Are you abusing high, consistent quantities of drugs or alcohol? Are you feeling the effects of addiction, yet unsure what to do about them?

Whether you’re experiencing substance abuse, where standalone physical side effects are present, or you’re struggling with addiction, where both physical and psychological links are exhibited, considering professional rehabilitation is encouraged.

At Addiction Advocates, we’ve seen the detriment linked to the enablement of drug and alcohol consumption. We’ve seen how life-changing an addiction diagnosis can be, on physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Down to these high risks, down to the common downfalls of addiction, we encourage you to consider support as soon as possible. We can offer this helping hand by increasing your desire to recover, along with finding the optimal recovery setting via a drug and alcohol rehab in Northumberland.

We can assist you with all decisions and arrangements around rehab, helping you recognise your next best steps; without drugs and alcohol.


Why consider drug and alcohol rehab?

Currently, drugs and alcohol may carry little impact on your life. Yet, if their consumption continues, we can assure you that this will change. Both drugs and alcohol are highly addictive. Through that, they cause significant adaptations in the body and brain.

Those changes will ultimately dictate your decisions, your outlooks, your emotions, your behaviours, your cravings, your physical and psychological health and your actions. With this in mind, with all of this change comes significant life-changing effects, commonly for the worst.

The only way that the cycle of addiction can be diminished is through significant intervention. This intervention is available through drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes and processes; showcasing our support for rehab.

By avoiding professional support, your life will continue to be impacted by addiction. You may attempt lone detoxification, you may complete NHS treatment services, you may opt for a low-quality rehab programme.

Yet, there will be a strong likelihood that the addiction cycle will continue, that physical and psychological links will be present, that drugs and alcohol will control your life.

For the best chance to overcome excessive substance abuse, no matter how severe, consider a degree of support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Northumberland.


Securing admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Northumberland

If you’re physically and mentally prepared to consider drug and alcohol rehab, we can support you at Addiction Advocates. Through our services, we can guide you through our admission process, helping you find the most suited rehab programme, catered around your needs.

To begin this process, simply reach out to our team. Our admission process will then activate, where you’ll be supported, up until your transition over to a drug and alcohol rehab in Northumberland. Your admission will include an assessment, helping to understand your expectations from drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

It will then advance to finding the most fitting clinic and rehab programme and will then be finalised with an admission date. Through this process, we will also offer guidance when considering the delivery of rehab, along with addiction treatment recommendations.

Understandably, reaching out can be daunting, especially if you’re new to drug and alcohol rehab. Yet, by doing so, we can take this strain away from you, offering invaluable support throughout your rehab admission process.


Outpatient vs inpatient rehab

As outlined above, selecting the correct delivery of rehab is very important, especially around your needs. Some clients will flourish through the flexibility and independence of outpatient rehab. While others will hope for greater structure and care through inpatient rehab.

Down to this, through your admission process, we will assess the exact type and level of care, and addiction treatment you require via rehab. It’s also important to consider timeframes. Many individuals who hope for an efficient initial recovery process will be best selecting inpatient rehab. Outpatient rehab can span over 6-12 months down to its relaxed approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Yet, the greatest deciding factor should be down to your environment. Many individuals will struggle through outpatient rehab if they are hoping to select a drug and alcohol rehab in Northumberland. This will be down to the presence of familiar drug and alcohol triggers. With this in mind, if you’re aiming to stay local or if you reside from a negative setting, inpatient rehab and the environment it offers will be encouraged.

Ultimately, the decision is in your hands. Yet, this decision, along with your selected drug and alcohol rehab programme will dictate your long-term recovery results.


Expected drug and alcohol addiction treatment services

On arrival at your selected drug and alcohol rehab clinic, you will be greeted with a personal rehab programme. This programme will outline addiction treatment recommendations, their length and depth, all based around your needs.

We do however have a range of expected drug and alcohol treatment services, helping to fulfil the key stages of rehab; withdrawal, repair and recovery. Cognitive behavioural therapy, support groups, drug and alcohol detoxification, stress management, individual therapy, relapse prevention and family therapy are a common mix.

While your addiction treatment recommendations may differ, the general aim is to promote physical and psychological withdrawal and repair. This is where long-term recovery can be worked towards, as all areas of addiction have been worked through.


Start today with Addiction Advocates

If you’re still unsure whether drug and alcohol rehab is for you, we encourage you to reach out for a confidential chat. Please be reassured that you do not have to commit to rehab. However, we hope to guide you in the right direction when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

If you are considering professional support, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Northumberland, contact our team today. We can ensure that this option is correct for you, and if so, push ahead with your rehab admission. Through an efficient process, you’ll soon be experiencing the right level and type of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, for your needs.

Reach out today to experience a professional helping hand, through a testing time. We can ease this time for you, along with preserving your future self by overcoming your drug and alcohol addiction.