Here at Addiction Advocates, we provide specialist, state-of-the-art treatment programmes for alcohol abuse or substance abuse.

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Warwick is a world-class rehabilitation centre with a stellar recovery success rate. At Addiction Advocates, we pride ourselves on our warm, welcoming, and relaxed atmosphere in which you can solely remain focussed upon your unique recovery path.

Our drug and alcohol abuse treatment centres implement a wide variety of addiction treatments and have a dedicated team of medical professionals on hand 24/7 to provide you with the best possible chance of effective and long-term recovery from drugs and/or alcohol.


Why Private Residential Rehab May Be The Treatment Option For You

While there are free local healthcare providers which may be able to offer addiction treatment, such as the NHS, there can be many drawbacks to this option.

Primarily, due to institutions being presented with more and more patients while also struggling with progressively less funding and resources, these institutions are extremely overstretched at present.

This means that when you are enquiring about addiction treatment through a local health service, you will likely be faced with extremely long periods where you are waiting for a space on a treatment programme.

Delaying treatment like this can also only lead to a higher chance of relapsing as well as a weakened sense of resolve when it comes to the process of recovery.

Additionally, through local healthcare options, it is unlikely that you will experience a treatment programme that is specifically tailored to you and your personal obstacles.

Due to addiction being a profoundly personal illness, it is only natural that a “one-fits-all” approach to addictions treatment is an inherently flawed idea.

Here at Addiction Advocates, we understand the intimate nuances of addiction treatment, thanks in part to our countless experiences in successfully treating addiction in the past, and so it is our prerogative to implement a personalised treatment plan to each and every individual who entrusts their recovery with us.

When you initially reach out to us and express a serious interest in professional addiction treatment, then we will perform a brief pre-admission interview in order to ascertain your current mental and physical well-being, as well as your medical history, your commitment to the process of recovery, and your accessibility requirements.

All of this information, confidentially handled, will then inform how our addiction treatment specialists structure your personal recovery plan at our rehab in Warwick.


What Forms Of Addiction Treatment Do We Provide?

Drug and/or alcohol addiction is an extremely complex illness that man manifest in a wide variety of ways, and cause an individual to present with all manner of individual side-effects. Therefore, this is not a condition that can be overcome with medication on its own.

In order for you to complete a full recovery from your addiction, you’ll be required to isolate and address any and all underlying issues which have lead to you developing your substance abuse disorder and/or alcohol abuse disorder.

Addiction Advocates’ rehab in Warwick is staffed by a whole host of medical professionals, specialist counsellors, and highly-trained psychologists, all of whom will be instrumental in administering psychological therapies which will help you achieve this goal.

However, when you first arrive at our facility, we will have to focus on administering a course of physical treatment at our detox clinic.

The process of detoxification is unavoidable on the road to recovery, but our medically-assisted detox programme will remove all of the harmful toxins from your body and cleanse your mind in the safest way possible.

Experiencing drug and/or alcohol withdrawal at our detox clinic is one of the safest ways that you can overcome this process, as our medical staff will be on hand to provide round-the-clock care.

Withdrawal can cause you to present with symptoms that range from mild nausea to life-altering illnesses and even death, so medical support is strongly advised at this time.

Once you have passed through the withdrawal stage, we will then be able to move on to administering the main focus of your addiction treatment.

Recovering from addiction isn’t simply about getting clean, but it is about staying clean for the long term, and that is what we are aiming for here at Addiction Advocates — setting you up for a long life of successful sobriety.

Recognising the triggers that cause you to feel the need to use narcotics or consume alcohol will be one of the first things that our psychological treatments will ascertain.

Once we have uncovered these triggers, and the root cause of your addiction, our plethora of dedicated staff will then be able to offer a variety of psychiatric and psychological therapies to help your brain enforce more positive habits in the future.

Some of these therapies and treatments include the likes of bereavement counselling, 1-to-1 recovery support, group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), trauma and abuse counselling, stress management classes, family drug support planning, motivational interviewing practice, relapse prevention planning, art therapy, and much more.

These therapies which help re-train your brain will provide the cornerstone of long-term recovery. While they may be difficult at times, causing you to confront unpleasant emotional issues deep within your psyche, they are necessary to truly overcome addiction.

Furthermore, we will also administer more traditional therapies in combination with our psychological therapies which will focus on boosting your general wellbeing.

Some of these therapies, a lot of which will help with relaxation, including the likes of acupuncture and acu-detox, massages, sleep management classes, nutritional coaching, NAD+ brain restoration therapy, satori chair therapy, music therapy, exercise therapy, and more.


Our Aftercare Programme Will Also Mean You Aren’t Alone Post-Rehab

When you trust your recovery to the capable hands of Addiction Advocates, we will also make sure that you are given free access to our one-year aftercare programme.

This programme will ensure that you have support networks and professional help if you ever feel overwhelmed during the first twelve months after completing your course of treatment with us.

If you’re serious about recovery and overcoming your addiction for the long term, then call Addiction Advocates today on 0800 012 6088.