Have you been abusing drugs and alcohol for a long time? Through the churn of side effects, damaging impacts and withdrawal symptoms, we’re sure that you’ll understand the severity of this action.

Yet, in most cases, those consequences will not motivate withdrawal or the idea of recovery, with it in fact known to promote even greater escapism, through substance abuse.

Understandably, it can be very difficult to face up to the reality of living with an addiction. Yet, by living through denial and by pushing the damages of drug and alcohol abuse, to the back burner, there’s a risk of a significantly reduced quality of life, including the potential of a dual diagnosis.

By visiting our website here at Addiction Advocates, we will assume that you’re in two minds over your consumption. Maybe you’re struggling to escape from the addictive tendencies of drugs and alcohol, yet on the other end of the scale, hope to revert the damages of addiction. If this is the case, where the idea of recovery stands out, even on a minuscule scale, we can support you.

Understanding your next best steps will be a good starting point, helping you in fact see rehab as an escape from reality, from the realism of long-term drug and alcohol abuse, and from the suffering of addiction.

You can experience this respite by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Merton, all with our help, moving you one step closer to reducing the detriment of consequence.

Take a positive step with the potential to encounter positive results through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


How damaging will long-term drug and alcohol abuse be?

Long-term drug and alcohol abuse are highly damaging. On physical levels, the body can suffer greatly, causing direct impacts on vital organs.

Many individuals, suffering from chronic addictions are known to also experience life-limiting conditions, focusing on liver functionality, on the cardiovascular system, and on overall health.

Psychological issues are also linked to long-term or excessive misuse of drugs and alcohol, where the development of mental health issues is common.

Depression, anxiety, mood disorders and cognitive weaknesses are all correlating conditions, which can be motivated by the high presence of drugs and alcohol.

Suffering on physical and psychological scales can be very difficult, reducing the quality of life on a substantial level. Yet, commonly, through this suffering, many individuals will continue to consume drugs and alcohol, as it acts as an escape from the realism of risk, of consequence and of damage.

Here’s where significant damage will present itself, as a chronic addiction will be displayed, where denial and justification will take the lead. This can be a very difficult point to break, showcasing the intrusive and controlling characteristics of drugs and alcohol.

Once a habit forms, it can be difficult to fully revert, supporting the necessity to source support as soon as possible. No matter how severe your addiction may be, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Merton will be worthwhile.

Yet, if you’re reading this at the start of your addiction journey, acting now will benefit you greater, reducing the level of necessary restoration, in place to reduce irreversible damage.


Should I immediately visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Merton?

Acting quickly when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation is wise. Yet, before starting your programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Merton, it is firstly important to ensure that you’re ready for rehab, and secondly, that local recovery is suitable for you.

At Addiction Advocates, we can help you with your pre-rehab planning. Readiness is very important to secure your commitment, understanding and desire to complete rehab. Without readiness, you will fail to fully grasp the value of rehab, reducing its effects from the offset.

Once you’re ready on physical and psychological levels, this will be a great time to start recovery efforts. Yet, it’s mandatory that you’re prepared with time, resources, streams of support, a strong mindset and full expectations of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Alongside readiness, the suitability of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in your local area of Merton must be gauged. For some, this will be a suitable option. For others, it will make drug and alcohol withdrawal, harder.

Through assessments, we can help you gauge the safety and effectiveness of localised recovery helping you secure the greatest form of addiction treatment and recovery resources.

While acting with urgency is recommended when hoping to recover, especially if you have been abusing drugs and alcohol for a long while, it’s also imperative that you’re ready for the intentions of rehab. At this point, investing will be wise, helping you utilise your passion to withdraw from drugs and alcohol.


How reliable are recovery forecasts?

As every rehab experience will differ, it can be difficult to provide an accurate recovery forecast, prior to your exposure of rehab. However, by looking at the average experience of rehab, through our services, we can provide a reliable overview of what’s potentially ahead for you.

Down to the standards of our affiliated rehab clinics, down to the reliability of our services and rehab referrals, and down to the contents and structure of personalised rehab programmes, recovery can be realistic. However, effort from every angle must be present, ensuring that you can encounter the greatest experience of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Rehab isn’t easy. It’s vital that you approach it with the knowledge that tests will be present. Yet, with a positive and strong mindset, you can work towards realistic recovery forecasts.


Will I need to revisit rehab?

Rehab is a progressive service which reduces the damage, the connectivity and the influence of drug and alcohol exposure. Tools are provided to truly overcome addiction on physical and psychological levels.

While rehab can offer this degree of recovery success, your future will depend on your reactions, post-rehab. As you return home to Merton, you must keep in control, you must change your lifestyle, and you must reduce your exposure to drugs and alcohol.

By following professional guidance, your necessity to revisit rehab will reduce significantly. However, it’s important to remember that ongoing care, support and forms of addiction treatment may be recommended.

Aftercare alone will provide ongoing support while you warm to the realism of sober living. Yet, to normalise it, you may require additional forms of support.

Ultimately, revisiting your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Merton will be avoidable. However, you must actively avoid this possibility through independent recovery.

Avoid the ongoing damages and detriment of drug and alcohol abuse, by working with our team, to experience the potential of a once in a lifetime encounter of rehabilitation.