Here at Addiction Advocates, we’ve helped countless people succeed in their recovery goals and live a happier, healthier life free from alcohol or drugs.

One of the biggest challenges you may face is actually acknowledging that you need professional support. Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’ve accepted that you need help to overcome your drug and alcohol abuse.

No matter how mild or severe your addiction may be, whether you’re only beginning to notice the effects of substance abuse or if you’ve been experiencing these effects for some time now, our drug and alcohol rehab in Mansfield are here to help you.


How does drug and alcohol abuse impact your life?

There are many awful side effects which come with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. This is an all-consuming disease which can quickly take control of your life. Perhaps you don’t even recognise yourself anymore.

You’re likely to be seen as a completely different person now in comparison to how you were seen before your addiction began, both by yourself and your loved ones.

Try to remember that by completing an effective rehabilitation programme, you can get back to your old, happier self once more.

You may have started to notice physical changes occurring as a result of your ongoing drug or alcohol abuse. Over a prolonged period of time, you’ll begin to appear dishevelled as your physical health deteriorates.

Your skin can change colour with noticeable red blotches in some cases, in addition to your eyes becoming bloodshot. Losing an unhealthy amount of weight is highly probable, as your internal organs struggle to cope.

The effects of addiction can also have a huge detrimental impact on your mental health as excessive consumption changes the makeup of your brain, leaving you at much higher risk of developing long-term mental health damage.

You’re likely to have lost all interest in social activities and could be experiencing signs of anxiety and serious mood swings. It’s also quite common to develop bipolarity and depression as a result of drug and alcohol addiction.

People who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction tend to believe that they’re only impacting themselves.

Whilst you’re putting a huge strain on your own physical and psychological health, you’re also likely to be having a detrimental effect on your loved one’s well-being

Sadly, we’ve seen families torn apart by the devastating impact which one person’s drug or alcohol addiction can have on everyone involved with that individual.


Our private drug and alcohol rehab in Mansfield

We take great pride in creating a homely, positive atmosphere where our clients can feel relaxed whilst undergoing their residential addiction treatment.

Feeling comfortable in your surroundings can significantly aid the success of your recovery, which is why we ensure that you receive all the home comforts you could ask for.

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres have fantastic facilities, reminiscent of a luxurious hotel rather than a clinical environment which some may presume.

We take care of your housekeeping and laundry, provide you with daily nutritious meals and arrange social activities for you to take part in during your down time. These include film nights, quiz nights, group runs or walks, and family visits.

All of our clients are treated with care and respect as we guide you along every step of your recovery journey. Each person will receive a personalised addiction treatment programme featuring a carefully selected combination of psychological and well-being therapies.

This holistic approach to addiction treatment has proven to be the most effective, therefore we continue to utilise these techniques. We’re confident that we can get you on the right track to achieving your long-term recovery goals.

We have an expert team who are experienced and extremely motivated to help guide you to overcome your battle with addiction.

We make use of the best resources to aid your recovery whilst we focus on the psychological, physical, social, and emotional elements of your addiction. It’s not possible to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction with medication alone.

We need to look further into your psychological dependency to establish what triggers you have or what underlying reasons may have instigated your alcohol addiction or drug addiction.


Do we offer drug and alcohol detoxification?

In most cases, we recommend a drug and alcohol detoxification in the early stages of your treatment programme. Whilst this process is considered highly effective, there are some side effects alongside with detoxing.

It is quite common to experience withdrawal symptoms which can range from mild sickness to severe illnesses.

You may also be at high risk of seizures, insomnia, or delirium tremens (DTs) which require urgent medical attention, highlighting the necessity for a safe and professional rehabilitation centre.

Our dedicated team of recovery workers will be there to help you every step of the way, ensuring you have all the tools needed to avoid relapsing and focus on a sober free life from alcohol or drugs.


Free aftercare support

All of our clients benefit from a free drug and alcohol aftercare programme for the first 12 months after leaving our rehabilitation centre.

Our specialist aftercare team will help you to stay motivated throughout your recovery and support your drug and alcohol relapse prevention upon your return home.

If you’re finding your return to homelife particularly tough, we can also arrange ongoing therapy sessions such as cognitive behavioural therapy or local support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Invest in yourself and secure a space at our private drug and alcohol rehab in Mansfield. Our friendly team will be happy to answer any further questions or alleviate any concerns you may have regarding our rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.

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