Addiction is on the increase and East Yorkshire is experiencing this the same as any other area.

There is no one kind of person who suffers with an addiction, it can happen to anyone from any kind of background. A drug addiction, alcohol addiction or a gambling addiction can take control of someone’s life in a matter of weeks and the consequences are far reaching for not only individuals, but their families as well.

If you are suffering from a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction and need treatment in East Yorkshire, then Addiction Advocates can help.

We provide drug rehab and alcohol rehab in your local area. Why not contact us today for a free consultation about your drug or alcohol use?


Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There have been unprecedented government cuts to funding for addiction treatment in the last decade, and this has severely affected the treatment that local NHS services can offer. As a result, when you are referred to an NHS addiction rehabilitation centre by your GP, you can expect a long wait. This is not only because of the reduced services offered, but because of the increased numbers of people who need help with an addiction.

Private drug and alcohol rehab is not free, and not the cheapest option available to those looking to overcome an addiction. But unlike the NHS and local charity solutions, we are able to offer an immediate start to your treatment and there is no wait for our services.

Our treatment is also offered as a private residential rehab. Residential rehab has several benefits over the outpatient solutions offered by the NHS. When you are taking part in outpatient treatment, you do not receive a full diagnosis of your condition.

You will be treated for drug addictions such as cocaine, or an alcohol addiction or a gambling addiction. The reason why you have developed an addiction will not be explored, identified or treated. Whereas in your time with us, exploring the reasons for your addiction is an essential part of your therapies.

As well as leaving stones unturned, an outpatient clinic treats you during the day but at an evening and at weekends, you return home. This is potentially making it harder for people to recover as they could be surrounded by negative influences, increased access to addictive substances and increased possibilities of a relapse.

A 28-day commitment to residential rehab is not a small one, but it will allow you to take a step back from your normal life and appraise your situation and concentrate on your recovery. Why not ask for further details about our rehabilitation clinic?



When you ask Addiction Advocates for help, we will perform an initial assessment of your current situation over the telephone, where we will ask basic questions about the severity of your addiction and your current health.

We will then admit you to our rehab clinic in East Yorkshire without delay and perform a more thorough assessment of your health. Your honesty here is essential, as we will take this time to get to know you as an individual and create a treatment plan based on your health and preferences.

When you have been assessed and checked in, you will most likely need to undergo a period of detoxification. Whilst detox is a difficult experience for clients, it is not the gritty, grimy setting that is so often portrayed in cinemas or television shows. Your detox will take place in a comfortable setting and you will be surrounded by our medical staff who will monitor your progress and issue prescription pain relief when required.

Detox is not a pleasant part of your treatment and in order to avoid a significant shock to your system, we will taper away your access to drugs or alcohol slowly. This is to avoid the concept of going “cold turkey” which is not recommended. By tapering, we are able to ease your body free of the grip of substances over time.

Your detox can take a few days or two weeks depending on the severity of your addiction and the type of substance you’re addicted to. There is no set time limit and you will be given as long as required.


Therapies in East Yorkshire

When your body is free of toxins and your dependency on substances has been broken, we’ll be able to deliver your therapies.

In one to one sessions, we will perform a deep dive into the reasons behind your addiction and pose the key question – why have you developed an addiction in the first place? We will assess whether there are any mental health and depression or anxiety concerns and if so, perform dual diagnosis. Your addiction counsellor will also explore your attitudes and approaches towards addiction and help you to have new perspective on how to control your triggers.

We also provide holistic therapy, such as yoga and exercise classes, and group therapy sessions. Group therapy is an ideal opportunity to build a support network for your life outside of rehabilitation and to compare experiences with your fellow recovering addicts.


Relapse Prevention

Your aftercare is a very important part of your treatment, and we will draw up a comprehensive aftercare plan before you leave our care. This plan will help you to handle the tricky year after your rehabilitation and has a focus on relapse prevention. You will have access to a 24-hour helpline, regular follow up sessions and you’ll be put in touch with local recovery groups.

If you are looking for drug rehab or alcohol rehab in East Yorkshire, then please don’t put it off any further. Addiction Advocates can set you on the road to recovery immediately if you call us on 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222. Why not take control of your addiction today?