Attending a rehab facility for addiction treatment is often a new experience for most clients. Whether you are struggling with addiction which has become worse over time or you have delayed attending rehabilitation, choosing to seek rehab treatment can be difficult.

The best way to recover from drug or alcohol addiction is with professional support and treatment.

By understanding what to expect from private rehab and finding the best rehab in Edinburgh for your needs, you can achieve long term recovery.

Commit to the prospect of addiction recovery, by reaching out for our support and referral services. We will help you through the admission process and locate the best drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh for your needs.

Below is what you can expect from localised drug and alcohol treatment centres. If you have any further reservations or questions about the rehab clinic in Edinburgh or a rehab clinic in the wider Scotland area, please contact our team here at Addiction Advocates.


Addiction Treatment Options in Edinburgh

If you require treatment for a drug and alcohol addiction, there are a few treatment options available in Edinburgh, including outpatient treatment and residential rehab centres.

Outpatient Treatment Edinburgh

Outpatient services are available in Edinburgh, including Alcoholics Anonymous sessions and Narcotics Anonymous. You can view the weekly meeting times on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

This form of treatment programme is suitable for mild drug addiction or alcohol abuse and enables you to carry on your daily routine alongside treatment.

It is an affordable option which can help you to beat addiction, however it is not as intensive as residential rehab centres and is not the best treatment option for severe drug and alcohol addiction.

Residential Rehab Centres

The best form of addiction treatment is found via residential rehab. At an alcohol and drug rehab, you will stay in a residential centre for a period of time whilst you receive treatment.

You will receive a medically assisted detox, followed by treatment therapies and group sessions to help you overcome your alcohol or drug abuse.

At Addiction Advocates, we can help you find the best alcohol rehabilitation centre for your requirements and location. If you are struggling with unhealthy drug or alcohol use, our clinical nurse practitioners and medical professionals will help you understand your addiction and help you overcome it.

To learn more about the recovery process at drug and alcohol rehab centres, get in touch with our admissions team today on 0800 012 6088.


What to Expect from Addiction Recovery?

Addiction recovery is known to be challenging, as recovery can be a hard process. It’s true, in most cases, that obstacles will present themselves, withdrawal symptoms can impact recovery and the fear of becoming sober can delay initial recovery.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is difficult down to the strength of physical and psychological addiction substance abuse causes. As tolerance to drugs and alcohol abuse increases, this often becomes the priority in a person’s life.

Addiction recovery is more than just withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. It’s reversing those adaptations, changing outlooks on substance abuse and working to reduce future relapse risks, which is what is focused upon in rehab.

Throughout your rehab programme, you will receive around-the-clock support from trained psychiatrists, recovery staff and peers to help you through the process. You will receive harm reduction advice, access to addiction specialists and understand your drug and alcohol consumption.

Learn more about our reputable treatment centres and programmes by getting in touch today. You’ll have everything to hand to overcome the physical and psychological addiction to drugs and alcohol.


Finding a Suitable Rehab Programme

To ensure that you receive the best rehab experience available, working with referral specialists such as our team of addiction specialists is recommended. Through our services, we can help you find a suitable rehab programme and provide free advice about your local treatment options.

In order to complete a rehab referral, we will require some information about your addiction and your personal needs. A pre-admissions assessment will be completed by one of our admissions team to understand your relationship with drugs and alcohol, your addiction history, any mental health issues you have and your residential treatment requirements.

Once we know more about you and your needs, we can recommend the most effective addiction treatment options, followed by a referral to a drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh.

You’ll feel reassured that you’re recovering from the right place, whilst also experiencing a quick and easy admission process. Call up today to learn more or start your recovery journey today on 0800 012 6088.


Completing Leading Addiction Treatments

On your arrival to inpatient rehab, you will be welcomed with a personalised treatment programme. This is standard through our range of rehab centres which are located across the UK.

Throughout your rehab programme you’ll advance through physical and psychological treatment options, helping you withdraw, cope, learn and recover from addiction. You’ll also follow relapse prevention preparation steps to ensure that you can maintain your efforts after rehab.

