Addiction Advocates offer treatment options for drug addiction and alcohol addiction in South Manchester.

As an area that’s no stranger to addiction, there are plenty of treatment options available. Recovery is a deeply personal thing, with no two journeys the same and Addiction Advocates help you to find the treatment that’s right for you.

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Addiction treatment options at Addiction Advocates

Addiction Advocates provide leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation in South Manchester.

Drug and alcohol addiction can feel as though it’s controlling your life. It might have been a gradual process when casual use became a habit, or spiralled out of control quickly, but there are services and help for all kinds of addiction.


Drug addiction

Drugs are used all over the world, but use can turn into dependency and then help is needed to get clean. Addiction Advocates have experience finding the right solution to each drug problem.


Alcohol addiction

Alcohol is one of the most widely abused drugs in the UK, but what might have started as fun can turn into an addiction. Our referral service can help you find the right alcohol rehab in South Manchester.


Heroin addiction

Heroin is a highly addictive drug, but recovery from heroin addiction is possible with the right help. We can find the right services for you in South Manchester.


Cocaine addiction

Cocaine use is sometimes glamourised, but there’s nothing glamorous about an addiction. At Addiction Advocates we work to find the best cocaine rehab programmes for the individuals that need them.

We can also help with mental health treatments including dual diagnosis treatment and treatment for anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and gambling addictions.


Outpatient and Inpatient Treatment

Admission to rehab can be intimidating, but it’s a vital step on the road to recovery. Sometimes it’s prompted by an alcohol intervention or a family intervention, but whatever the impetus for receiving treatment, Addiction Advocates ensure it’s the right kind of rehabilitation treatment for the individual in the admission process.

Inpatient, or residential rehab, in South Manchester takes the patient away from their external environment that may include triggers that prompted their addiction in the first place or would make relapse more likely in the early stages of their treatment.

The person undergoing treatment will not leave the centre for the duration of their therapy. There’s no set duration, but 28 days is common.

Inpatient rehab means that there is professional help available at all times, but there’s no opportunity to leave. It normally starts with a detoxification process and ongoing addiction treatments will be structured to make a sober future a reality, including therapy and mental health treatment if required.

This can be the best choice for someone who has tried to recover from addiction before but has failed, in cases where detoxification would be dangerous, or for those who have a dual diagnosis.

Outpatient treatment sees the patient continuing to live at their home, but receiving rehabilitation treatment at a centre. Outpatient treatment can be longer term, often lasting between three and six months, and the responsibility is on the person seeking treatment to attend appointments.

Many of the rehabilitation treatments offered by the NHS are outpatient and treatment might be supported by schemes and programmes offered by other organisations in South Manchester.

Whether inpatient or outpatient treatment in South Manchester is right for an individual varies on a case by case basis, but will be determined during the admission process.


The ongoing Recovery Process and Aftercare

Recovery isn’t achieved once a patient leaves treatment, it’s an ongoing process and aftercare is an important part of ensuring recovery is successful long term.

Avoiding relapse after returning home can be challenging, particularly if you’ve been away from the environmental triggers or people or things that may enable continued use. An aftercare plan is crucial for relapse prevention, and most treatment centres in South Manchester offer a comprehensive plan.

What works for one person does not necessarily work for another, and aftercare may involve individual counselling, a narcotic or alcoholic support group, a 12 step-programme, or support from family members.

Recovery takes ongoing effort, but by focussing on a realistic and genuinely helpful aftercare plan, those recovering from addiction can avoid the temptation to relapse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outpatient Treatment?
Outpatient treatment in South Manchester is when the person receiving treatment continues to live at their home and visit a treatment centre for regular appointments. This means there is more responsibility than inpatient treatment, because the meetings have to be attended. Outpatient treatment can last longer than inpatient, often between three and six months. It might be supported by your GP and programmes from other community organisations.
How much does Rehab cost?
Depending on the type and length of drug or alcohol rehab required, the cost can vary greatly. Some types of insurance can sometimes cover rehab treatment, but this is on a case by case basis. Get in touch with our team at Addiction Advocates for a more accurate idea of what rehab will cost in South Manchester.
Where is the nearest Rehab centre?
Addiction Advocates will find the rehab centre that offers the treatment that’s right for you, taking into account location and services offered. Get in touch for information on the rehab centre that is nearest to you.