Alcohol is banned in Kuwait. Drug abuse is also illegal, carrying life-limiting punishments. Whilst this is the case, drug and alcohol addiction diagnoses still occur in the country, through illegal consumption and production.

As both are highly prohibited, drug and alcohol rehab in Kuwait is inaccessible for most. To receive help, users will need to admit their drug and alcohol problems and their illegal actions. Reasonably, this isn’t a desirable option, increasing the risks of life-long addiction.

Here in the UK, our views on addiction are different. While there’s a stigma attached to substance abuse, it’s diagnosed as an uncontrollable brain condition requiring medical attention and treatment. Confidentiality support and treatment will be available by completing a referral with our help here at Addiction Advocates.

Whether you’re a Kuwait local or an expat, we can help you visit one of our affiliate treatment centres through your admissions process. Registered under the CQC, you can expect a tailored, safe, and professional recovery journey.

Reach out for our support to rehabilitate from drug and alcohol abuse.

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Finding the right addiction help

Understandably, you may hope to avoid the help of a drug and alcohol rehab in Kuwait. With that being said, you’ll need to be open to alternative options, helping you recover safely and fairly.

Addiction help can be accessed anywhere in the world. Here at Addiction Advocates, we have an affiliation of rehab clinics across the UK, specialising in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. We can help you find the right addiction help for your needs, followed by a referral into rehab.

Our affiliates are all registered under the CQC, offer private settings, and cater to personal needs throughout the rehab process. You can expect to be cared for by professionals, and you can look to complete specialist treatment services.

To ensure that private rehab here in the UK is right for you, we will complete an admissions process over the telephone. If you’re ready for some respite, we can arrange your journey from Kuwait to one of our treatment centres.


How does the admissions process work?

The admissions process works by pairing your needs with an accommodating rehab clinic. It’s a confidential process, which assesses and understands your personal history with drugs and alcohol. It also considers your current circumstances and how beneficial private rehab will be.

Assessments will consider:

  • Current location
  • Budget
  • Available time to leave Kuwait
  • Mental health
  • Addiction history
  • Personal needs, through daily life

We can make sure that rehab can offer comfort, proactiveness, and an accommodating schedule by considering the above. This is very important to ensure that you’re happy with what’s ahead and expected of drug and alcohol rehab.

Arrangements will also be made throughout the admissions process to take action on your referral. An admissions date can be set if you’re ready to recover, and your place at rehab can be reserved. We will guide you through the following steps to prepare for rehab and your journey from Kuwait.


Expectations of private rehab

Private rehab will be offered to you here in the UK. Although both inpatient and outpatient programmes are usually available, an inpatient programme will likely be recommended. We will consider your personal needs. Yet with coming over from Kuwait, you’ll require consistent hands-on support, which can be experienced through a residential stay.

Inpatient rehab is also the most proactive option, as it can be completed within 30 days. If your schedule is time-sensitive, residing in a private drug and alcohol rehab clinic will be best with your travel arrangements.

You can expect to complete a tailored programme through inpatient, private rehab, which carries over 30 days. Each day will be filled with progressive treatment services and sessions to help you recover. The focus will be placed on addiction recovery and improving your overall wellbeing, outlook, and life.

By checking into a rehab clinic, you’ll be supported by a specialist team available to you across your programme. Within reason, whilst completing rehab, anything you need will be accessible to you to make your time comfortable.

All of our rehab clinics are privately situated, meaning that your environment will be peaceful, luxurious, and professional. You’ll have the ideal setting to recover from and focus on rebuilding your life.


Recovery proven treatments and therapies

Specialist treatments are recovery proven via rehab. They are proven to help with withdrawal, to help with rehabilitation and to help with long-term recovery.

Recovering from addiction will concentrate on detoxing and on eliminating all thoughts and influences. Yet, it will also focus on sustaining sobriety and planning for post-rehab changes.

Treatment and therapies which are offered include:

Depending on your personal needs, symptoms and experiences with drugs and alcohol, each treatment will have a different role to play. You’ll be welcomed with a thorough treatment programme on arrival to rehab, including such therapies.


How much does rehab cost?

Reasonably, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kuwait will offer greater convenience. Yet local rehab could cost you your freedom. Instead, the cost of private rehab will be worthwhile, to become free from addiction and any illegal habits.

The cost of rehab will depend on which centre you recover from, the length of your stay, and the type of services that you make use of. We can offer a personal quote on admission to suit your budget.

Reach out here at Addiction Advocates to experience the most suitable and specialist form of addiction help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best addiction treatment for alcohol addiction?
Treating an alcohol addiction should start off with a detoxification process. It’s important to remove alcohol from the body, to enter a state of withdrawal. From here, depending on the cause, ongoing triggers and symptoms of alcoholism, a range of therapy sessions will be arranged. Individual therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and group therapy are effective. Relapse prevention planning, aftercare and support groups will also be recommended, to assist with post-rehab planning.
How to pick the right rehab clinic?
Your needs should direct your selection. The right rehab clinic will accommodate your budget, location, health, personal needs, and addiction type. It’s recommended to search for a CQC rehab clinic, which is private and specialises in addiction recovery. We can help you with this, whether you’re looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Kuwait or in the UK.
Is addiction treatable?
Addiction is treatable and manageable for the long term. Sobriety is a realistic goal linked to addiction recovery. It, unfortunately, cannot be cured, yet treatment is highly effective, helping to improve quality of life.