There are countless people across the UK each year who struggle to overcome addiction, however, with the help of Addiction Advocates, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we can help you reach that goal.

Overcoming drug addiction or alcohol addiction can be a difficult process.

However, a lot of people who are suffering from a substance abuse disorder believe that they can conquer their addiction and cultivate a long-term recovery on their own at their own home.

Sadly, this method of overcoming addiction is incredibly ineffective at forging a long-term successful recovery.

It is very difficult to recover from serious drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction alone, it is crucial that you work towards recovery with professional support at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, such as the Addiction Advocates’ rehab in Guernsey to attain a long-lasting and successful recovery.

Battling a drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction can, and does, massively affect your way of life in a number of incredibly negative ways.

The atrocious effects which develop when struggling with drug abuse and alcohol abuse can be incredibly detrimental to your physical and psychological health, which will leave you at a much-increased risk of developing life-changing conditions.

The fact that you are here means that you are already accepting that you have a problem with substance abuse that you need help overcoming.

This is nothing to be ashamed of, it is a fantastic first step on the road to recovery, and what you need to do next is to reach out to us and start the admissions process which we have ensured is quick, easy, and is designed to remove the anxiety that can be around the decision of attending rehab.


What Steps Do You Take Next On The Road To Rehab

Due to the fact that rehab will be a new experience for most individuals suffering from addiction, at Addiction Advocates, we understand how anxiety-inducing this new and unknowing experience can be.

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres are here to make sure that you get better and start living your best life, however, it is only natural that you may feel nervous about the process of attending rehab. Our quick and easy admissions process is as follows:

Telephone assessment — Once you make contact with us, a member of our addiction specialist staff will work to better understand your history of substance abuse and current situation, your history of physical and mental health, as well as your mindset in regards to committing to recovery.

This will all help us to find you the best treatment centre and drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

Selecting the facility — We want to make sure that you get the best possible experience from your time in our drug and alcohol treatment centres.

This means that we will find the rehab that is best for you in terms of location, accessibility, finically, and in terms of treatments offered. Once we have done this, we will work with you and start placing reservations.

Attending rehab — All that matters then is to actually start making your way to our drug abuse treatment centre.

We want to make sure that you are feeling confident and content on your way to the centre so that you are in the best mainframe to begin your treatment, which we will work with you to ensure.

Once you are with us, we can truly start the vital work towards recovery with the help of our highly-tailored treatment programs.

Another benefit of choosing Addiction Advocates’ private residential rehab clinics, as opposed to using the likes of the NHS, is that you will not have to deal with long wait times for spaces and help with overcoming your addiction.

We want to make sure that you can start getting healthy as quickly as possible, and with the best care!


Detoxing At Our Detox Clinic

When you are aiming to recover from drug addiction or alcohol addiction, your first notion is likely to be to lower your drug or alcohol consumption from home by simply going cold turkey.

And while this commitment to recovery is a good sign, attempting to completely detox from substance abuse or alcoholism on your own is definitely not recommended.

If you have been abusing drugs or alcohol for a sustained period of time,  then it is highly likely that your body and brain will be heavily dependent upon the substance you are frequently consuming.

This means that when levels of drugs or alcohol in your system are reduced you will experience reactions known as withdrawal symptoms.

Side-effects of drug or alcohol withdrawal may begin moderately, however, they can develop to reach life-threatening levels as detoxification progresses — especially so with alcohol withdrawal.

Therefore, in order to make sure that you can experience drug withdrawal or alcohol withdrawal healthily and safely, it is strongly recommended that you attend treatment at one of our rehab’s detox clinics.

Detoxing on your own at home can, and often is, very dangerous and difficult to manage and success rates are incredibly low. However, with our detox clinic’s highly-trained staff you will be able to benefit from a safe and successful medically-assisted detox with round the clock care to best get you on your way to recovery.


Benefit From Our Other Treatments After Detox

After you have safely detoxed at our detox clinic, you will be ready to experience our other treatment options and therapies which will help you cultivate a long-lasting recovery and better quality of life.

Our treatment programs are tailored to best suit you, and the treatment courses that we most commonly employ at our alcohol and drug abuse treatment centres include such therapies as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), relapse prevention, one-to-one therapy, group therapy, family drug support counselling, stress management, sleep management, meditation, nutritional therapy, and aftercare services.

By treating your mind and your body, we will not only help you conquer the physical symptoms of addiction, but we will enable you to conquer the mental challenges that lead to you developing an addiction in the first place — something which is integral to a truly successful recovery.

So, to benefit from our world-class drug and alcohol treatment services, call Addiction Advocates today by calling 0800 012 6088, texting HELP To 83222, or contacting us through our website.