If you’re serious about overcoming your drug and alcohol addiction, here’s a useful FAQ collated by our team here at Addiction Advocates.

We understand how daunting this time can be. Deciding to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Shropshire and completing a comprehensive rehab programme is a big step. Yet, it is a necessary step if you are aiming for long-term recovery.

Along with offering guidance and awareness of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we also specialise in rehab referrals. Through our affiliated rehab clinics, we can help you source a drug and alcohol rehab in Shropshire which meets your personal needs.

One key benefit of our service is that we fully back suitability when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We appreciate how addiction is a different type of illness for everyone, carrying fluctuating side effects and impacts. We also recognise how this is also the case for rehabilitation experiences, again differing from person to person.

To ensure that you can complete the correct type and level of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, utilise our services. A high-quality, personal rehab programme is ready and waiting for you once you’re fully committed to long-term recovery.


How to find a rehab near me?

If you’re hoping to find a local rehab clinic, we can assist you here at Addiction Advocates. Understandably, this can be a challenging search to complete. There are a wealth of rehab clinics and treatment services now available, making selection very difficult. However, we go beyond a simple selection, by using our assessment tool.

Our pre-admission assessment helps to understand your personal recovery needs, along with what you expect from drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This can be anything from the type and level of addiction treatment you require, to whether dual-diagnosis treatment is necessary. From this assessment, we can use your results as a point of reference when sieving through local rehabilitation centres.

From here, we will work with you to select the most suited drug and alcohol rehab in Shropshire, standing as the rehab clinic which will offer the most beneficial and progressive experience for you. While a thorough process to complete, we can help you find a rehab clinic near you as a standard here at Addiction Advocates.


Is it realistic to pick a drug and alcohol rehab in Shropshire?

The definition of realistic will all depend on the severity and makeup of your addiction. It will also fall down to your expectations of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and whether you’re open to residential rehab or not.

Localised recovery is a doable option, even for clients with chronic physical and psychological addictions. Yet, through this diagnosis, residential rehab will be recommended. This is down to the fact that many addicts will suffer from environmental or social triggers. For example, a certain place or group of people will be attached to drug and alcohol consumption. Down to this, it can be very difficult to complete an outpatient rehab programme, down to the risk of influential triggers.

If you’re however experiencing substance abuse, which can be controlled, outpatient rehab can be a realistic option in Shropshire. However, please keep in mind that this is usually a longer process, spanning over 6-12 months.

With this in mind, if you’re keen to advance through rehab, or if you’re seriously struggling, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Shropshire is doable, yet only through a residential rehab programme.


Can my family receive support?

The trials and tribulations of addiction do impact family and friends. They are commonly witnessing the damaging impacts of drugs and alcohol, changing the behaviour, the health and the persona of a loved one. Down to this, family members can also struggle through the addiction cycle.

In order to achieve long-term recovery, it is wise for family members to receive support. Not only will this help them heal emotionally, after witnessing the detriment of addiction, it will also benefit you through gaining an understanding and supportive network.

Family therapy and support will also benefit your post-rehab reality. Returning to Shropshire can be daunting, where new lifestyle choices must be implemented. By increasing the awareness of your family members, they will understand how to support you and disable the influence of drug and alcohol abuse.

Through your selection of a drug and alcohol rehab in Shropshire, we will ensure that family drug support services are available to you.


How will I detox from drugs and alcohol?

Drug and alcohol detoxification is very important steps of addiction recovery. Ultimately, it is removing all traces of drugs and alcohol from the body, ready to warm towards sober living. While that may sound easily done, unfortunately, detoxing can be challenging, down to the influence of withdrawal symptoms.

However, through a rehab clinic, this process can be eased and observed by medical professionals. Complimenting addiction treatment options will be promoted through rehab to ensure that physical withdrawal is possible. Psychological withdrawal and repair must also be aimed for, which will work alongside your detox. CBT, stress management, relapse prevention and support groups are a few addiction treatments options which will support you mentally.

Ultimately, detoxing is to benefit the body. However, physical and psychological recovery must be aimed for when overcoming an addiction. This is possible, harnessing the value of detoxification and repair, via a drug and alcohol treatment centre.


How reliable is rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehab is a highly reliable recovery process. It is sought-after, it is designed to work, it is in place to support those in need.

Down to this, you can reach reliable recovery rates when considering your rehab experience. However, in order to benefit from rehab, you must commit yourself, you must accept professional support, and you must continue your journey post-rehab.

Rehab itself will offer strong foundations to lead a future back in Shropshire without drugs and alcohol. Yet, to maintain this, your behaviour and actions must follow rehabilitation steps. Here’s where the reliability of drug and alcohol rehab can shine.

Experience this reliability through a suited drug and alcohol rehab in Shropshire, along with a personal rehab programme by utilising our services. Begin by increasing your awareness around rehab and what you can expect.