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Rehab Options in Droitwich Spa

Finding the right kind of rehab for you and your specific needs can be difficult. But it is important that you push through any uncomfortableness in order to get the help you need that can change your life.

It is important that you know what kind of experience you want at rehab so that you can find a rehab option that works best for you. For example, if you are someone that struggles financially, then you may be best seeking help from the NHS with an outpatient rehab programme.

This treatment option is good for people who have a mild addiction, however, the NHS often does not have enough resources for the number of people who need their help, leaving many people who need help on a waiting list.

The recommended treatment option that has the proven highest success rate in the country, where most of the patients achieve long-term recovery, is private rehab.

Private drug and alcohol rehab is able to offer you a residential treatment experience. This means that you will have a break away from any triggers so that you can just focus on getting better. In addition, you will be able to trust your care to a team of fully qualified medical professionals.

It is the best option available, and you get the high-quality service that you pay for.

It is standard for a residential rehab treatment programme to last around 28 days; on average, it costs around £3000 a week to stay at the rehab centre. Depending on the type of rehab experience you want, it can cost more or less, such as whether you choose a private room or shared room.

Private drug rehab really gives you the power to decide what you want your recovery journey to look like. You get to help pick the treatments you need, and you get to have one-to-one sessions so that you are the centre of your and the medical team’s attention.

You won’t be lost in the crowds of people who need help. You will be able to achieve long-term recovery with work, support and dedication.


What are the Benefits of Private Rehab?

Private rehab can offer a unique rehabilitation experience that will offer you the best possible chance of achieving long-term recovery.

With private rehab, you get to focus solely on yourself, your recovery and your health.

In modern life, there is very rare an opportunity for you to take the time you need to be with yourself and work on yourself. Be it work, friends or family commitments, there is always an excuse to pull yourself away from mindfulness.

But addiction is not something you can or should put off doing. It needs serious commitment in order for you to achieve long-term recovery safely.

And the best place to do that is in the safety and professionalism of a private drug and alcohol rehab centre in the Droitwich Spa area.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatments

Addiction is a complicated health condition, and so it requires specialised treatment in order to overcome it.

The first thing you must be aware of is that a treatment is not the same thing as a cure. Addiction cannot be cured as it is a chronic condition that will be with you in one form or another for the rest of your life. But this isn’t something to worry about or feel defeated by. Addiction can be managed, and your treatments at rehab will teach you how to do it.

The first treatment you will likely receive upon entering the rehab is the alcohol or drug detox. The detox is designed to make it possible for you to manage your addiction and avoid giving in to temptations in the long run.

This is done by carefully weaning you off all drugs and alcohol until your body is clear of toxins. The drug or alcohol detox process can be quite uncomfortable as you may experience some withdrawal symptoms such as headache, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, insomnia and light sensitivity.

But because you will be monitored by the rehab’s medical team, these symptoms won’t be allowed to progress to the point of danger. Instead, you will be kept as safe as possible and provided with medication to relieve the withdrawal symptoms should they prove too much for your body to handle.

Following the detox, you will have the ability to manage your addiction in the long run but not the knowledge. That is the job of therapy treatments.

Through therapy, you will first learn the cause of your addiction and any connected triggers that can lead to your cravings. You will then learn how to both avoid these triggers and how to replace your substance abuse with healthier coping mechanisms.

Through these treatments, long-term addiction management is possible if you are willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes.


How Long Does Rehab Last?

Rehab lasts technically as long as you want it to. You could stay for just the ten-day detox treatment if you wanted to.

But in most cases, people stay in rehab for all of the treatments, which take around 28 days to fully complete. During this time, you will be perfectly safe and be kept in as much comfort as possible.

Your rehab experience is about what works best for you and your needs. But you should know that it is recommended that you stay for the full 28 days in order to see the best results and be more likely to achieve long-term recovery, as well as receive one year of free aftercare for successful completion.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does drug and alcohol rehab cost?
The cost of drug and alcohol rehab can vary widely depending on the individuals’ requirements and also what kind of rehabilitation centre they choose to attend. Whether they select to undergo addiction treatment as an outpatient or inpatient will make a difference in cost, as will choosing a private rehab centre as opposed to treatment from free local health services like the NHS. It’s important to weigh up your options prior to committing to rehabilitation, however, there are treatment options available to suit many budgets.
Do I really need to go to rehab?
It’s very common for people suffering from an addiction to be in denial. You must recognise, or have someone else that can recognise, the signs and symptoms of addiction so that you can receive treatment urgently. There’s no addiction too mild or too severe to receive addiction treatment.
What causes drug or alcohol addiction?
This is a very difficult question to answer and one that could easily be quite subjective, however, there are some common patterns that could be attributed to someone developing an addiction to alcohol or drugs. These include poor mental health, genetics, pre-existing behaviours, the environment you’ve grown up in, and your social circle.