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How Does Rehab Work in Ryde?

Rehab works by giving you access to time away from temptation and all the treatments that you will need in order to overcome your addiction.

Addiction is a very complicated condition that needs the help of fully trained professionals who have years of experience treating people for various addictions. You very simply cannot safely work through the necessary treatments and the recovery process alone.

Rehab works by first taking you away from the environment you are familiar with.

In private alcohol rehab, you are away from all of the stress you may experience as part of your daily life. As a result, you can avoid the responsibilities that often make it difficult to take the time to take care of yourself. With inpatient rehab, you are in a safe and welcoming environment that can offer you all the comforts of home without the worries too.

One of the most effective parts of rehab that causes it to work so well for helping you to overcome your addiction is that you are simply unable to get access to any unauthorised drugs or alcohol in a private drug rehab centre.

At home, you may know exactly where you can buy drugs and alcohol and what time of day you can do it. You may even have this built-in as part of your everyday routine.

It is important that this habit is broken so that you can build up a better lifestyle. In rehab, you don’t need to worry about avoiding temptation as there simply is nothing there that can tempt you.

But rehab works in Ryde because it is a supportive environment that is filled with people who are either working towards the same goal as you to deal with their own addictions, or they are rehab staff who want to do everything possible to help you one day achieve long-term recovery.

At this point in your recovery journey, it is perfectly normal to feel a bit overwhelmed and maybe even frightened. But there really is nothing to be worried about. Rehab is a medical treatment facility that can treat your addiction.

They are there to help you and can give you the best possible chance at one-day achieving long-term recovery.


Does Rehab Cure Addiction?

It is important that when you are preparing to take part in the recovery process, you come into this with realistic expectations. Addiction changes the way your brain works, and this is, unfortunately, permanent.

Addiction cannot be completely cured through rehab or any other means, as it is now a part of you that you will have to learn how to accept. This can be upsetting for some people, but it is not as bad as it seems.

Rehab is about recovery and improvement from where you are at the start of your journey, not from where you were before you began abusing drugs or alcohol.

Rehab teaches you how to manage your addiction so you have control over your life. This is what long-term recovery is about.

Hopefully, you will spend the rest of your life without giving in to your cravings. You are able to live a perfectly normal and healthy life without the worry of your life being impacted by your addiction and substance abuse.

Long-term recovery is possible through rehab, even if a cure isn’t. You have something you can aim for that will help you live a better life as you deserve. You just have to be willing to put in the work and change your lifestyle to get it. Call Addiction Advocates today on 0800 012 6088.


Treatments in Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The treatments in a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Ryde are a big part of the experience as they are what teach you how to manage your addiction.

There are two main treatments available in rehab, and they are alcohol and drug detox and therapy.

The detox tends to come first as it is what allows you to manage your addiction safely by weaning your body off all drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol detox works by having you spend a little under two weeks without any drugs or alcohol, causing your body to go into withdrawals as the toxins are expelled from your system. These withdrawals can be uncomfortable, but you will be perfectly safe.

This is because you will be monitored by a team of medical staff members who are there to monitor your progress and make sure that your withdrawal symptoms never get too much for your body to handle.

If it does appear as though you may be in trouble, the medical team will be able to provide you with medication that can ease your withdrawal symptoms.

Following the detox, you will begin therapy, where you will work with a therapist to create tools and strategies designed to help you avoid giving in to your cravings. You will also learn healthier coping mechanisms to replace your substance abuse.


Types of Support After Rehab

Most rehab centres offer free aftercare services for up to a year, and these tend to include follow-up therapy sessions and a referral to a local support group.

Local support groups can be very helpful for you to have your progress and give you consequences for your actions once you are away from rehab. These groups are often run by volunteers who are also working towards long-term recovery.


How We Can Help With the Admissions Process

At Addiction Advocates, we are here to refer you to a rehab centre that has the necessary staff and facilities to help you. We can help you with the admissions process by finding you a rehab that is perfect for your needs and preparing you before you speak with the admissions team.

This will allow you to go into your pre-admissions assessment meeting with everything you need and know exactly what you want from your time at rehab.

This can be a difficult time, so we are here to make things just a little bit easier. If you are ready to start your journey, please give us a call at 0800 012 6088.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to pick the right treatment centre?
Picking the right drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre can be difficult, which is why we can help you at Addiction Advocates. To ensure that a suitable treatment centre is located for your needs, we conduct a pre-admissions assessment to determine which rehab centre would work best for you.
How do you deal with withdrawal symptoms?
Although withdrawal symptoms alleviate within a number of days, they can often be uncomfortable and cause those in recovery to feel somewhat distressed. Withdrawal symptoms can be managed in rehab using prescribed drugs which help alleviate symptoms.
Will I Be Able To Contact My Family During My Time In Rehab?
During your time in rehab, you will have the opportunity to contact your family and friends. As you are allowed to take electronic devices, such as a mobile phone and laptop, to rehab, you will find that you can speak to your loved ones via telephone, text and Zoom. Please note that you will only be able to contact your family upon completing a day of treatment. This will essentially prevent you from becoming distracted as you undergo therapy and detoxification.