Whatever your situation may be, here at Addiction Advocates, we can offer guidance, we can offer professional insights, we can offer referrals into rehab. To gauge where you stand with drugs and alcohol, to understand the necessity of professional withdrawal services, to appreciate the deteriorating cycle of addiction, reach out to our team.

Are you concerned that your drug or alcohol addiction has taken over your life? We can help you to gain control again, diminish your addiction and get you well on your way to long-term recovery.

It can be very difficult to admit you have a problem or to raise the subject with a friend or family member who you’re worried about. Realising that yourself or a loved one needs professional help can take a big push, it’s important to remember there are people out there who can really help to turn your life around; this is what we can do for you at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Sunderland.

Our purpose-built rehab centres provide a place of comfort, understanding and patience during your stay. With a welcoming environment, you’ll never feel alone in your recovery at our treatment centre, they’re well regarded as one of the best in the country.

Sometimes people can overlook how drug and alcohol addiction begins and the effects it can have on someone’s life. The United Kingdom is home to a large number of people suffering from addiction, it’s important we understand how it can consume you so that we understand how to overcome it.

What are the first steps of addiction?

The truth is that every person who suffers with drug or alcohol addiction will have had a different experience when first participating in substance misuse, so it’s difficult to generalise these circumstances. In some cases, individuals may come from an abusive family resulting in a negative upbringing, therefore resorting to drugs or alcohol. Trying to deal with situations like this, most of the time alone, can be extremely tough but once addiction takes hold, it’s even harder to cope.

A commonly used phrase is the ‘gateway drug’ which means the first substance to be consumed that will likely head on to regular misuse of drugs or alcohol and ultimately to addiction. We often hear of marijuana being described as a ‘gateway drug’, although it truly doesn’t really matter how you got into it, once you’re addicted, it can very quickly turn into a dangerous addiction.

Although we may perceive painkillers to be safe at first, as they’re prescribed by a doctor, these can commonly become another kind of ‘gateway drug’. Dependency on painkillers can come on quite rapidly as in order to retain the same painkilling effect, the dose has to be increased. This is a dangerous situation to be in and rehabilitation treatment may be necessary. Like with any substance misuse, if you don’t reduce the intake carefully, you can experience painful withdrawal symptoms. This is how the teams at our drug and alcohol rehab centres in Sunderland can help you. You’ll follow a tailored treatment programme to benefit your needs, overseen by our team of medical professionals.

Long term damage to your physical and psychological health is a serious consequence of drug or alcohol addiction – it can be life-changing. The only way to avoid these severe effects is to get started on the road to recovery as early as possible and remove the toxins from your system.

Here as Addiction Advocates, we have numerous alcohol or drug rehabilitation centres across the North East of the United Kingdom, including Sunderland and the Tyne and Wear area. We’re confident we have a centre to suits your wants and needs in order to achieve long-term recovery.

What are the negatives surrounding drugs or alcohol addiction?

You may notice that you can’t focus or think as clearly as you could prior to misusing drugs or alcohol. Daily life may have become too difficult to bear, your friends and family may not be able to recognise who are you anymore and all stability from your life has disappeared. Addiction can destroy relationships as well as your physical and mental health, you may be left with no friends or family to turn to.

Your mental health can deteriorate very quickly when addicted to drugs or alcohol as your main focus becomes where you’re getting your next ‘fix’. This becomes your priority over work, family, and everything else, leading to more and more problems. It can be too easy to become depressed when in this state of addiction. Signing up for a treatment programme at our rehab centres will give you the chance to lead a healthy life again.

What is it like at drug and alcohol rehab Sunderland?

Many people have a negative perception of what rehab places for alcohol or drugs are like. In truth, they’re comfortable, warm, and welcoming, not faceless doctors in locked rooms like what you might expect. We avoid the clinical feel of a hospital and instead encourage the luxury hotel atmosphere, aiming to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your recovery with us.

Our centres are easily accessible by public transport, if you’d feel more comfortable, we can provide you with transportation ensuring your safe start to our treatment programme.

Our medical professionals are all highly trained and experienced in providing detox clinics, therapy sessions and tackling any withdrawal symptoms you may encounter. We provide counselling in addition to talking and holistic therapies to help you achieve your recovery goals. At Addiction Advocates, we believe in cooperating with you to find which treatment options work best for your personal journey.

How do I get started?

We understand how difficult it can be to take the first step to admit you need help. Once you’ve decided it’s time to turn your life around, you simply contact us, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll find the right drug and alcohol treatment centre for you to start our life-changing treatment programme.

Get in touch with us today to find a Drug and Alcohol Rehab, by calling 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222