Are you fully aware of your addiction to drugs and alcohol? Are you however unsure how to disable your addiction?

Being aware of an addiction is a positive sign. Unfortunately, many individuals do lack the ability to personally spot the signs and symptoms of a drug and alcohol addiction. In most cases, family and friend referral services will be utilised. With this in mind, you are already one step ahead.

However, through this acknowledgement, it is important that you avoid enabling your negative, toxic behaviour moving forward. Understandably, this is easier said than done. It can be very difficult to turn away from drugs and alcohol, especially if they currently control your life on a significant scale.

Yet, one effective way you can overcome your addiction and avoid long-term enablement is by sourcing immediate, professional addiction support. Here at Addiction Advocates, we can help you with this by firstly supporting you as a person, and secondly, by facilitating your rehab admission.

Reach out today to take control by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Staffordshire.


Why is enabling an addiction dangerous?

Experiencing any degree of addiction is dangerous. Physical and psychological pressures, adaptations and weaknesses are likely. Excessive drug and alcohol abuse, taking priority, also impact other areas of life, resulting in danger, in damage, in negativity.

In some cases, if early signs of addiction have been recognised, those dangers can be reversed. However, if addiction is enabled for the long-term, significant dangers are present.

Long-term addiction can lead to chronic health problems, to the development of a dual diagnosis, to crime, to legal and financial issues, to homelessness, and to overdose. While control may currently be present, while your reality may significantly differ from this, if you continue to enable substance abuse, there is a strong likelihood that your reality will change, for the worst.

One of the most concerning factors is that long-term addiction can cause irreversible impacts, where no level of addiction treatment will work. However, by avoiding this, by disabling your habit, you can benefit from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Staffordshire.

Avoid life-limiting impacts of addiction by reaching out, by recognising it is time to stop, by putting your future self, first.


Overcoming addiction via a drug and alcohol rehab in Staffordshire

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Staffordshire will be the best way to overcome the enablement of addiction. While it may currently feel like a big step to take, drug and alcohol rehabilitation is fitting for any individual, suffering from the negatives of substance abuse.

To ensure that you can access the right type and level of care and addiction treatment, you personally require, working with our team of rehab referral specialists will be encouraged. We can help you experience full ability to disable addiction by sourcing an optimal rehab clinic and programme.

You can start this journey today by reaching out, where we will assess and gauge your personal needs when linked to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. That information will then guide our recommendations, moving forward, focusing on finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Staffordshire, boasting reputable and effective recovery approaches.


The importance of personal addiction treatment recommendations

Many individuals, aiming to recover will lean on the cold turkey approach, will lean on the NHS, or will lean on low-quality rehab programmes. While this is greater than ongoing drug and alcohol abuse, there’s a likelihood that a generalist rehab programme will be utilised or an unstructured one at that.

Unfortunately, a generalist approach will only target the superficial surface of addiction. It will treat the common side effects, withdrawal symptoms and causations. Yet, as rehab referral specialists, we understand that all experiences of addiction, differ, requiring personal programmes.

Down to this, we only work with rehab clinics who promote the use of personal addiction treatment recommendations. This will ensure that personal suffering from drugs and alcohol can be worked through. It will also ensure that a suitable and safe rehabilitation journey is pending.

For example, you may struggle psychologically with addiction. In this case, the likes of CBT, of relapse prevention, of art therapy may be recommended. To treat physical struggles, addiction treatment such as a drug and alcohol detox may be implemented. Recommendations will differ for all, communicated on your admission into rehab.


Relapse prevention planning and support after rehab

Alongside addiction treatment, your post-rehab plans can dictate your life back in Staffordshire. To ensure that you can manage sober living, a relapse prevention plan will be formed via your chosen drug and alcohol rehab.

Your relapse prevention plan will ultimately be a guide to lean on in the event of drug and alcohol cravings. Cravings can easily resurface post-rehab, down to transitions back to pre-rehab life. While lifestyle choices and aftercare services can reduce those cravings, it is vital to have a back-up plan, in place, as a precaution. This is the support that relapse prevention can offer you, helping to secure long-term recovery.


Begin your admission here at Addiction Advocates

You can begin your admission today, acting with urgency towards drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Start this process by reaching out and acknowledging the necessity of drug and alcohol rehab. Moving forward, we will then assess your addiction diagnosis, helping to pave the way with both rehab clinic and addiction treatment recommendations.

A selected drug and alcohol rehab in Staffordshire will be secured, your admission date will also be arranged, marking the beginning of your rehab experience. Through our thorough yet efficient process, you can soon start your rehabilitation journey. This is the best way you can disable your drug and alcohol addiction and the negatives it carries.

Reasonably, this is a significant step to take. Rehab may be a new idea to you. However, we at Addiction Advocates can soon increase your awareness around drug and alcohol rehabilitation, benefitting your initial steps. Contact our team with your questions and concerns around drug and alcohol rehab, helping you warm to the idea and see it as a true lifeline of disabling addiction.