Is now the right time to consider rehab? Do you feel in the right mindset to challenge your drug and alcohol addiction? Are you fully aware of what’s ahead, feeling prepared for rehab? Are you over any feelings of denial, where you’ve justified your drug and alcohol consumption, for years?

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If you’re over many pre-rehab obstacles, it sounds like visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in St Ann’s could be a potential next step for you. Yet, before jumping in headfirst, it will be wise to have a full understanding of your readiness, ensuring that you are open to experiencing and embracing the value of rehab.

At Addiction Advocates we are here to assist with your pre-rehab processes, which include physical and psychological preparations. Preparing for rehab is mandatory, as it is an unfamiliar process which can come across as daunting for many.

Through preparing for rehab, you’ll know what to expect, you’ll know what’s expected of you and you’ll be fully aware of your recovery capabilities via drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Prepare with our team to secure your readiness to complete addiction treatment, personal recovery programmes and the lifechanging encounter of rehab. Start by considering our most commonly asked questions, all around visiting a rehab clinic in St Ann’s.


How soon should I start rehab?

When considering a rehab admission, timing should in fact represent your readiness to recover, rather than the severity of your addiction. With this in mind, you should reach out for support and consider the commencement of rehab as soon as you’re in a headspace to accept professional guidance.

To reach acceptance, there’s a likelihood that you will need to prepare on physical and psychological levels. Preparations will include anything from ensuring that you have enough money, time and resources to hand, to completing research around rehab, opening up to loved ones and selecting a suitable rehab clinic to recover from.

Through these steps, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever rehab carries, with the aim to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction. At this point, accessing rehab will be advantageous, utilising your passion and determination to recover.

This pre-rehab process cannot be rushed, as without preparing, you will have unrealistic outlooks on rehab, you’ll enter with low susceptibility levels and you’ll likely struggle to accept professional guidance. Avoid potential pushbacks by entering a drug and alcohol rehab at the right time.


Is there a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in St Ann’s?

There’s a likelihood that a local rehab clinic will be accessible to you. However, it is vital that we measure suitability before you invest as there is a wide range of treatment centres out there, offering different services, standards and approaches to rehab.

To reach a rehab recommendation, we will assess your needs, your addiction diagnosis, your physical and psychological health, your readiness and your budget. By combining all findings, we will have a strong idea of what’s suitable for you when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

At this position, finding a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in St Ann’s will be possible, available to facilitate and support your recovery journey.


How can you help me with my addiction?

At Addiction Advocates, we work with a range of reputable rehab clinics, standing as our affiliation. We help our clients by referring them to the mist fitting recovery programme, catered around their needs, facilitated at a residential rehab clinic.

With this in mind, we can help you with this process, by offering confidence and reassurance in your up-and-coming rehab experience. With the knowledge that we only work with specialist rehab clinics, you can feel at ease when considering the level and standard of care that you will receive. Through our services, that care will soon be accessible as we advance you through the admission process.

Our services begin your addiction recovery support process, ensuring that you’re ready for rehab, ensuring that you’re fully invested into rehab, and ensuring that you’re positioned strongly to benefit from rehab.


How can rehab help me with my addiction?

Drug and alcohol rehab can help you in a wealth of ways when considering addiction recovery. Once your admission has been completed by our team, care will be accessible via your chosen rehab clinic.

Here you’ll experience 24/7 emotional guidance, support with your mental health and wellbeing, a programme of suitable addiction treatment services, and relapse prevention planning sessions.

This is exactly how rehab can help you, by offering instrumental processes and services to help you personally overcome your addiction on physical and psychological levels. Here you’ll have the chance to heal, to rebuild and to improve your quality of life, ready to progress back in St Ann’s.


How do I know if I’m living in denial?

Denial is a disruptive and damaging emotion to enable, especially when living with a drug and alcohol addiction. It ultimately provides users with an excuse, with the scope to justify unhealthy behaviours or decisions, linked to drug and alcohol abuse.

In most cases, those justifications will be used as self-protection. It’s understandable to see why denial is used, to cope through the reality of drug and alcohol abuse. However, a false sense of security can cloud the severity of an addiction, intensifying its impacts, without control.

If you’re making excuses for your consumption, if you believe that one more drink won’t hurt, or if you’re unsure of the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction, you’re likely living in denial. To benefit from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in St Ann’s, overcoming denial is a necessity.

This will be possible by slowly acknowledging your problems with drugs and alcohol, by opening up and by exploring your emotions, triggers and causation.


Is it hard to maintain a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle?

Post-rehab, you will need to maintain a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. By this, we mean that exposure to drugs and alcohol will be limited, where you’ll control your decisions, your environments, your social influences and your responsibilities.

It can be difficult to maintain sober living in some situations, especially when considering high-risk scenarios, where exposure is present. If your lifestyle slips, this can also increase the risk of relapse. However, by working to build a sustainable routine which can easily be normalised, maintaining sober living will be easier.

Through your rehab programme, tools will be provided to help you cope post-rehab, with the intentions to secure long-term recovery capabilities.

If you’re still unsure whether rehab is currently for you, it’s time to work with our team at Addiction Advocates. By doing so, you’ll soon have the opportunity to visit a fitting drug and alcohol rehab in St Ann’s, ready to start your addiction recovery journey.