Acknowledging that you have an addiction and resolving to take real steps towards reclaiming your life is an amazingly important step on the road to overcoming addiction. And, while the process may seem scary, this is perfectly natural.

Overcoming an addiction is an amazing pursuit, however, it isn’t an easy one, as it requires a strong resolve and a readiness to face up to some harsh truths.

Although by choosing a recovery plan with Addiction Advocates, we will not only make this journey more comfortable for you, we will be able to work together to forget a more well-rounded and long-term recovery so that you can truly get back to being your best self.


There Is Never A Wrong Moment To Start Overcoming Addiction

When it comes to deciding to attend drug and alcohol treatment, then there is no time that is too early or too late to start this journey. No matter where you are at with your substance abuse disorder, Addiction Advocates are here to help you overcome it.

For a lot of people, the cycle of addiction can cause people to feel completely isolated, as though they have no one to turn to, but we are here for you and want to help get you back to living a sober life where you feel comfortable with yourself and your friends and loved ones once more.

And, the fact that you have found yourself on this page means that you are ready and serious about starting to overcome your drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

Alternatively, you may be reading this as you have become concerned about a friend or loved one’s struggle with addiction. At Addiction Advocates, we are able to advise those who are concerned about another and can operate via family and friend referrals.

So, if you are concerned about someone close to you, them don’t delay in contacting us and starting them on the best journey of their lives.


What Can Our Rehabilitation Centre Offer?

At one of our private residential rehabs, you will be able to benefit from a wide variety of therapies and addiction treatments, all put together and run by experienced professionals, in order to benefit from a holistic healing approach to overcoming your addiction.

By focusing on both physical and psychological treatments, as well as an extensive aftercare programme, your stay with us will be able to deliver a more effective recovery while also preparing you for life when you return home.

However, upon arrival at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, it is recommended you start your treatment at our amazing detox clinic.


Detoxification Done Safely!

The majority of certain types of rehabs will employ a detoxification program upon your arrival, as the benefits of a physical withdrawal under the watch of medical professionals are integral to an effective recovery.

Without medical assistance, an addict going through detox — perhaps by going cold turkey — will likely experience a series of increasingly more severe symptoms which could prove life-threatening.

Whether it be for drug addiction or alcohol addiction, the importance of medically assisted detox cannot be understated.

Addiction Advocates’ detox therapy has the benefit of allowing you to go through detoxification in comfort and with less danger of experiencing life-threatening side effects as you are closely monitored and treated by trained medical professionals.

Furthermore, we will be able to customise your detoxification program according to your own individual set of circumstances.

Our detox programme may run for anything from 7-28 days, as this is the best possible timeframe to allow for drugs and/or alcohol to be flushed from your body safely, in addition to preparing your physiology for sober living.


What Approaches Will Be Taken To Helping You Overcome Your Addiction

During your stay with us, and once you have completed your personal detoxification program, you will be able to reap the benefits of many different forms of therapy. These will include the likes of:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) — This therapy will enable us to figure out the root of the development of your addiction and provide you with vital mental tools to change your outlook on your addiction.

Art Therapy — Art therapy is a great way for people to work through deep-rooted emotional issues that manifest as addiction.

Stress Management Classes — Stress can take a very unhealthy toll on a person’s mental and physical well-being, and stress can be a large cause of the development of an addiction. The coping mechanisms learnt in this class will help you to avoid this in the future.

Group Therapy — Group therapy is a tried and tested great approach to helping people work through their addiction and also form meaningful support groups.

Family Therapy — As addiction can have a very detrimental effect on your relationships with others, this will hopefully enable you to be able to repair seemingly irreparable relationships as well as training you to be more mindful of relationships going forward.

Relapse Prevention — As is suggested, this will help you to identify, avoid, and cope with potential stressors and addiction triggers once you are back in your home environment and potentially facing old challenges.

Not only will you be able to partake in all of the above treatments, and even more than that, but you will also be able to take advantage of our aftercare services.

This means that, even if you still feel that you are facing a challenge that may be too difficult once you have left us, that we can still find a way to help you to overcome whatever obstacle you are currently facing.


Start Your New Life With The Benefit Of Addiction Advocates’ Services

Do not delay in taking back your life from the clutches of addiction, and take the first step towards a better, sober life with the help of Addiction Advocates today.

You can contact us on 0800 012 6088, Text HELP To 83222, or you can contact us via our website. Our dedicated team of staff are ready to help you, today.