If you are suffering from addiction, attending a rehab in Sale could provide your best chance of breaking that vicious cycle and making a full and long-lasting recovery.

When you are in the grip of addiction, you might feel like you are alone, but that is certainly not the case and alcohol and drug addiction is getting ever more common.

According to one local government paper, alcohol-specific mortality episodes in Greater Manchester were 50% higher than in England as a whole.

The region saw a 74% rise in drug related deaths over the past decade, and the rate of hospital admissions for alcohol-specific conditions is 53% higher in Greater Manchester compared to the average for England.

You are certainly not the only person in your area going through a similar struggle, and there are people out there who are not only willing but are able to help.

Accessing a drug and alcohol rehab treatment from Sale in Greater Manchester will put you in the care of trained professionals with a wealth of experience in the field of addiction recovery.

Rehab is a safe, private and judgement-free space where you will be offered evidence-based treatment and really be able to focus on your recovery.

So if you need help with addiction and substance abuse issues, call our Sale alcohol and drug rehab team today to find out how we can help.

Do you Need Help With an Addiction?

Not everyone who drinks or takes drugs has an addiction, but addiction can affect anyone, and it can creep up slowly, gradually taking over your life.

Many people struggling with alcohol or drug dependency will be in self-denial and might not accept the extent of the problem or even the fact that they have one.

An intervention might be useful in this respect, but at the end of the day, the person with the addiction must still agree to seek help themselves.

Here are some signs that you might have an addiction to drugs or alcohol…

  • An inability to stop drinking or taking drugs
  • Increasing amounts and usage, increased tolerance to the effects of drugs or alcohol
  • Feeling ill-effects when you don’t have access to the substance
  • Making access to drugs or alcohol a priority
  • Avoiding social and other situations where you cannot drink or use drugs
  • A social circle that revolves around drinking or drug use
  • Making excuses or denying the extent of your usage
  • Drinking or taking drugs in secret, hiding the evidence
  • Continuing to drink or take drugs despite negative consequences

This is not a complete list, and the signs and symptoms can vary between individuals and depending on the substance involved and the severity of the addiction.

If any of the above does apply to you though, it may be time to seek addiction treatment, whether this is through a drugs and alcohol rehab in Sale or another type of programme.

How to Get Treatment in Sale

The 1st thing most people do to get treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is to speak to their GP. You can find a list of GP’S in Sale. Here you should be able to book an appointment to see what treatment options are available in the community.

Your local GP will be able to offer a drug substitute and also recommend free resources there, such as Alcoholics and Narcotics anonymous groups.

All this treatment is administered in the local community as an outpatient. So you will undertake detox at home it will be up to you to continue with the necessary therapy involved in the rehabilitation of your own accord.

The other option available is to book yourself into a professional rehab clinic. Here you will stay for a period of time and complete a medically assisted detox and various therapies on a personalised rehabilitation programme.

We often find this is a better choice for people with long-term addictions, as recovering as an outpatient brings up many difficulties, such as easy access to drugs and alcohol in the community. This can be very hard to overcome, so removing yourself from your current environment and booking yourself into a rehab clinic is a more effective course of action.

Of course, before any treatment can commence, you need to accept you have a drug or drink problem or help a friend or relative realise that they have one.

Should I Stay in Sale For Rehab Treatment?

If you have a mild addiction, you may be able to receive outpatient treatment free of charge through your local GP and make a successful recovery. The help of your friends and family can often be crucial at this time, and a solid family network can be a great help.

But equally, sometimes staying at home can hinder your efforts to get clean. You may have a co-dependent relationship or find it easy to access drugs and alcohol on your doorstep.

Drug addictions can spiral. Cocaine addictions can turn into crack cocaine addictions as you run out of money and find crack a cheaper option. The ability to lend money from friends and family can be easy as you still have access to this network.

In a rehab centre, you will be removed from these networks, and no drugs or drink will be on the premises, so you can not fall back on anybody in the pursuit of substances.

Moving away to a separate location out of Sale will be a really smart move whilst you recover. You can take this time to concentrate on recovery without any interference from the outside world.

Do you Need to Stage an Intervention?

Of course, in many cases, it is not the person with the addiction who makes the first move. As already mentioned, addiction, secrecy and denial often go hand in hand.

Alcoholism and drug addiction do not just harm the person involved, however. It can be extremely difficult to watch a loved one harm themselves in this way and deal with all the associated behaviours and fallout.

A staged intervention allows loved ones to show the person at the centre how their addiction and substance misuse has affected them.

It is a delicate process though and can be counter-productive if you do not properly prepare and deliver the intervention. It’s all too easy to slide into anger and recrimination, which do not help anybody at this stage.

We can offer advice to partners, family members, friends, colleagues and others who are worried that someone they care about may be in the grip of an addiction, as well as putting you in touch with professional interventionists who can help plan and lead the process.


Finding a Rehab near me

If you decide that a rehab UK centre is your best way forward you might still feel a bit overwhelmed, or unsure what to do next.

There is certainly a lot to think about and you might not be in the best position to make decisions when in the grip of an addiction.

We have trained experts who can walk you through your options in confidence and with no hard sell. We can help you to find the right rehab in Sale or elsewhere and guide you through the admissions process.

Get in touch today to find out how rehab treatment in Sale could be the start of a new life free from drugs or alcohol.




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