It’s a sad fact that drug and alcohol addiction is on the rise across the United Kingdom, and London is not immune from this fact.

We can treat drug or alcohol addiction without delay

There is no particular kind of person from any particular background who develops an addiction – it can happen to anyone.

However, Addiction Advocates are here to help. We offer a private rehab treatment service in a residential environment.

Our modern, comfortable rehab centre allows us to provide a bespoke addiction treatment service that aims to remove you from the grips of a drug or alcohol addiction with a 28-day commitment.

Why not call us today on 0800 012 6088 or text help to 83222 for a no obligation chat about your drug or alcohol use? Our admissions team are friendly and sympathetic – some of them are themselves recovery addicts.

They are knowledgeable and will be able to guide you through an initial assessment over the telephone. There’s no wait for our services and if it’s determined that you need to be admitted, we can do so straight away.

Private rehab isn’t the cheapest option, but we will work with you to find a treatment option within your budget. Please call us today and allow us to begin your journey to a life free of drugs and alcohol.


Rehab in Lewisham

Addiction Advocates have helped many people since we opened our doors, and our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs have continued to alter and develop. We offer services that are amongst the best in the country.

When you choose to come to our rehab centre in Lewisham, you can be assured you will be receiving treatment that is created for people of all different tastes. We offer traditional therapies, like CBT and group therapy, but we also offer more holistic approaches such as yoga and exercise.

When you’re checked in, we will perform a full physical and psychological assessment of you. Here, we will take the opportunity to get to know you.

We will ensure that we get to the bottom of your addiction and identify the root cause of your problem. All too often this is not diagnosed and leads to a relapse further down the line.

You can seek treatment via local charity solutions or via the NHS, but due to government funding cuts in the last decade, the waiting lists are extensive, and, in that time, your addiction will likely worsen.

When you do get seen to, your treatment will highly likely be on an outpatient basis. This means you’ll be receiving treatment by day and return to your home in the evening and at a weekend.

We find that many of our clients report a difficult home life where they may find it all too easy to succumb to temptation. It’s also easier for you to go to places or people who are a bad influence on you. This is one of the many reasons that Addiction Advocates strongly recommend the solution of a residential rehab.

A residential rehab allows you to put your normal life to one side for 28 days and focus solely on your recovery journey. This might seem like a long period of time to set aside, but you will feel the benefits for the rest of your life.


Detox clinic

After you have been thoroughly assessed, you will likely need to spend some time in our detox clinic. This is the case for the vast majority of our clients.

A sustained period of drug or alcohol abuse causes toxins to build up in the body, so we need to flush these from your system as well as break the cycle of dependency on substances.

You may have attempted a detox at home before, and if this is the case then you’ll be all too aware of how trying a time it is. Detox will be the hardest part of your time with Addiction Advocates.

When access to drugs or alcohol is tapered away, your body will react negatively via withdrawal symptoms. Some of these can be dangerous, which is why attempting this at home by yourself isn’t recommended. Under our care, you’ll have around the clock support to help you to manage any discomfort.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation isn’t a single event, it’s a journey and rehab is one of the most unpleasant parts of this journey towards recovery. But with us by your side, we will help your body to be free of the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Treatment options in Lewisham

When your detox is completed, we will continue your treatment program via a range of therapies. We combine traditional therapies, such as CBT and group therapy, with more holistic approaches such as yoga to promote healthy living for the body and the mind.

Treating the root cause of your addiction is extremely important. All too often, underlying mental health conditions are not diagnosed or treated. This means that an addiction is treated but the reason the addiction started is left unchecked.

This inevitably causes someone to have a relapse back into drug or alcohol addiction further down the road and so ensuring you have a dual diagnosis where required is essential for your long-term recovery.

Group sessions are a kind of positive peer pressure where you will lift yourself to recover alongside your fellow recovering addicts. It is also a way to build up a support network for when you return to your normal life in Lewisham alongside the aftercare program we will create for you before you leave our care.


Spaces available for immediate treatment

Drug or alcohol addiction can ruin a life in a very short period. We understand that making that call to us is difficult and some of our clients have spoken of shame or embarrassment.

Our staff will not judge you, but we will offer you fast, practical advice that will make a real difference to your life.

Why not call Addiction Advocates today on 0800 012 6088 or text help to 83222 for a no obligation consultation about your drug or alcohol concerns?