Whatever your situation may be, here at Addiction Advocates, we can offer guidance, we can offer professional insights, we can offer referrals into rehab. To gauge where you stand with drugs and alcohol, to understand the necessity of professional withdrawal services, to appreciate the deteriorating cycle of addiction, reach out to our team.

At Addiction Advocates, we help you take the first steps toward a drug and alcohol-free life. Our highly experienced team of dedicated and focused professionals will find you the most suited rehab centre to ensure you receive the highest quality of care during this challenging time.

Are you struggling to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction? Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused about where to start your long-term recovery? At our treatment centres, we understand the difficulties which surround drug or alcohol addiction. The harmful side effects caused by persistent substance misuse can be damaging to you and those around you; we’re here to help.

The demand for effective support and treatment programmes in your local area is ever increasing. More and more people are recognising the great benefits that addiction treatment provides. Is it time that you join our treatment programme and build a happier and healthier life? Drug & Alcohol Rehab Stoke can help get you there.


Treatments specialised for you

One of the difficulties that drug or alcohol addicts face when searching for help with recovery can be the long waiting lists which come with free NHS treatment services. Whilst this approach may work for those who are facing mild side effects from drugs and alcohol, the vast majority of people living with an addiction require continuous, reliable treatment to achieve long-term recovery.

Considering a residential rehab centre is recommended for the greatest probability of recovery. With so many great benefits, you can see for yourself how much support is readily available. We can provide you with immediate treatment and expert guidance on your journey to recovery, just get in touch with us today.

Residential Rehab Centre benefits

Do you feel as though your drug or alcohol addiction has consumed your way of life? Then we highly recommend our treatment programmes away from your home. Whilst this may seem like a big leap outside of your comfort zone, here at Addiction Advocates, we’ll assist you along every step of your transition, offering a homely and safe environment allowing you to solely focus on your journey to recovery.

Our drug & alcohol rehab centres provide you with 24-hour access to support and guidance which suits your wants and needs. We appreciate the feeling of unease can be at the forefront when moving away from your home comforts, however a short relocation period has proved to deliver the greatest recovery rate. With our honest style, fantastic treatment options and the ability to offer you enough time and space away from any negative influences or temptations, you will efficiently progress at our treatment clinic.

We’re more than happy to talk you through our various drug and alcohol abuse treatment options and work together in a partnership to find the right solution for you. Check in today at our private rehab centre to recover in peace and quiet.

What do our treatment programmes involve?

There are various treatments available at our drug & alcohol rehab clinic, some could be more effective than others for you personally. One of the most demanding treatment methods is a drug and alcohol detox which we medically supervise. Our detox clinic helps to remove any toxins, allowing your body to begin recovery. You will be closely monitored by our team of medical professionals as your drug or alcohol intake is gradually reduced. It’s important to remember we always prioritise your health and safety during these treatments. Once you have completed a drug and alcohol detox, you will begin to think more clearly meaning additional treatments can now have a greater effect on your recovery progression.

We recommend cognitive behavioural therapy, known as CBT, for those who suffer with persistent psychological fixations or linked mental health issues. We recognise that drug or alcohol abuse can be damaging to both your physical and psychological health, therefore we focus on improving both within our treatment programmes. Cognitive behavioural therapy concentrates on reshaping your perception and your outlook towards substance misuse. It effectively disconnects you from previous negative associations and highlights an encouraging future without drugs or alcohol.

Another treatment option is individual, group and/or family therapy. How effective this is, is dependent on the complexity of your addiction. It can be a fantastic treatment to complete as the sessions help you to become more accountable and give you the opportunity to grow a great support network which in turn will help you by lessening the stresses associated with the rehab process.

A factor which is commonly absent during rehab is motivation. We can also provide motivational therapy sessions to help you achieve your long-term recovery goals and effectively enhance your determination to succeed.

Withdrawal symptoms are common during drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our relapse prevention sessions are available to prepare you for your return home, these provide you with positive coping mechanisms to help tackle potential relapses. To help maintain motivation, we can also offer continued support once you have completed our treatment programme.

We’re here to support you

Begin your journey to long-term recovery today. We’re here to listen, provide the support you need and guide you through your personalised rehabilitation treatment programme.

Our expert professionals have years of experience and fantastic success rates ensuring your drug and alcohol rehab journey is as valuable as possible.

You’re not alone in this fight with addiction, we guarantee your time and efforts will be worthwhile here at Addiction Advocates. Get in touch with us today and begin to rebuild your life with a clear mind and a more positive outlook.

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