Through private drug and alcohol rehab, there are two types of programmes to select between when looking to recover. Those being outpatient and inpatient rehab, both are designed to support the addiction recovery process.

However, understandably different, offering varying benefits and experiences to prosperous recovering addicts, it’s vital to find the right programme and delivery of rehab for your needs.

Making decisions around rehab can be overpowering. One of many reasons for our services, here at Addiction Advocates, is to offer unbiased guidance surrounding the most beneficial forms of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

You can find the right programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Ferndown, for your needs when you contact us. We can also help you through your referral, to access such a programme, offering a reliable, effective, and personable admissions process into rehab.

Decisions are impactful around drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Secure yours with reassurance by reaching out, to press ahead with your rehab search.

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Outpatient vs inpatient addiction treatment

Both outpatient and inpatient addiction treatment is offered through our drug and alcohol rehab clinics. This is down to the fact that needs and experiences surrounding addiction recovery will reasonably vary, to rank as suitable for each client. Some will require a hands-on approach, while others will benefit from independence. With this in mind, it’s important to find the right approach for yourself through a drug and alcohol rehab in Ferndown.

Starting with outpatient rehab, this is an offering that is known for the level of freedom and autonomy that it allows. Clients complete their day to day lives from home, yet access treatment from rehab on a scheduled basis. This is extremely beneficial for those with necessary responsibilities, with prolonged recovery timeframes and therefore those with mild connections to drugs and alcohol. Realistically, outpatient rehab is tough for those who require a wealth of addiction treatment and support.

Inpatient rehab is the opposite, where clients will stay from a drug and alcohol rehab of choice, to complete a comprehensive programme, usually lasting over 28 days. Everything required to recover will be under the same roof, from addiction treatment sessions, to rebuild and planning opportunities. Down to its efficiency, inpatient rehab is ideal for those with moderate to chronic addictions, those who are time-sensitive and those who require mental health treatments and support.

Offering feasible, worthwhile recovery journeys, outpatient and inpatient delivery of treatment are effective forms of drug and alcohol rehab. However, each is suitable for different diagnoses. Find out which will be best for you personally with our support here at Addiction Advocates.

Treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Ferndown

Whichever delivery you select, you can look to experience treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Ferndown. Following a personalised approach, a structure of leading addiction treatment services will be combined to create your own treatment programme.

If you select outpatient rehab, treatment will likely span over a 6–12-month period, usually surrounding therapy and support groups. If you however select/require inpatient rehab, treatment will cover your 28-day programme and will target both detoxification and psychological recovery.

Either way, treatment will be suitable and safe for you to complete, to progress you towards your addiction recovery goals. It is important to note that if your addiction is strong, that inpatient rehab will be best for you, as you’ll have the chance to complete a wide variety of treatment services. You can expect to complete cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, stress management, individual therapy, exposure therapy and many sessions focusing on wellbeing and lifestyle management.

In the event of mental health symptoms, programmes can also be tailored to access dual diagnosis treatment. This is a key benefit of private rehab, linked to comprehensive recovery efforts.

Suitably diminishing your drug and alcohol addiction

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Ferndown, you can suitably diminish your addiction. Suitability is very important, as your recovery experience will need to work for you.

A suitable rehab programme will define the amount of time that you require within rehab, will merge together complimenting and safe addiction treatment services, will provide access to supportive services, and will also ensure that throughout all steps, progress can be made.

All details around your expected rehab experience will be available post-admission.

Committing to relapse prevention and aftercare

Addiction treatment services, no matter their delivery, can motivate the milestones of sobriety. For example, detoxification can motivate withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, therapy can motivate psychological recovery, and holistic healing can promote balance.

While treatment is invaluable, it’s also imperative that plans are made to strengthen your foundation of recovery. Here’s where relapse prevention planning will enhance your capabilities and confidence to continue through recovery on a post-rehab basis. You’ll be armed with coping strategies and motivators to assist with your adjustment back in Ferndown.

Aftercare will also follow suit, offering a comprehensive experience of rehab, offered to instil management and prevention.

Ultimately, no matter the delivery of addiction treatment, rehab should be comprehensive. Yet for the best experience, selecting the ideal delivery of care via a drug and alcohol rehab in Ferndown will be encouraged, possible here at Addiction Advocates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common withdrawal symptoms?
Drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms do vary throughout detoxification. It all depends on which drug has been consumed, how much of the drug has been abused, and personal health.

Withdrawal symptoms are common, on both physical and psychological standpoints. Agitation, nausea, irritability, anxiety, vomiting, excessive sweating, paranoia, insomnia, headache, and trembling are expected symptoms.

Please be reassured that comfort can be expected throughout detoxification via a reputable drug and alcohol rehab clinic.
How do I help a family member enter treatment?
You can support a family member throughout addiction recovery, starting with their rehab entrance. Through a family and friend referral service, offered here at Addiction Advocates, you can share your concerns while activating the prospect of treatment.

Rehab must be accepted by your loved one, which may also require a family intervention later down the line. Yet your approach and patience will help with this, which we can guide you through.
Are support groups beneficial?
Most definitely, by providing perspective, by opening up greater levels of support, and by also motivating accountability. Support groups will be recommended on a post-rehab basis, through a local drug and alcohol rehab in Ferndown, to help clients through initial stages of recovery.

You can access the right type of care, addiction treatment and support you need with our guidance here at Addiction advocates. Reach out to begin the process of making decisions around your impending rehabilitation experience.