Whatever your situation may be, here at Addiction Advocates, we can offer guidance, we can offer professional insights, we can offer referrals into rehab. To gauge where you stand with drugs and alcohol, to understand the necessity of professional withdrawal services, to appreciate the deteriorating cycle of addiction, reach out to our team.

Are you based in Canterbury, considering your local options for drug and alcohol rehabilitation? Are you committed to the process, yet unsure what to expect from a time of rehab? Here at Addiction Advocates, we are here to help, to help you see the benefits of rehabilitation, of a life without drugs and alcohol, along with providing support throughout your initial rehabilitation journey.

Reaching a point where you’re considering the idea of sober living is a positive sign. You’ve already overcome a major obstacle of denial, commonly reducing the attractiveness of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Yet, you’re already over this, you’re already ready to leave behind your addiction.

However, before jumping in feet first, understanding your true readiness to recover is important, along with finding the most fitting treatment centre within Canterbury. Through our support and referral services, we can help you reach this point, ready to commence your journey of sustainable drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Reach out today to discuss your local options, along with finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Canterbury which can work around your personal recovery needs.

Are you truly ready to withdraw from drugs and alcohol?

Ask yourself, are you truly ready to leave drugs and alcohol in the past? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to disconnect yourself from drugs and alcohol? By answering these questions honestly, you will understand whether this is the right time to complete rehab.

Having the readiness to recover is vital, especially when considering the challenges associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal. You must have the mindset that every step of rehab is necessary to reach your end goal.

Through physical and psychological preparations, you will ensure that this mindset is present and manageable, known to benefit your rehab experience.

If you’re ready to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Canterbury, if you’re hoping to lead a life without the addictive characteristics of drugs and alcohol, it’s time to reach out. If you have any concerns, you may require greater preparation to truly embrace the value of rehab. We can also support you with your preparations here at Addiction Advocates, in place to ensure you can experience a worthwhile journey of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Canterbury with our help

By reaching out for our support, we will assume that you’re ready to commit to a rehab programme. If so, we can offer our support and referral services, in place to source and secure a fitting rehab programme, within your local area.

The greatest benefit of utilising our services is that personalisation is prioritised. It is very important that you complete a rehab programme which is safe and in place to motivate progression. Through personalisation, this can be achieved, recommending the most suitable and effective addiction treatment options and recovery steps. In tandem, the delivery and structure of those addiction treatments can be personalised around your needs.

Complete your telephone assessment with our compassionate admissions team today, moving you one step closer to finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Canterbury, ranking as suitable.

Your local options for rehab

Within the Canterbury area, you will have a number of recovery options. For those who hope to embrace free treatment services, NHS recovery programmes are accessible. However, to speed up your withdrawal process, along with securing greater recovery chances, opting for professional and private recovery options are encouraged; exactly what we can help you with.

Within your local area, you will have the option between outpatient and residential rehab. In most cases residential rehab will be encouraged, down to its attached benefits. However, familiarising yourself with all options is recommended, ensuring you know what to expect from drug and alcohol rehab.

If you’re coping with your drug and alcohol consumption, to an extent, outpatient treatment may be fitting. Here is where you’ll continue to lead your normal life while visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Canterbury. Carrying many benefits, with flexibility and independence as the stars, you can recover on an outpatient basis. However, in the majority of cases, clients will benefit greater from residing from a drug and alcohol rehab in Canterbury. Here you’ll have around the clock access to the entire benefits of residential rehab. Intense and structured addiction treatment programmes, 24/7 care and ongoing emotional support are a few to mention.

To understand your local options in depth, our team can assist and recommend.

Addiction treatments and support via rehab

The key benefit of drug and alcohol rehab is the addiction treatments you will experience. Unavailable via lower quality treatment services, you will have access to industry leading, physical and psychological forms.

As rehab will differ for all clients, commonly completed treatment options will vary. Within your personalised programme you will likely require mental health support and a full detoxification programme, yet the exact methods will deviate, depending on the extent of your drug and alcohol addiction.

In most cases, clients will however require a drug and alcohol detox, cognitive behavioural therapy, talking therapies and relapse prevention, following a holistic approach to rehab.

Alongside the completion of addiction treatments, post-rehab plans will commence through your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Canterbury, known to increase sustainable recovery rates into the future.

Get help today here at Addiction Advocates

If you’re considering the prospect of sober living, it’s time to act on your readiness. By contacting our team, we can complete an assessment, helping to outline your needs through rehab. This is a very important step, ensuring that you’re visiting the most fitting treatment centre within the Canterbury region. In addition, securing the most appropriate addiction treatments is necessary, ensuring that you can combat your personal relationship with drugs and alcohol.

Once a clear understanding of your addiction is made, a rehab referral can be completed, kickstarting your journey towards sober living. Experience this today by reaching out to our team. We can help you prepare for rehab, along with finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Canterbury to call home.

Make the most of our professional services here at Addiction Advocates, in place to support you, your loved ones and all involved parties, helping to future-proof long-term recovery.