Some addiction treatments you’ll likely complete include:

  • A drug and alcohol detox programme
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Support groups
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Holistic therapies and wellbeing sessions
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy

Additionally, you’ll develop your own relapse prevention plan, helping you to remain sober after rehab.

Through this targeted approach to addiction treatment, you will experience the value of rehab. By completing the most suited addiction treatments for drug and alcohol abuse, you will achieve long term recovery.


What is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programme in Edinburgh Like?

What a rehab programme is like all depends on the rehab clinic itself. However, you can expect a safe, supportive and tranquil environment that’s specifically designed for recovery. Early on in the process, you will go through a detox process which will rid your body of toxic substances and start your recovery journey.

You will be supported through the alcohol or drug detox, and any withdrawal symptoms that you may experience will be treated with prescription medication. In drug and alcohol rehab, registered mental health nurses and medical supervision are provided to ensure the process is as safe as possible.

Each programme will depend on the individual as patients are normally given bespoke programmes to suit their individual needs, but typically during and after the detoxification process, you will receive counselling.

Alcohol addiction or cocaine addiction can be treated in one of our rehab facilities. You’ll be given a timetable to ensure that you know what to expect, which will include recreational activities as well as exercise.

You will also be provided with nutritional meals which can be catered to your dietary requirements that will help encourage the detoxification process and improve your mental health.


Experience the Value of Rehab with Our Support

Although alcohol rehab is a different experience for all, we ensure that it is a worthwhile journey which can help you achieve long-term recovery substance abuse free.

To benefit from our referral service and find rehab in Edinburgh, reach out to our admissions team today. Finding a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh to recover in can be completed with ease, along with addiction treatment recommendations and a step-by-step through our admissions process.

You can experience the entirety of a worthwhile rehab programme, including post-rehab support, helping you overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.

The prospect of drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be achieved when you open up to the idea. Increase your susceptibility by seeing the value of rehab with our help.

Contact us today to start your recovery journey. You can call us on 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Drug or alcohol rehab in Edinburgh?
It’s not always easy to tell whether you have a substance addiction as alcohol is a socially acceptable substance and we are seeing a large proportion of illegal drugs become more widely used and socially acceptable. The key thing you need to find out in regards to whether you require rehab is to know if you are recreational user of drugs and alcohol or whether you are a substance abuser. A recreational user will often use substances as a form of entertainment or enjoyment whereas an abuser may have darker and more sinister reasons for using the desired substance. Abusers can often use drugs as a form of escapism, escaping any problems they have in their life, whether it be a current issue or a traumatic issue in their past that they have yet to recover from. They will often (but not always) have family members or close friends that are very concerned about it. If a family member or loved one is concerned, then consulting guidance is probably recommended. If your drug use is affecting your professional life then this is typically a big red flag as to whether someone is an abuser. If it is affecting your performance in work or you are struggling financially because of it, then you should definitely consider getting in touch with a professional.
What happens after rehab?
In order to benefit from rehab, you must continue to uphold your efforts post-rehab. As long-term recovery is an ongoing attempt to remain sober, you must commit to your future without drugs and alcohol. By selecting positive and healthy lifestyle choices, by avoiding high-risk situations, by associating yourself with those who avoid drugs and alcohol, and by embracing ongoing support, you can overcome your addiction. Via your selected treatment centre, you will have access to an ongoing schedule of support. From support groups and AA meetings, to additional treatment options, you will have professional guidance to lead the way.  This is an invaluable treatment service, ensuring that sobriety can be maintained, even when vulnerabilities are present.
How long does rehab last?
How long it takes really depends on the individual in most cases. If an individual needs 7 days then it will take 7 days. However most clinics recommend a period of around 28 days of residential treatment before the client can checkout. This isn’t necessarily how long it will take someone to fully rehabilitate, as with many rehabilitation clinics there is a lot of external work that needs to be completed which will be covered in their aftercare programme.


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