Addiction takes hold of a person’s mind and body, often turning that individual into a person no-one recognises anymore and willing to do things to sustain their habit that’ll push away anyone that cares about them.

If left untreated an addiction will kill you.

Only with dual diagnosis treatment can an addiction be overcome and long term recovery achieved. Both the physical and psychological impacts of addiction must be treated to allow you to fully heal and develop strategies to overcome cravings and negative influences.

At Addiction Advocates we tailor our treatment programmes to the individual to ensure that all needs are met. Contact our dedicated team today to find out how we can help you turn your life around.


Benefits Of Drug And Alcohol Rehab

The nature of addiction forms a stronghold on a person’s mind, manifesting an influence over them, whereby all they can see is their cravings and they lose all control over the use of the substance despite its harm to their health and life around them.

In fact, addiction isn’t just related to substance misuse, but can form around ordinary things in life, such as shopping, work and technology.

Drug and alcohol rehab offers the opportunity to restart your life again and rebuild the shattered pieces left behind by an addiction. Although denial can be the hardest obstacle when it comes to seeking help, once you’ve taken the step to admit to your addiction you’ll find that there’s lots of help out there waiting for you.

At Addiction Advocates we provide private residential drug and alcohol rehab, whereby you’ll reside at the rehabilitation centre throughout your treatment programme.

Most programmes run for 28 days, in which time you’ll undergo drug or alcohol detox, and undertake different forms of therapy to help you understand your addiction, develop coping strategies and build a positive lifestyle.

With round the clock care, access to professional care, quality facilities and leading treatments, drug and alcohol rehab is what’s required to allow you to achieve long term recovery.


Initial Assessment

Before you arrive at our rehabilitation centre you’ll take part in an initial assessment, which can be undertaken at one of our centres, or over the phone

We’ll ask you about your addiction, current lifestyle and medical history to make an initial assessment of your health, wellbeing and best possible treatment options for you.

Since all of our centres provide personalised treatment programmes, we have to ensure that the centre we admit you to is the right one for your recovery.

Upon arrival at our rehabilitation centre you’ll undergo a full medical examination. Our team of medical experts will assess your physical and psychological health to determine the best treatment programme.


Drug Or Alcohol Detox

Every treatment programme begins with detox. Therapy treatments cannot begin until you’re clear from the substance, which is why detox must be completed initially.

Detox usually lasts for a couple of days, but this will be determined by you and your addiction. You’ll work with our medical team to slowly reduce your consumption levels until your body is clear from the substance.

It’s important to note that all detox’s at Addiction Advocates are conducted under medical supervision. If you’re considering undertaking detox at home, we would strongly recommend you attend a detox clinic.

Due to withdrawal symptoms, detox can be dangerous to perform without medical supervision. Your body will have grown dependant on the substance to function on a daily basis, so when you take that substance away your body will react, sometimes in an extreme manner.

Withdrawal symptoms are determined by the severity and length of your addiction and can range from headaches and nausea to anxiety and even seizures. To ensure you’re comfortable throughout the process our expert team can administer prescription drugs where necessary.



The most common form of therapy used to treat addiction is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT. CBT works by identifying the root causes of your addiction and then working to redefine negative behavioural habits and thought processes, so that you can learn how to react differently in certain situations and make better choices, as you’ll not feel as governed by your addiction.

Alongside CBT other therapy treatments include; group workshops, motivational sessions, and even meditation classes. You’ll have access to the facilities at the centre and access to the grounds, but you’ll also have the opportunity to build a support network with the other residents receiving their treatment at the same time as you.



Once you’ve successfully complete your addiction treatment you’ll complete a relapse prevention plan to ensure that you have access to the tools required to maintain your sobriety when you re-enter life at home.

The first 12 months after drug and alcohol rehab are the most challenging, which is why aftercare programmes are offered, to help you settle back into daily life and maintain your newly formed positive lifestyle.

We’ll introduce you to local support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics, where you’ll meet people who have similar life experiences to you. During difficult times these peers are often the most dependable and important for helping keep you on the clean and narrow path of long term recovery.

When it comes to rebuilding your relationships, this may take more time, but we can offer family therapy sessions to help aid the recovery of these relationships.

You may find that by attending rehab for a month or so you could not keep your job, or you lost your job due to your addiction, in which case financial pressures and unemployment can be a daunting prospect when you return home. In order to help you turn your life around, we offer guidance and advice on these matters as part of our aftercare programme.


Next Steps

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