Finding and accepting professional addiction support are defined as two of many challenging steps linked to the addiction recovery process.

Sourcing such support can be tough as there is a multitude of rehab offerings out there, from standalone detox clinics to comprehensive residential rehab programmes.

As this decision can have a significant impact on how rehab unravels for clients, it’s easy to see why many do struggle to decide alone.

Accepting addiction support can be just as testing for some people. Bruised pride, risks of stigmatisation, personal worries about responding to such support, and the pre-conceived ideas of rehab all make acceptance difficult to digest.

Such challenges are expected while looking to experience such a life-changing process. However, at Addiction Advocates, we understand that comfort, that convenience and that motivating steps are necessary to help you lean towards rehab, and away from the hold of drugs and alcohol.

We’re therefore here to ease your decisions and steps around finding and accepting a drug and alcohol rehab in Ashford to recover from.

Through our range of services, you can count on our support, the support of our affiliated rehab clinics, and the support of a comprehensive rehabilitation programme.


Sources of support here at Addiction Advocates

While our key role is to activate rehab referrals, through our services, you can expect a wealth of addiction support.

Firstly, we can support you through the initial acknowledgement phase, where the necessity of rehab as a recovery route will be promoted. This time can be extremely emotional, which we intend to ease by offering a 24/7 service.

Secondly, our services provide personal insight into your drug and alcohol addiction. Through assessments, we can gauge the severity of your addiction, which will lead to rehab recommendations, the offering of intervention and background information surrounding rehab as an overarching process.

Thirdly, we can support you through the admission process, by defining the right drug and alcohol rehab in Ashford for you to recover from, by making all arrangements surrounding your admission, and by preparing you for the impending process.

Combined together, we can support you emotionally, logistically and transparently throughout the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, offering confidence, offering structure and offering a helping hand.


Progress via a specialist drug and alcohol rehab in Ashford

Progression is the aim throughout rehab, with long-term recovery as the final goal. By accepting the support of our affiliated rehab clinics, whether in Ashford or further afield, you can expect a progressive rehab experience.

From your admission, your needs will be catered to, your health will be prioritised and your ability to recover will be secured. All will be achieved by continuously assessing your drug and alcohol relationship, while recommending suitable sessions of addiction treatment.

Your road to progression will be different to the next persons, as the contents and length of your rehab programme will differ from theirs.

The aims of withdrawal, restoration, rebuild and relapse prevention planning will be set and worked through. However, to reach such aims, a unique mix of addiction treatment options will be recommended.

This is how progression can be continuously motivated, by ensuring that rehab itself is suitable for you, and can help you develop a foundation to facilitate sobriety.

This is the level of intensity and suitability you can expect from our services, subsequently of those via a drug and alcohol rehab in Ashford.


Accepting support from your admission to your aftercare

Support is invaluable through the unpredictable and unnerving experience of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Whether you require medical support, whether you require emotional support, whether you require wellbeing support, or whether you require aftercare support, it will be at your disposal.

It’s understandable if this level of focus and care is difficult for you to accept at first. However, rehab can feel like a rollercoaster, as can the road of long-term recovery, which can be eased and stabilised through specialist support.

From your enquiry, you will have our compassionate and consistent guidance, which will move into a multitude of avenues via rehab, and that will continue straight through to the offering of aftercare.

If you’re finding it hard to accept support down to privacy worries or the fear of judgment, please be reassured that our services are confidential, that our affiliated rehab clinics are of a private status, and that respect will be experienced from your admission to your aftercare sessions.


Reach out to start your rehab referral

Once you’re ready to accept addiction support, we will be here ready to support you at Addiction Advocates. Through reaching out, we can start your rehab referral, which will commence our offering of 24/7 support.

While we will need to complete an admission process, you can look to experience an efficient and essential one into a drug and alcohol rehab in Ashford which stands as suitable for you.

This will be facilitated by completing a telephone assessment which will look to understand your drug and alcohol addiction, needs and expectations of rehab.

Please be reassured that all information will remain confidential and will only be collated to drive our rehab forecasts.

Post-assessment, we will work to recommend the most suitable rehab journey to fit your needs, ideally via a drug and alcohol rehab in Ashford.

If we feel that you’d benefit from a distance, or that a rehab clinic just outside of your local area will offer greater value, we will share this. However, the final decision is up to you.

Once you’re happy with what’s ahead, we can make all arrangements for you, and you can look ahead towards your rehab admission date. At this point, you’ll be prepared for rehab, addiction treatment and high-quality support.

Reach out today to experience this process, to ease your acceptance of rehab and to offer an efficient admission, acting on your readiness to recover.

It’s time to put your feelings first, it’s time to overlook the risk of judgment, and it’s time to benefit your pride by accepting drug and alcohol rehabilitation support services.