Drug and alcohol addiction manifests in numerous ways, often due to a lack of support which stems from a mental health condition. Poor life choices and lack of a support network can make people feel lost and scared. That is why it is important to know the signs and get access to the help you desperately need as soon as possible. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Addiction can easily spiral out of control and perpetuate itself from a lack of action. That is why private drug and alcohol rehab seeks to heal your mental health issues and rewire your mind, to focus less on the substance and more on your goals.


Symptoms of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Symptoms that will assist you to identify an abusive use are plentiful. Numerous symptoms will manifest differently in different people. Although some of them are universal signs that you should note immediately. These include:

  • Isolation/ Withdrawal from daily activities and hobbies
  • Changes in attitude or mood
  • Loss or deterioration of social relationships
  • Issues at work
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Financial problems
  • Anger issues/ Frustration

Among the above symptoms, may be an element of denial. This means that the person facing addiction will not believe there is an issue, and that everything is fine. Phrases such as: “No, I don’t have any problems”, “It’s not that serious” or “I’m not addicted, I’m fine really.” can be red flags and this avoidance to the truth can exacerbate the mental health of the person facing addiction. It is important to be rational about the issues at present. It is important to know the signs and broach the subject sensitively.

Ask them if they need help. Tell them you would recommend speaking to someone. Tell them you don’t blame them. However, you must take action. That is why rehabilitation programmes have such high success rates. They conquer the issue at its core and prevent relapse.


How Long Do Rehab Programmes Take?

When you commit to a rehabilitation programme as an inpatient, the standard length you will expect to stay is 30 days. This is usually how long it takes to complete the therapies, however, you will also be entitled to an aftercare plan. This designated plan is bespoke to your needs after rehab. Your support continues for as long as you need. Therefore, you are able to make those preliminary steps towards recovery and stay sober for the long term. Rehabilitation is split into three phases. The first phase is detox. This lasts 7 days. Then the remainder of your time in rehab is dedicated to numerous psychotherapies and counselling sessions that will get to the heart of the matter.

You can meet other people in a similar situation, you may invite friends and family members to come along on your journey. There may be relationships to heal, and conversations to be spoken relating to your rehab. You will be supported by a multidisciplinary team that will offer you a professional ear, valuable tools and therapy to reshape your mindset. We know that mental illness is often at the core of addiction. When we heal that, we also can change the way that you view addiction.


What Happens at Drug and Alcohol Detox?

A drug and alcohol detox is a way in which you remove an addictive substance from your body. It should be undertaken in a medical environment. In private alcohol and drug rehab, you will spend this period of time with a medical team who will work with you to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms. This can be common, but it often does not last long. It can occur both when you stop consuming abruptly and by reducing consumption in quantity or frequency. This will not be detrimental to your health. You will soon have a clear mind and a more energised body.

Depending on the type of addiction and its severity, detox may be harder for some than others. However, with a medical team 24/7 around you, this will not be an issue. This type of drug and alcohol detox is important to your long-term mental and physical health. It will take around seven days to complete.


The Cost of Rehab

The cost of rehab can vary significantly depending on certain factors. However, there are some standard figures to note. Rehabilitation is a comprehensive treatment plan that not only aids your mental and physical health but prevents relapses. Professional teams with years of experience work with you to ensure you are cared for, healthy, happy and setting the best goals you can. Rehab is incredibly valuable. Oftentimes, detox alone can cost anywhere between £2000 and £4000. For a thirty-day stay and beyond, the costs can be anywhere between £3000 – £12,000.

There is no need to suffer in silence. If you are concerned about the cost of rehab, there are ways to fund this. Many insurance companies will pay for this type of treatment. Therefore you should contact them directly to find out what may be offered to you in this situation.


Admissions Process to Rehab

Being admitted may seem like a daunting process at first glance. However, it could not be simpler. We want you to feel safe and secure in our presence, which is why we make this process easy and effective. A simple call can determine that type of treatment that we feel is best for you. With a simple assessment, often taking only 20 minutes to complete, we can learn a lot about your addiction. Then, you may be asked for a deposit if you choose to go ahead with your plan.

Admissions are instant. There are little to no waiting lists at private drug and alcohol rehab, which is what makes it so valuable. Your health is important and we want to ensure that you are the best version of yourself. When you have decided upon your chosen location, we can arrange a date, and arrange transport for you to get to and from your clinic. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to reach out. We are always here to help you and we want to see you succeed. Please call us today on 0800 012 6088 or Text HELP To 83222.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a family intervention?
Sometimes the person with the addiction is in denial about their problem, but their substance use and associated behaviour can cause problems for loved ones and others around them. A family intervention is a process where family members and other loved ones can confront the addict – in a calm, controlled and structured way – with the impact their drinking or drug use is having on those around them.
Can addiction be overcome?
Yes, drug and alcohol addictions can be overcome with the right support and treatment. If you are committed to your sobriety and take advantage of the treatment available to you via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bethnal Green, you will have every chance of securing a long-term recovery.
Do we support your mental health during your addiction treatment?
Yes, this is integral to your recovery. It’s so important to take care of your mental health, whether you’re suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs or not. Our team are highly trained and very motivated to helping you improve your mental health during your stay at our drug and alcohol rehab Ruislip. We’re also well prepared to support a dual diagnosis should you have one; this is when a person is suffering from poor mental health in addition to a drug or alcohol addiction.