Feeling alone and isolated are unfortunately common causes of excessive drug and alcohol abuse. However, they are also the result of such behaviours, for a number of different reasons.

From a lack of support to the breakdown in relationships and the absence of affiliation that some people decide upon, loneliness can be tough when battling a consuming and aggressive fixation to drugs and alcohol.

If you are feeling alone, please remember that addiction support is however available, even if this is predominantly on a professional level. We at Addiction Advocates are here for you, rehab clinics and their staff are here for you, and healthcare charities are also here for you, to offer insight, guidance, motivation and a way out from addiction.

Below are some common questions we receive from our clients who feel alone, who worry about taking the independent step of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Pontefract, and who long for long-term support. If you however have alternative questions, we invite you to contact our team for a confidential, personal chat about both your drug and alcohol addiction and your recovery goals.


Why do I feel so alone through substance abuse?

You may feel alone for a number of different reasons. Firstly, it may be the drugs that are making you feel this way, as they can have a significant impact on your emotions and perceptions, along with heightening sensitivities.

Secondly, you may unknowingly have distanced yourself from others with the intentions to deny or cover your drug and alcohol habits. Denial is a common reaction linked to addiction, which unfortunately also results in distancing oneself from support, relationships and norms.

Lastly, you may feel lonely down to the response of those around you. It’s not unheard of for family, friends and employers to distance oneself from drug and alcohol addicts. This is the sad reality of low awareness, of judging those who are actually in need, and of fear of in fact aggravating addictive behaviours.

You may feel lonely for other reasons yet the above are the most common which we experience, where personal support may be lacking. If the above resonates, it’s time to consider professional support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Pontefract.


Can I receive support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Pontefract?

Most definitely. This will be the most suitable way to secure quality support that will help you recover, grow and reach a state of independent long-term recovery.

If you do still have contact with loved ones, it is also wise to develop a strong support network around you. However, professional support will be the most beneficial option, right now, through the midst of your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

You’ll also experience the support of our team by considering rehab, you’ll have like-minded peers to lean on and gain perspective from, and you’ll also have the support of local charities to guide you through long-term recovery.

Emotional support is essential through the addiction recovery process. Yet, to recover, you must also accept medical and therapeutic support, which will be accessible to a high standard via a drug and alcohol rehab in Pontefract.


Can I work on my mental health through rehab?

Mental health support services will be offered via a CQC rehab clinic. This offering is a standard service as unfortunately many individuals suffering from addiction do also experience secondary mental health symptoms.

Whether that’s down to the physical intake of drugs, or whether that’s down to the lifestyle change caused by substance abuse, symptoms of depression, anxiety and further mood disorders are frequent.

To support you through such symptoms, suitable treatments will be offered, along with lifestyle recommendations. You can expect to complete dual diagnosis treatment which focuses on talking therapies, which focus on stress management, and which focus on working through your personal triggers.

If you are struggling with your mental health, accepting treatment will be wise to also recover on a comprehensive basis from your addiction. Without dual commitment, there’s a chance that either condition can resurface, triggering the other to also re-emerge.


What type of rehab clinics do you work with?

We work with specialist, CQC standard rehab clinics that promote residential rehab as a customary offering. With this in mind, if you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Pontefract, through our services, you can expect to be cared for and treated by addiction specialists.

You’ll have a dedicated team around you, you’ll be exposed to professional yet comfortable environments, and you’ll have recovery resources to hand to help elevate your rehab experience.

Naturally, private rehab will require a greater investment. Yet the assurance that you can experience through the quality of our affiliated rehab clinics can set you up, especially psychologically for success.


Will support be for the future?

Once you’ve completed your residential rehab programme, return home to Pontefract will be recommended. Through this recommendation, you will be supported with aftercare services.

Aftercare is the offering of ongoing support and the possibility of additional treatment services, all depending on how you recover and respond to post-rehab life. On a consistent basis, you will have access to such services to help ease your transition, and also the accountability of independent long-term recovery.

If you’re therefore worried that you’ll again feel lonely on a post-rehab basis, please be reassured that you will have dedicated therapists to talk to, and peers within your support groups. Throughout rehab, you’ll also be provided with the tools to consider relationship management and how to rebuild your existing connections.

Experiencing an addiction, alone, is extremely tough. Experiencing drug and alcohol withdrawal, alone, is testing and dangerous. Yet, experiencing rehab with professional support can be eased, can be beneficial and can be worthwhile.

Look for the greatest quality of care by utilising our services here at Addiction Advocates. We can prepare you emotionally, along with directing you through your admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Pontefract.

For additional support, we also recommend considering specialist organisations, confidential and suitable to discuss drug and alcohol rehabilitation options.






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