Having an accurate representation of alcohol and drug addiction and its severity can be challenging when abusing addictive substances. If long-term consumption has been experienced, it’s likely that your grasp of reality may be clouded. Although this can be disheartening to hear, professionals are available to help you become aware of your situation.

Through our support and referral services here at Addiction Advocates, we can complete an assessment which will help to provide a clearer picture of your drug and alcohol consumption levels, their impacts and whether immediate withdrawal is recommended.

If a withdrawal process is encouraged, we can help you find a drug and alcohol rehab in Coventry to recover from.

Without opting for professional support, it is likely that you’ll continue to struggle with drugs and alcohol, deteriorating your future chance of sobriety, long-term recovery and ability to lead a good quality of life.

Reach out today to get help and find an alcohol and drug rehab. Alternatively, familiarise yourself with rehabilitation processes by viewing our commonly asked questions, focusing on Coventry based drug and alcohol treatment centres.


Do I Need to Withdraw from Drugs and Alcohol?

All forms of drug and alcohol abuse are identified as dangerous, as it can physical health problems, mental health problems and in severe cases, overdose or death. In the majority of cases, a detox phase will be advised, helping to treat an existing addiction or helping to reduce the possibility of reaching a drug and alcohol addiction diagnosis.

Although we do not advocate substance abuse, in any form or degree, those experiencing limited impacts may not require professional withdrawal in drug or alcohol rehab centres, and outpatient treatment may work.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

If you are abusing high quantities of drugs and alcohol, experience side effects, encounter impacts which are affecting your quality of life, or have mental health symptoms developing, immediate withdrawal and a medically assisted detox are encouraged.

Detox is recommended via a drug and alcohol rehab with professional support, as a drug and alcohol rehab in Coventry will provide you with safety and support.

At our private rehab facilities, you can expect a medically assisted detox which will help you cope with withdrawal symptoms. Prescription medication can also be prescribed to help you deal with drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

To learn more about alcohol or drug detox and the professional help available, get in touch today.


Will Rehab Benefit Me?

Alcohol and drug rehab is a highly beneficial process to complete. It offers realistic chances to recover from both mental health issues and drug or alcohol addiction. However, invaluable opportunities to recover will only be experienced if you’re ready to embrace drug and alcohol rehab Coventry.

As a rehab treatment programme is a challenging and new experience for most, where the attempt to reverse physical and psychological fixations on drugs and alcohol will be made, you must be committed to the upcoming steps of drug or alcohol detox, rehabilitation and aftercare.

A private rehab centre is an investment in yourself which will greatly benefit you. From rehab, you will learn to manage your addiction and through an addiction treatment programme, will achieve sobriety.

In drug and alcohol rehab, you will receive around the clock care, nutritional cooked meals, leading addiction treatment therapies and one year of free aftercare.

With this level of determination, passion and commitment, you will benefit from what private rehab has to offer, within the moment and long term. Learn more about alcohol and drug addiction treatment by phoning today on 0800 012 6088.


How Can I Find a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Coventry to Recover From?

Finding the right treatment centre to recover from drug or alcohol addiction can feel overwhelming. It is important that the most fitting rehab centre and recovery programme are selected, helping to advance the benefits you will experience in rehab.

To make this selection, here at Addiction Advocates, our expert team can help you by completing assessments. These assessments will gauge your current addiction to drugs and alcohol, helping to identify whether professional withdrawal is recommended.

If a detox is required to recover, recommendations for visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Coventry will be made. The most effective addiction treatment options will also be highlighted, ensuring that rehab is fit for purpose to help you cope with withdrawal symptoms and understand the root cause of your drug and alcohol addiction.

If you’re hoping for this level of support and feel that now is the right time for drug and alcohol rehabilitation efforts, reach out today. Residential treatment is the best recovery option.


Can I Recover Quickly From an Addiction?

Unfortunately, a quick fix for drug and alcohol addiction isn’t possible. It is important to remember that addiction is a deeply developed brain illness which requires a great recovery programme for treatment.

It is however important to take immediate and efficient action is taken to recover. This can speed up your likelihood of recovering from drugs and alcohol.

By visiting drug and alcohol treatment centres and completing personalised treatment programmes, you’ll have real opportunities to achieve initial recovery. This can sometimes be achieved quickly for some clients. However, for those with physical and psychological associations with drugs and alcohol, a rehab programme can span over 28 days.

From here, it is important to note that ongoing efforts must be maintained to meet long-term recovery. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for addiction. There are however treatment programmes in place to heal the body and mind, coping strategies to maintain sober living, and relapse prevention plans to reduce future risks of substance abuse.

Through this combined effort, you’ll have the chance to maintain a future without drugs and alcohol.

Please be aware that this level of recovery is only achievable when opting for professional support. By investing yourself in a treatment programme, via a Coventry drug and alcohol rehab, you will have access to invaluable tools and processes to achieve long term sobriety.


What Type of Addiction Treatments Will I Need to Complete?

The type of treatments that you will complete through rehab will be identified upon the completion of your assessment. As addiction can impact all individuals differently, on physical and psychological scales, varying addiction treatment options will be encouraged.

However, in the majority of cases, you can expect to undergo:

  • Talking therapies
  • Support groups or group sessions
  • Detox programmes
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment (for mental health issues such as depression or anxiety)
  • Holistic therapies

Alongside your treatment programme, you’ll also complete additional support services, preparing you for sober living in Coventry. Motivational interviewing, relapse prevention planning and addiction educational sessions will be promoted throughout your programme to help you understand the root cause of your addiction and how to manage it.

By combining both efforts, you’ll stand a good chance of overcoming drugs and alcohol addiction, both physically and mentally, while sustaining your recovery post-rehab.


Admissions Process to Private Rehab

Above is a brief overview of what it’s like to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Coventry. Understandably, you may have concerns or further questions to ask before investing yourself. Our team is available to support you, along with helping you see your reality for what it is.

Although this is a big step to take, it is important that you understand the dangers of ongoing drug and alcohol abuse. It’s vital that you see how they are currently impacting your life. From here, recovery attempts will be eased, along with increasing your chances of long-term rehabilitation.

We also offer family support to family members seeking help or advice for a loved one struggling with addiction. We offer a family referral service to help you with the process.

Reach out today for our professional guidance with finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Coventry to recover from. You can also call on 0800 012 6088 and a member of our admissions team will be happy to help.