Whatever your situation may be, here at Addiction Advocates, we can offer guidance, we can offer professional insights, we can offer referrals into rehab. To gauge where you stand with drugs and alcohol, to understand the necessity of professional withdrawal services, to appreciate the deteriorating cycle of addiction, reach out to our team.

Are you hoping to reduce or stop your excessive drug and alcohol consumption? Are you however unsure whether rehab is for you, whether it will help you? Doubts are very common when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. You will likely question your own capabilities to live without drugs and alcohol, along with the value of rehab.

It is however important that you gain a greater understanding of rehab and how it can truly help you once you’re over this mindset. Denial and doubts are some of the biggest demotivators, delaying addiction recovery efforts for many. Yet, you can overcome this by visiting our website here at Addiction Advocates.

We recommend familiarising yourself with the opportunity to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Essex. We encourage you to understand what’s expected of you through rehab and beyond, along with recovery likelihoods. Here you’ll have a clear idea whether rehab is currently for you or not.

If it is for you, we can work quickly to find a suitable drug and alcohol treatment centre in the Essex area, helping you stop your consumption as soon as possible. Reach out today for more information on the benefits of drug and alcohol rehab, or simply see our most commonly asked questions below.

Is drug and alcohol rehab for me?

Drug and alcohol rehab are the most beneficial process out there for users. However, it is only right for certain individuals, at certain times. Rehab is firstly best suited to individuals who require intense addiction treatment. Lowers depths of rehab can be sourced, such as outpatient rehab. Yet, for those who are experiencing extremely mild side effects, completing a rehab programme will be unnecessary.

Secondly, rehab is only suitable when individuals are determined and committed to change. As drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a challenging process to complete, it will only offer a worthwhile experience to those who are ready to embrace the value of rehab.

Taking both factors into consideration, if you’re suffering with an addiction, if you’re ready to recover, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Essex will be suitable for you. A personalised programme can be formed to offer convenience and comfort ensuring that you encounter a positive rehabilitation journey.

How to pick a drug and alcohol rehab in Essex?

If rehab is for you, it’s time to pick a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Essex. This will commonly feel easier said than done, down to a large influx of treatment centres and options. To reduce this overwhelming period, at Addiction Advocates, we offer a referral service, helping clients find the most fitting treatment centre out there.

If you’re aiming to stay in Essex, we can condense all appropriate drug and alcohol treatment centres, by assessing your personal needs and current side effects. From here, you’ll have the chance to select the most fitting rehab clinic, soon followed by an efficient referral by our team.

Our service provides reassurance that you are visiting the most suitable rehab centre, along with a quick turnaround, ensuring you have access to addiction treatment as and when necessary.

Will I be cured from addiction?

Unfortunately, a cure doesn’t exist when considering a drug and alcohol addiction. However, please do not let this dishearten you. Down to its complexities, full immediate recovery cannot be achieved via rehab. Yet, you can achieve initial recovery through residential rehab, soon followed by ongoing maintenance.

The best step you can take is to visit rehab with a positive and open mind, whilst embracing all progressive steps. By doing so, you’ll increase your susceptibility to sobriety, along with boosting your chances of long-term recovery.

In addition to this, by following professional guidance, by changing your habits, by leading healthy lifestyle choices, you’ll decrease your exposure to drugs and alcohol, helping you heal.

Long-term sobriety can be achieved. Many users have turned their lives around by completing initial drug and alcohol rehabilitation. You can make sober living your norm, back in Essex, by successfully fulfilling the foundations of recovery via rehab.

What treatment will I need?

The type of treatment that you will need through rehab will all depend on the makeup of your drug and alcohol addiction. There are many different layers, causations and effects linked to excessive drug and alcohol abuse.

As both physical and psychological associations exist, both forms of addiction treatment will likely be required. Your rehab programme will likely start with a detox, soon followed by therapy and cognitive realignment. You’ll also work on post-rehab plans, such as relapse prevention to ensure that you can grow out of your drug and alcohol addiction.

Please keep in mind that addiction treatment recommendations will be provided on your admission. A personalised plan will be formed by assessing your relationship with drugs and alcohol. From here, ideal methods and levels will be communicated, ensuring that you are completing safe yet impactful streams of addiction treatment.

How quickly will I recover?

Recovery timeframes will vary from person to person. There are a number of factors which can control the speed of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Commonly, rehab programmes will last on average 28 days. Here a drug and alcohol detox and psychological support will be completed.

However, it is important to note that in some cases, rehab programmes will be shorter, while others will be longer. The important factor is to remember that this is your rehab journey, and no matter how long it takes, you are bettering yourself by diminishing your drug and alcohol addiction. By following this mindset, by avoiding the placement of a deadline, you will organically recover greater.

Once you have completed a comprehensive rehab programme, greater addiction treatment and work will be required. Aftercare services via your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Essex will commonly be available, helping you continue sober living.

Although recovery may feel like a long-winded process, it is worthwhile. Via a drug and alcohol rehab, you will experience the most efficient route to long-term recovery. Experience this by starting your journey with our team here at Addiction Advocates.