Most people begin their searching online by looking for a ‘rehab near me’. This is a good place to start, however, you’ll likely be bombarded with a vast choice of options which are available to you.

Some may appeal more than others for different reasons, but it’s important to know which rehab treatments will work best for your unique needs.

Receiving addiction treatment from free local health services such as the NHS may sound attractive, but unfortunately this is one of the least effective ways to rehabilitate from addiction.

You’d be an outpatient meaning you’d return home each night after your therapies; you’d also be following a generic treatment programme which hasn’t been personalised to suit your condition.

Staying in the comfort of your own home for the duration of your addiction treatment can actually be detrimental to your recovery. At home, we’re faced with many stressful situations at work or in our personal lives, you may also have negative influences in your home environment which could potentially cause a relapse.

It is for the above reasons why residential rehabilitation is by far the most effective way to achieve your recovery from drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

By staying with us at our rehab in Wychavon, you’re removing yourself from any distractions of home life allowing you to completely focus on your rehabilitation; this dedicated focus is key in achieving your goals.

We boast a very high rate of successful recoveries as our fantastic team of addiction specialists are on hand to support you each step of the way.

We’re confident that our drug and alcohol rehab is the place for you to learn how to leave behind drugs and alcohol for good.

How do our Addiction Therapies work?

We’re very proud of our excellent team of recovery workers. They’re made up of doctors, nurses, mental health support workers, psychiatrists, and therapists, all of whom are experts in addiction treatment.

They’re committed to helping you break that physical and psychological connection to alcohol or drugs, with the aim that you can leave our rehab centre ready to continue your recovery with a much more positive mindset and more tools at your disposable to avoid a relapse.

Once you’ve made the brave decision to contact our admissions team, they will talk you through the various addiction treatment options we have available and answer any additional queries you may have about our drug and alcohol rehab.

If you’re happy to proceed with our rehab in Wychavon, we will arrange a pre-screening assessment to review your physical and mental health in preparation for your induction into our rehab centre.

It’s likely that you’ll begin your rehabilitation programme with a drug or alcohol detoxification as it’s the most effective way to gradually reduce your consumption of drugs or alcohol.

It’s very important that you undergo a detox in a safe environment like our alcohol rehab so that our team can take care of you. We will supervise the entire detoxification process, managing any withdrawal symptoms which may arise.

These withdrawal symptoms can be quite dangerous if you were to attempt to manage them on your own without the support of professionals.

This is why it’s so important that you only ever attempt a detox under the supervision of a recognised drug and alcohol rehab, and not at home for example as you’d be putting yourself at great risk of danger.

We tailor each person’s addiction treatment programme to suit their unique condition and will carefully select the therapies which we feel will benefit you most.

These could include drug or alcohol relapse prevention, drug or alcohol detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy (also known as CBT), stress management, individual, group or family counselling, psychotherapy, and motivational interviewing.

Our rehab in Wychavon will also ensure your general well-being is taken care by featuring therapies such as mindfulness, low level laser therapy, art therapy, fitness therapy, music therapy, yoga, relaxation and sleep management, meditation, and nutritional supplement therapy.

Why do we offer Drug or Alcohol Detoxification?

Although our addiction treatments are personalised, it’s very likely that we’ll suggest you begin with a drug or alcohol detoxification.

This is a highly recommended and highly effective way to reduce your consumption of drugs or alcohol in a safe and controlled manner. A detox will cleanse your system, removing your physical connection to the substance whilst clearing your mind in preparation for your subsequent therapies.

It’s possible that you may encounter withdrawal symptoms whilst undergoing a detoxification. These symptoms are fairly common and can be managed correctly under the supervision of our dedicated detox team.

It’s crucial that you only ever go through a detox whilst accompanied by experts as they’ll be able to administer prescribed medication to ease any discomfort if needed.

After completing your detox, you should feel much more prepared and motivated to take on your psychological and well-being therapies with a positive mindset.

How can you help your friends or family beat their addiction?

Watching a loved one go through the pain of living with a drug or alcohol addiction can be extremely painful.

You’ll likely feel helpless as you try to convince them to open up and seek professional support for their addiction.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, there are things that you can do to help your loved one. At our rehab in Wychavon, we offer a highly effective family and friend referral service and intervention service.

These services have helped many people encourage their loved ones to receive essential support by joining a drug rehab or alcohol rehab. It can be very tough to speak to your friend or family member about their addiction.

It won’t come naturally to them as they’ll likely try to hide their symptoms which they perceive to be a weakness.

For expert support, contact our admissions team today on 0800 012 6088, text HELP to 83222 or email