With our help here at Addiction Advocates, we have the means to help you find a rehab facility that suits you, in a location that suits you.

How Does Addiction Advocates Help?

We are a referral service with a number of partnering rehabs, which means we have all the connections you could need when finding the right place to recover.

We save you the time and effort of sifting through drug or alcohol rehabs in Reading and simply take your requirements and find the right one for you. Whether you want localised recovery centres or ones that are secluded from your home comforts, we can find the right fit.

What you do need to decide is whether you require outpatient or inpatient rehab, we can help you make this decision but there are some things that may help you make your decision.

Out-patient Addiction Treatment in Reading

Out-patient addiction treatment is a preferable idea for those that want to recover while still living at home.

This is a good idea for those that have commitments and are unable to stay in residential space. This might include those who have children, are still working but are nonetheless still suffering from addiction.

If this is the case, out-patient treatment can help you to get treatment and medication where necessary on a schedule that suits you and your life. We understand that it is often a personal preference when it comes to deciding what works for you and ultimately, it is down to your lifestyle and the severity of the addiction.

Through that understanding, we aim to work with you to find and secure the most fitting form of rehab.

In-patient Addiction Treatment in Reading

In-patient drug and alcohol rehab Reading based, or further afield, is an opportunity to completely separate yourself from the life that you’re used to and recover in a space that is designed for treating substance addictions.

Comfort and convenience are highly sought-after when embarking on the unknown process of rehab. Understandably, this recommendation may make you feel anxious about rehab, as leaving home can feel like a big step to take.

Without this quality of care, it can be difficult to efficiently target the side effects, triggers and withdrawal symptoms, linked to substance abuse; with this in mind, it is important to know what to expect from residential rehab, via our affiliated treatment centres.

Offering a homely and welcoming setting, you can expect to reside from your chosen rehab clinic for around 28 days, this is where you’ll complete a wide range of treatment services from.

You’ll have your own space, your own personal programme to follow, and your own dedicated team to help you through the recovery process.

Understandably, leaving your family and friends behind may feel tough. Yet, some rehab facilities do include family therapy within their treatment programme helping to heal your entire support network from the tests of addiction.

With our guidance, with the backing of leading treatment centres, and with the formation of a residential rehab programme, your encounter with rehab can be positive, worthwhile and proactive.

See below some more information on what it is like being in an inpatient rehab in Reading, so you can understand how this intensive form of recovery can get you back to sobriety sooner rather than later.


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What to Expect in Drug and Alcohol Rehab Reading

Typically, there are 3 stages of rehab, while specifics may change from place to place, the overall skeleton of what rehab is like is almost always very similar.

That being said, here are some of the most crucial stages so there are no surprises.

Stage 1: Pre-admission Phone Call & Admission

When you get in touch with us looking for an alcohol and drug rehab Reading, we will first get to understand you and what your addiction is like. This means us gaining a better understanding of some personal details like substances that are being used, how long for etc.

This will help us to understand the bigger picture and ultimately, the more information that we have the better we can tailor make your treatment plan to you. There is no pressure nor obligation during this call, we want you to feel at ease, you’re in a completely non-judgemental zone and we will do everything to make you comfortable.

Once we have had the pre-admission assessment, we will find a rehab for you and decide on a preferable admission date. This can be a quick turn around, it is completely up to your own discretion as to when you want to admit to rehab, we will only advise what we believe is best for you in our professional opinion.

Stage 2: Detox & Rehab Treatment

The next stage of your rehab journey will be the detox and / or rehab treatment.

Not every addiction requires detox, this will be decided upon during the assessment. If you’re required to visit a detox clinic before your rehabilitation treatment, then we will arrange this for you.

If you do require a detox however, this process can last up to 7-10 days depending on the substances that you’re addicted to and the severity of such. Once the detox is complete, or if you don’t need a detox, you will then go on to the rehabilitation programme.

This programme will be tailored to you, you’ll attend a range of therapies and the entirety of your stay will be focused on addiction recovery.

Stage 3: Aftercare

We believe that aftercare is an incredibly important step, we don’t expect you to tackle getting back into the real world after rehab alone, which is why our partnering rehabs offer aftercare.

Aftercare may range from facility to facility, but when you decide on a facility, you can ask us to confirm that particular rehabs aftercare programme.

However, most will offer aftercare for up to 12 months post-rehab. For example, one of our top partnering rehabs Asana Lodge offers therapy sessions once a week for a full year after you complete a stay with them.

We will also encourage you to utilise free out-patient care in your area, you can find what these resources are in the FAQs sections.

Your future, post-rehab, is very important to us. We hope for long-term recovery for all of our clients. Yet, to make this a realistic goal, it is important that you understand the changes that you must make and sustain as you return home to Reading.

Changes to your future will focus on your mindset, your environments, your lifestyle choices and your relationship with yourself and others.

All are very important, helping you reduce drug and alcohol exposure, helping you maintain control, and helping you sustain a positive existence. Life after rehab will be different, it will carry some challenges, and at times, will increase your chances of relapse.

Yet, by embracing aftercare services and by maintaining a steady grip on your lifestyle, rehab and your long-term recovery journey will be worthwhile.

Duration & Costs of Rehab in Reading

One of the most common questions asked is ‘how much does rehab cost?’

The answer is, it can vary greatly, locations equate to different prices and the kinds of facilities that the rehab has also drives up or lowers the overall price. However the most prominent factor is the duration of stay.

The most common duration of stay is a 28-night programme.

However, this can vary, you can also stay for:

  • 7-nights
  • 10-nights
  • 14-nights
  • 21-nights
  • 28-nights
  • 6-weeks
  • 8-weeks

Of course the prices greatly vary depending on the length of time required, but the starting prices for a Reading drug rehab or alcohol rehab is from £4,000 – £6,000 for a 1 week stay.

drug and alcohol rehab reading

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are There Free Resources for Addiction?

Yes, we understand that a private residential Reading rehab isn’t for everybody, so if you’re looking for help to recover on an outpatient basis, please find some helplines below and if you need any other help contact us at Addiction Advocates.

Can I Get Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Reading on the NHS?

While it isn’t all that common to get private rehab on the NHS easily, we have a partnering rehab just over an hour away from Reading that offers this specific service.

Our partnering centre Cassiobury Court is one of our top luxury facilities and they have an exclusive partnership with the NHS.

Cassiobury Courts 21-bed facility holds 3 rooms for urgent care in relation to addiction. This is for those who require emergency detox in A&E to receive the best care possible within this facility.

You can find out more about the partnership here on their page.


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