If you are suffering from addiction in Bristol it can often be difficult in knowing where to seek help or what support is available. Here at Addiction Advocates, we have experience in finding the right rehab centres for people suffering from Alcohol, Cocaine, Heroin, Crystal Meth, Steroid abuse and Prescription Drug addictions.

You can contact our Free helpline to discuss your options or continue reading to learn more about accessing a rehab programme in Bristol.

Through our referral services here at Addiction Advocates, we can help you find a drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol to recover from. In Bristol you can either seek support through your GP and look for local services at close proximity to your address or move into a private residential rehab centre for treatment.

It is important you understand the impact of ongoing drug and alcohol abuse and how help is available for you to overcome your issue. Without acting, your future will likely be consumed by addiction and the negative associations you already struggle with.

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Finding a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bristol

As mentioned above, at Addiction Advocates, we are rehab referral specialists. With this in mind, we can ease your selection process for you, by recommending the most fitting rehab programme out there.

There are now a large number of detox clinics, treatment centres and rehab programmes available, across the UK. Having an extensive number of routes to consider can be overwhelming, sometimes resulting in ineffective decisions. Here we discuss your options for drug or alcohol treatment in Bristol and how to access them.

You have various options available to you including free services administered through the local council, and also private residential rehab. Both have their pro’s and cons and we discuss these below.

Private Rehab in Bristol

At a private rehab, you will stay in the rehab for a period of time dependent on your physical and mental condition. This is an in a private secluded setting just outside of Bristol in Northampton. Here you will have staff at hand around the clock whilst you undertake detoxification and extensive rehabilitation programme. This is a paid service you will need to pay for yourself or through your insurance.

Benefits Include:

  • Medical Assistance Through Detox
  • A Tailored Programme
  • Multiple Therapies
  • Private Room and Facilities
  • Confidentiality
  • 24 Hour Medical Assistance
  • On-Site Chef
  • Comprehensive Aftercare Package
  • Extensive Gardens

Enlisting yourself in a private rehab is of course the recommended course of action if you have a deep addiction or have tried to quit your drug habit in the past using free resources and failed.

In this setting, you are supported by addiction specialists who know how to treat multiple addictions effectively. Rehab is just not the place the rich and famous go to quit an addictive habit, but ordinary people too.

By removing yourself from your current environment and surrounding yourself with people with all the experience and qualifications to treat both drug and alcohol addiction, you are in the best place for a successful recovery.

Local Addiction Treatment Resources in Bristol

It is possible to be referred to private rehab via your GP, but in most cases, you will be referred to a local service via the local council, charity or NHS if you can not afford to pay.

Services available to the general public include projects such as:

11 Brunswick Square
Tel: 0117 987 6000

These centres can find provide you access to services and therapies in the local area. But these are not rehabs where you stay and receive daily treatment. Treatment and therapies are administered as an outpatient. This means you will attend meetings and group sessions but will go home and have limited support if you are attempting to detox.

If you are detoxing at home it can be very challenging and having close family support can be invaluable through this time. When receiving outpatient support you do not have to move away from your current residency for a period of time, useful if you are managing to hold a job. But remaining in the area of Bristol where you developed your addiction can also make breaking through the habit more difficult.

What is Best, Inpatient or Outpatient?

If you have a mild addiction and the right support, and more importantly the determination to quit your drug or alcohol addiction, outpatient treatment can work. But attending an actual rehabilitation centre for an extended period of between 1 to 4 weeks will provide the greatest chances of long term sobriety.

To recover effectively, and overcome your addiction, you must select the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab treatment available in Bristol for you personally. This is a daunting decision which we can help you with. Through assessments, we can understand exactly what you personally need from a rehab programme. It is imperative to remember that behavioural addictions will result in varying side effects and experiences. Finding an approach which will treat your experience with addiction will advance your recovery chances and comfort through rehab.

Once we have a full understanding of your needs, we will recommend a handful of drug and alcohol treatment centres within your local area. Positives and negatives of each will be vocalised, while also recommending the most fitting addiction treatment options.

Once you’ve selected a drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol, measuring as suitable when considering recovery rates, an efficient referral can take place.

What Drugs Can I get Treatment for in Bristol?

Bristol is a big city and many people have suffered from addictions here, just have they have across the rest of the country. Support is available for all types of drug addictions including:

  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Ketamine Addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Crystal Meth Addiction
  • Prescription Drugs

This list is not exhaustive, at rehab, you will also be treated for any dual diagnosis mental health conditions you may be unaware of. It is common for people to be suffering from a mental health condition such as depression or PTSD and this, in turn, leads to a drug problem

If diagnosed with a mental health condition this will also be addressed through therapy and counselling in your personalised rehabilitation programme.

