To beat an addiction, you need to remove your physical and psychological dependence, and address behavioural issues that cause an addiction to develop in the first instance.

Trying to beat a drug addiction or alcohol addiction without professional help is very difficult and can be dangerous. This is particularly the case where there has been a physical dependence for a sustained period of time.

Those suffering from an addiction will find that both their physical and mental health suffers. Most addicts are unaware of their decline and it is their friends, loved ones or colleagues who spot the troubling spiral into addiction.

Whilst an addiction can ruin someone’s life in a matter of weeks, it can also destroy the lives of those around them.

In order for addiction treatment to be a success, you will need to be receptive to behavioural changes whilst being treated. Your recovery is dependent upon your willingness to change and be committed to these changes for the rest of your life.

You should choose rehab in Surbiton that tailors your treatment to your needs and treats you like an individual at every step of the process.

If you contact Addiction Advocates, we can guarantee you that we will treat you without judgement and as an individual – we will work with you to create a treatment programme that considers your needs, your budget and your long-term recovery.

We can be contacted via 0800 012 6088, or you can text HELP to 83222, and we have vacancies available immediately.

Rehab near me

If you have been searching for “Rehab UK” or “rehab in Surbiton” then that is a good indication that you are ready to take your addiction seriously and take steps to overcome it.

Your treatment will be provided on both a one-to-one and a group basis. You will receive a recovery plan that has been personalised to fully address your specific needs.

You will be given a comprehensive physical and mental health screening to establish the extent of your addiction, and your treatment will be performed by addiction treatment specialists, wellness specialists and medical staff.

At Addiction Advocates, we offer a comprehensive residential rehab programme and we believe this is the most effective way to overcome an addiction.

Residential rehab allows you to safely recover, free of temptations and bad influences, and you’re also able to fully immerse yourself in your treatment without everyday distractions.

We understand that a 28-day commitment might seem intimidating on the surface, but the benefits of taking this time to recover safely and in an enclosed environment surrounded by caring and dedicated staff and your fellow recovering addicts are enormous.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug rehab and alcohol rehab with Addiction Advocates will provide you with all the tools you require to live a happy and fulfilling life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Our qualified professionals will provide you with a caring, supportive, and compassionate environment. This allows you to begin the healing process with the view to your long-term recovery.

It’s important that you choose the correct residential rehab for you however, as they are not all identical. We will explain to you what the treatment entails and what kind of aftercare options are available to you.

Our rehabilitation programme has medical staff on standby around the clock to help you through your rehab and detoxification, and to address any concerns that you have throughout the rehabilitation process.

You will also receive aftercare as part of your rehab programme. This allows you to receive regular follow up sessions to continue to work towards a long-term recovery.


Your detox is an important part of your treatment to break the physical and psychological addiction that has developed due to drug and alcohol abuse. A medically assisted detox as offered by Addiction Advocates will take you through the worst parts of withdrawal in the safest possible manner.

Our staff are able to offer medication to reduce cravings and decrease the effect of withdrawal symptoms that will display as you reduce your use of drugs or alcohol to nothing.

We do not recommend a detox at home due to the withdrawal symptoms and a detox is best achieved in a residential surrounding. This allows medical professionals to monitor your health and progress.


When your detox has been completed, the next stage of your treatment in our rehab centres is your therapies. Our clinicians will use a variety of therapeutic models to create a therapies schedule that has been tailored to meet your needs.

You will receive treatment on an individual and group basis. Most of your one to one sessions will use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) amongst other types of therapy.

Your group sessions will utilise talking therapies, but we also offer a more holistic approach including exercise and yoga classes, meditation, and art and drama therapy.

The aim of your therapies is to provide the best environment to help you gain new ways of thinking and approaches to life, enjoy rewarding stimuli that does not have the need for drugs or alcohol and to build bonds with new people.

Immediate Treatment Available

If you are worried about the effect of drugs or alcohol on your life, it is time to do something about it. You may be researching drug and alcohol rehab for yourself, or you may be witnessing someone you care about in a downward spiral.

Now is the time to resolve this – every day is vital when you’re up against something as powerful as an addiction.

Clients talk to us of shame or embarrassment at asking for help, but that’s not the way we see things. It takes great strength to admit your concerns and to ask for help, and it shows that you are taking your physical and mental recovery seriously.

There are no waiting lists for our services, so why not take steps to recovery by calling Addiction Advocates today?