Admitting that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol can be a very daunting step for you. However, this is a very important first step in getting the help you need for your addiction. Most good rehab centres will provide you with incredible support and guidance throughout the entire process of your treatment programme.

The addiction recovery process can be unpredictable. However, you will learn a lot about your addiction and how to move forward with a sober lifestyle. If you want to find out more about addiction recovery and the treatment options that may be available to you, get in touch with us today. We are here to help you find the right treatment to suit your needs. Get started with your recovery journey today and take that very first step towards a much happier and healthier lifestyle.


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Professional Help For Addictions

When you are suffering from problems with drugs and alcohol, help from professionals is invaluable. Without some kind of intervention, mild addiction problems can very quickly spiral out of control and turn into a life-limiting addictions. It is very common for people with untreated or undiagnosed addictions to develop even worse problems and co-occurring conditions. Life-threatening problems are quite common, and mental health conditions are very common alongside addictions.

To access the right addiction treatment for you, family intervention is necessary. With the right professional help, a safe and suitable treatment plan can be arranged for you. This will allow you to comfortably overcome your problems with drugs or alcohol.

There are many different forms of addiction help available. The most successful option for treating addictions is private drug and alcohol rehab. If you go through a private inpatient rehab treatment, this will usually last for around 28 days on average. During these 28 days, you will go through detox as well as a range of different treatments and therapies.

Outpatient treatments are another option for addictions. You can get free outpatient treatment on the NHS. However, this treatment has very long waiting lists and inconsistencies in the sessions. With this in mind, these services are very hit-and-miss. With outpatient treatments, you’re much less likely to commit fully to the treatment, and you’ll be much more likely to relapse. Plus, you’ll have to wait a long time to get into the treatment plan, and your addiction could worsen while you’re waiting for treatment.

If you want to find out more about how to find the right addiction treatment for you, get in touch with us today. We are here to help you get the help and support you need to overcome your addiction.


What Happens in a Rehab Treatment Programme?

When you go into residential drug and alcohol rehab for addiction treatment, you will go through a safe and proactive treatment plan. You will go through a lot of changes in rehab, and you must be committed to making these all-important changes that will help you get better in the long term. You will go through various daily treatment sessions and various recovery steps. However, the first step in rehab is getting over your withdrawals through a detox.

You will first go through a detox stage when you first go into rehab. This will be medically assisted, and you will be constantly monitored throughout the process. A drug or alcohol detox aims to get rid of all of the negative toxins in your body. The alcohol and drug detox stages usually last 7 – 10 days. During this stage, you will experience a range of withdrawal symptoms that can range from mild to severe.

If your withdrawal symptoms are quite severe, you may be given prescription medications to help you get through the withdrawal symptoms as safely and comfortably as possible. Once you have removed all of these toxins from your body, you can move on to your varying addiction therapy sessions. You will work on your mental health, relationships, emotions, and outlooks when you go through your therapies and treatments.

You will also develop new skills to help you move forward with your new sober lifestyle and all the tools you need for relapse prevention. In addition to your regular treatments and therapies, you may also go through family counselling, support groups, and 12-step programmes. These all work collectively to ensure you are ready to tackle the outside world when you go back to your home life.

In addition to your inpatient alcohol and drug rehab treatments, you will also get free aftercare for the first twelve months after you finish your treatment plan. The first year after you leave rehab is usually the most difficult, and this is the time when you’re most likely to relapse.

This is where the aftercare team comes in very helpful. They are there to help you with the transition between being in the rehab centre and returning to your normal triggering environment. You will also be encouraged to participate in local support groups to remain motivated towards your long-term recovery.


Get The Help You Need For Your Addiction Today

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s important that you reach out for the help you need as soon as possible. Addictions are progressive, meaning they will only worsen over time if you leave them untreated. That’s why it’s important to reach out to professionals for help sooner rather than later.

With that said, get in touch with our team of friendly, helpful staff today on 0800 012 6088. Our phoneline assistants are always there to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the invaluable advice you need to get started with your addiction recovery process today. Take that first step towards a much happier and healthier lifestyle and reach out for help today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refer a Friend or Family Member?
Yes! We have an excellent family referrals process in place. We understand how difficult it can be to go through addiction, but we must remember it’s also very challenging to watch a loved one go through such a difficult time.
What’s Included in Aftercare?
Following an aftercare plan is essential to continuing your recovery at home. This plan will include strategies and steps such as a 12-step programme, with support groups, and counselling sessions.
Do I really need to go to Rehab?
It’s very common for people suffering from an addiction to be in denial. You must recognise, or have someone else that can recognise, the signs and symptoms of addiction so that you can receive treatment urgently. There’s no addiction too mild or too severe to receive addiction treatment.