Why is Private Rehab a Better Choice?

For those thinking about drug and alcohol rehabilitation, a number of different recovery options will usually be considered. In order to select the most suitable route for you personally, it is important that accurate information on each option is available, along with recovery success rates.

With this in mind, here are the benefits you can expect to experience by selecting a private rehab centre, over free or cheap rehab treatment services.

  • Personalisation

Personalisation of rehab programmes is very important when looking to recover. Over time, personal experiences of addiction will be encountered. For some individuals, chronic psychological triggers may be associated. For other individuals, physical side effects may cause the greatest suffering. For others, physical and psychological struggles are experienced.

In order to treat an addiction realistically, approaching treatment on a personal scale will increase recovery responsiveness and probabilities. Through a drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol, available through our affiliated treatment centres, this level of care will be available.

  • Leading addiction treatment options

Without effective and safe treatment options, recovery is very unlikely. It is also imperative that a mix of physical and psychological methods are completed, ensuring that holistic healing can be experienced. This is one of the key benefits of private rehab, ensuring that you have access to evidence-based, industry leading addiction treatment options, including detox programmes and talking therapies.

  • Mental health support

Mental health symptoms are very common when suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction. In order for treatment to be successful, mental health support is also required. Without this stream of support, there is risk that future mental health disorders may trigger further substance abuse. Through private rehab, mental health support is customary.

  • Medical supervision

Physical and psychological withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can be challenging. In order to uphold your health, safety and ability to recover, medical supervision is invaluable. Through cheaper treatment options or lone attempts, this level of care will be unavailable, causing many high-risk situations.

  • Strong relapse prevention plans

The main aim of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is to withdraw and uphold that withdrawal. In order to achieve this post-rehab, strong relapse prevention plans must be in place, personalised to each client. Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol, you will have access to this ongoing form of support.

  • Sustainable long-term recovery efforts

By investing into a private rehab centre, you’ll benefit from sustainable long-term recovery probabilities. Through a private rehab offering, your recovery rates will increase by providing you with all the tools you need to excel at sober living.

  • Aftercare services

To ensure that your efforts through rehab can be maintained, aftercare services are also available through a drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol. Here a comprehensive rehab programme, from start to finish will be accessible, easing your post-rehab transition and future recovery aims.


Will I Need To Go To Rehab?

If you’re struggling with any deep form of drug and alcohol consumption, rehab will be recommended. Via our affiliated rehab centres, a stream of addiction treatment will be available, marking your ability to reach the foundations of recovery.

Through ongoing personal efforts, you’ll also have the chance to maintain long-term recovery, transforming your life without drugs and alcohol. To experience this level of care, compassion and treatment, opt for a private drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol. Make a suitable selection by utilising our services here at Addiction Advocates. We can help you overcome the negatives you may be experiencing, linked to addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed visitors in rehab?
Yes, visitors help make the rehabilitation process that little bit smoother and the majority of clinics will encourage support from loved ones. It’s important for those in rehab to know that they have loved ones vying for their success, as it often encourages them even more to try their best during the rehab programme.
How long does rehab in Bristol last?
This will all depend on the clients individual needs. It is important to remember that there is no one size fits all to recovering from a substance addiction. Some people recover very fast and others take a little bit longer. The length of stay normally depends on the severity of the addiction, but sometimes the clients individual resilience, age and other factors can impact it too. Normally residential rehab programmes last for 28 days.
How much does Rehab in Bristol cost?
This comes down to who you go to. There are some very upmarket luxury clinics which can charge £10,000 per week, but there are some that start from as little as £4,000 for a 28 day stay. The length of your stay will largely depend on how long you spend at the clinic as well as whether you have some additional extras adding on to your programme. Typically you can expect a 28 day programme to cost between £4,000 and £14,000.
Can I get funding for Rehab through the NHS?
Yes you can, but it is not always a simplistic process. You will need to be referred to your local Drug and Alcohol Team by a public facing body such as a doctor or a social worker. Once you’ve been referred to the DAAT, they will complete an assessment for you and provide you with the next steps you need to take to aide you’re recovery from addiction. Residential rehab is often viewed as a last resort as the NHS has a tight budget and residential rehab can cost significantly more than outpatient rehab. With that being said, it is not uncommon for the NHS to pay for residential rehab in Bristol. If the DAAT feel that you are committed to the process of recovery and feel you would benefit from residential rehab they will very often provide the funding for it. Although there are large waiting times for NHS funded rehab services, and more often than not, time is a finite resource when you are at the stage of seeking rehabilitation clinics.