If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, the chances are that it will only get worse over time. Addiction is considered to be a disease or brain disorder and it essentially rewires the brain, becoming progressively worse and making the compulsion to continue drinking or using drugs more difficult to resist. The addict will continue to use even though they know there may be negative consequences. It is a vicious cycle and one that is incredibly difficult to break without expert help. 

Thankfully, like most other diseases, drug or alcohol addiction can be successfully treated. Attending rehab in Biggleswade or elsewhere in Bedfordshire could give you the best chance of finally breaking free of that circle and taking the first steps towards a new life that is free of drink or drugs. 


Drug and alcohol rehab near me

Many people who are battling substance misuse issues find it hard to admit that they have a problem – sometimes even to themselves. Dishonesty and addiction are common bedfellows and the addict will frequently lie or conceal from loved ones and from themselves. It is often those affected by the addict’s behaviour who first recognise the problem and we can offer confidential advice to relatives and friends who are concerned about a loved one’s problematic substance use. 

If you have admitted that you have a problem it is always best to seek help as soon as possible. As already noted, addiction can get worse over time. Living with a drug or alcohol addiction can also cause untold damage to the addict’s own physical and psychological health and damage relationships, careers and pretty much every area of their lives. Every day of delay could count so looking for an addiction treatment service in Biggleswade is not something you should put off. 


Why choose drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Biggleswade

When it comes to considering treatment options for addiction, there are two main choices. Outpatient or community-based treatment is one. Outpatient or residential treatment involves a stay at a treatment centre that will have dedicated recovery programmes and facilities. 

Outpatient programmes certainly have their place and can be very effective, especially if the addiction or substance misuse issue is relatively mild. Participants in this sort of treatment program must manage their own appointments and juggle other commitments and demands on their time. They might also be surrounded by all the usual people, places and triggers that are associated with their drinking or drug use. 

Staying in a drug rehab UK centre can allow you to really focus on your recovery without any distractions or those usual triggers. The drug and alcohol treatment offered in rehab centres tend to be very structured. This is important as many addicts tend to be disorganised or lead chaotic lifestyles. It also allows for more treatment sessions to be carried out in a shorter overall period of time. In drug and alcohol treatment centres you will also be supervised, with access to trained professionals who have a wealth of experience in helping people to overcome addiction problems 

There are some things to consider of course. If you go to rehab you will have to take time out of your regular life. This could be difficult if you have family or work responsibilities, but it’s worth remembering that addiction could be causing untold harm in these areas anyway. There will also be costs to consider. There are cheap rehab options available but the NHS rarely runs to residential treatment programmes. Again though, the costs involved with booking into rehab could be far outweighed by the costs of leaving an addiction problem untreated. 

Choosing a rehab in your local area is usually the best option. This means you are in a dedicated facility away from distractions but in a location that is familiar and easily accessible. Some people and programmes also benefit from family members getting involved in some sessions, although this might not be appropriate in all cases. If you’re looking for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in the Biggleswade area we can help find the perfect place for your own individual needs. 


What to expect from rehab

The treatment programmes available in an alcohol rehab or drug rehab clinics can vary but there may be some common elements. The first major step that most people go through after checking into rehab is detoxification, more commonly known as just detox. This is where the body metabolises or processes the toxic substances – the drugs or alcohol in other words. As well as actually flushing the toxins, detox also involves going through the accompanying withdrawal symptoms. These can vary depending on the individual, the substance involved and factors such as the length of the addiction and heaviness of use. 

Whatever the specifics, withdrawal symptoms can often be severe. The detox process is a difficult and sometimes dangerous part of addiction recovery and it is one that many addicts fail when they try to face it alone. Undergoing detox in a controlled environment with full support and medical assistance where required is both safer and more likely to be successful. 

Detox is important but you also need to be equipped with everything you need to be able to stay clean and sober once you leave. This can mean exploring the root causes behind your addiction and learning new ways of thinking and dealing with cravings, stress and other triggers for your drinking or drug use. Programmes could involve therapies such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) group therapy, counselling and other types of treatment. Workshops can also help you to learn more about how drugs and addictions work, as well as how to live a healthier lifestyle. 


Finding the right place for drug or alcohol treatment

At Addiction Advocates, we never forget that every person struggling with an addiction problem is an individual with their own unique circumstances. Not every programme is right for every individual but we can find the best place for you to give you the best possible chance to beat your addiction and make a lasting long-term recovery.