As more and more people require drug and alcohol rehabilitation, free local health services like the NHS have become further overwhelmed by the demand.

As waiting lists with the NHS are likely to be too long for those who need urgent professional support, we’re seeing the necessity for private drug and alcohol rehabs increasing.

Not only are admissions into private drug and alcohol rehabs within 48 hours of your initial enquiry, you’ll also be receiving a completely personalised treatment programme unlike a generic plan to follow as you would with the NHS.

We have such a high success rate of long-term recoveries at our drug and alcohol rehab in Shrewsbury, we’re confident that we can help you to overcome your addiction once and for all.

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Finding the right drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for you

If you’re battling with the effects of an addiction to alcohol or drugs, then it’s imperative that you seek professional support. It’s not possible to overcome an addiction using medication alone, you must address the psychological connection with substance abuse in order to move on from it.

Upon your initial contact with us, we will answer any further questions you might have about our residential addiction treatments or our rehab facilities.

If you’d like to proceed, we will arrange a pre-screening assessment to review your physical and psychological health to ensure that you’re suitable for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

This process also gives us the opportunity to gain a deeper insight in the nature and severity of your addiction, allowing us to design the most effective treatment programme for you.

All of our clients receive a personalised treatment programme to follow, containing a well-balanced mix of psychological and well-being therapies; we’re also likely to include a drug and alcohol detoxification.

Residential rehab centres offer you the best chance of overcoming your addiction to alcohol or drugs. Success rates for home or outpatient recoveries are very low, leaving you disheartened at a failed attempt.

Join our rehab for drug and alcohol abuse and feel confident that you’ll achieve your long-term recovery goals.


How do you know if you need drug and alcohol rehabilitation?

It’s quite normal for people who are suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs to feel as though they don’t need help, or to be in denial that they have a problem at all. The first step you need to take is acceptance.

If you’re still not convinced that you need to seek professional support, these are some clear signs that it’s now time to seek help, either for yourself or a loved on.

  • Mental well-being: The negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse are endless. This ongoing consumption can have a significant impact on your mental health, leaving you at much higher risk of bipolarity, depression, anxiety, and even suicide. If you’re suffering with your mental well-being, then substance abuse will make matters much worse. Alcohol acts as a depressant and drugs have a very volatile effect on your brain.
  • Physical well-being: Excessive drug and alcohol abuse will have a detrimental effect on your physical health. Your immune system can deteriorate quite quickly, organ damage and potentially organ failure, are also probable.
  • Financial problems: Keeping up with a drug addiction or alcohol addiction can be extremely expensive. The longer you leave it without support, the more it’ll grow and the more your money will be wasted.
  • Relationships difficulties: As you put your next ‘fix’ before anything else, your relationships with friends and families will suffer. Addiction puts a huge strain on those around you, leading to unnecessary conflict and poor mental health.
  • Professional life: The effects of addiction can dramatically impact your performance at work. You may be finding it difficult to perform tasks which were once just routine. This could then lead to job loss, making it even harder to maintain any stability in your life.

If any of the above applies to you or a loved one, then we urge you to seek out professional support from a private drug and alcohol rehab likes ours in Shrewsbury.


What is our drug and alcohol rehab in Shrewsbury like?

We can assure you that our private drug and alcohol rehabs are warm, welcoming environments; nothing like what many people have preconceived misconceptions about.

We’re certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised as you’re greeted into our rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.

We take great pride in our luxurious facilities; each client will have their own private room giving you the space to fully relax and focus on achieving your recovery goals.

Our exceptional team are on hand to support you around the clock with anything you might need. In addition to receiving the latest techniques in addiction treatment, you’ll also be given the opportunity to wind down after your therapy sessions. We arrange social activities such as film nights, quiz nights, group runs or walks and family visits.

The first phase of rehabilitation is a drug and alcohol detoxification where you rid your body of all the harmful toxins, allowing you to cleanse and prepare for your subsequent psychological therapies.

It’s very important to undergo a detox in a safe and secure environment like our rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. This is so our team can successfully ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms which are likely to occur during the detoxification.

We’ll assist you with drug and alcohol relapse prevention in readiness for your return home upon completing your treatment programme.

We’ll also ensure that you take advantage of our free 12-month aftercare programme to aid your long-term recovery.

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