lot of factors in play when it comes to attending rehab.

Once our staff have all of this information, we will be able to find you a place in the drug and alcohol treatment centre which is best suited for you and can provide you with the best drug and alcohol treatment options for your recovery — then, all you need to do is make your way to our facility to commence your treatment program.

And, while we offer a lot of treatments which treat both the mind and body for physical and psychological recovery, the first treatment that you will typically benefit from during your stay with us will be at our specialist detox clinic.


The Dangers Of Detoxification

A lot of care should be taken when it comes to experiencing drug withdrawal or alcohol withdrawal. As your body has become accustomed to having drugs or alcohol, when you lessen the presence of these substances in your body you will begin to experience a series of side-effects.

And, while detoxification can be an experience which varies massively from person to person, the potential for life-threatening symptoms to develop — in particular when experiencing alcohol withdrawal — we strongly discourage the notion of detoxing alone in your home by simply going cold turkey.

At our state-of-the-art detox clinic, you will be able to benefit from round-the-clock supervision from our highly-trained medical staff.

This means that we can make sure that we manage your symptoms as they present and keep you healthy and in relative comfort.

Our medically-assisted detox treatment means that we can lower the number of negative substances in your body slowly and carefully and get you in the best possible state for recovery.


The Treatments On Offer At Our Drug And Alcohol Rehabs

After we have got your body and mind cleansed of the negative substances which it was previously hosted to you can then begin the process of moving onto the next steps of your addiction treatment with the benefit of clear head and body, and increased focus.

Our most common forms of addiction treatments include, but are not limited to:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • One-To-One Therapy With Our Specialist Therapists
  • Group Therapy Lead By An Addiction Specialist
  • Art Therapy
  • Stress Management
  • Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
  • Family Drug Support

At Addiction Advocates we are completely confident that by taking advantage of this varied blend of psychological and physical treatments.

Then you’ll not only be able to overcome the initial causes of the development of your addiction, but you will additionally be mentally and bodily prepared for keeping your addiction in the rear-view mirror for the long-term.


We Will Also Keep You Clean And Sober Once You Have Left Us

So that we can make sure that you remain clean and sober after you have left our facility, we will make sure that you get training in relapse prevention during your time with us.

Relapse prevention is doable by developing and adhering to positive coping mechanisms. In order to ensure that said positive coping mechanisms are possible to support you, the development of an appropriate relapse prevention project will be structured and initially finished during your stay at our rehabilitation centre.

A successful relapse prevention plan should involve identifying risky situations and factors that may influence relapse, and craft techniques to bypass any relapse triggers.

Furthermore, you will also be able to experience the benefit of one of our aftercare programs. A successful aftercare program works with the relapse prevention training to help keep you sober once you have finished your initial treatments. The main ideas that compose a successful aftercare program include the likes of:

  • Setting attainable and positive goals with a realistic timeframe to keep you focused.
  • Embracing a sober and healthy lifestyle, which means dedicating your life to forging healthier relationships and avoiding situations where drugs and/or alcohol may be present.
  • Maintaining therapy attendance, be it one-to-one therapy or group sessions.
  • Developing coping methods for social or emotional triggers which could lead you to relapse, so that you are always prepared.

With all of the services that we can provide you with, contacting Addiction Advocates today may be the very thing which can get you back to living a positive and healthy life.

You can call us any time on 0151 268 6992, email us at, or contact us through our website.