When deciding to professionally rehabilitate from drugs and alcohol, you may have some idea of what’s ahead.

You may understand that a detox programme will be recommended, to promote physical withdrawal. You may also appreciate how a range of addiction treatment services will need to be completed.

However, your awareness around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Perth may stop there.

In order to fully benefit from rehab, at Addiction Advocates, we encourage you to boost your awareness around the whole experience of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

By doing so, you can overlook some misconceptions, you’ll learn what to expect from rehab, and you’ll also find the most fitting encounter of rehab.

However, we understand how difficult this time is for you, so by asking you to search high and low through rehab after rehab, we appreciate how this is an unrealistic ask.

To support you through boosting your awareness and finding a Perth based rehab clinic, we are therefore here for you with our rehab referral services.

Reach out today to make the most of our specialist insight into addiction recovery, along with our full affiliation of reputable rehab clinics.

Begin to boost your awareness by reading our below Q&A, or alternatively, contact our team with your insecurities or questions around drug and alcohol rehab.

Knowing what to expect from drug and alcohol rehab will help you accept it greater, by overcoming the unfamiliarity of professional addiction recovery.


What can I expect from a detox programme?

A drug and alcohol detox programme is one of the most utilised treatment services via rehab. This is down to the fact that it motivates physical withdrawal in a safe, yet successful manner.

Many individuals believe that going cold turkey is the way forward when detoxing from drugs and alcohol. While convenient, the benefits of this approach stop there, as significant withdrawal symptoms can present themselves, as health risks can heighten, and as full recovery is impossible through mere withdrawal.

Yet, by completing a medically observed and guided drug and alcohol detox, you can expect a process where withdrawal symptoms will be reduced, where your health will be upheld, and where your detox will mark the beginning of recovery.

Through a structured, safe and progressive detox programme, your consumption levels will begin to reduce, sometimes utilising replacement drugs, in order to sustainably disconnect the body.

This is the safest way to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, to avoid hazardous shock down to reduced intake.

By completing a detox programme, you can expect to achieve the first milestone of drug and alcohol rehab, marked as physical withdrawal.


Will I need to complete a comprehensive rehab programme?

Alongside a detox programme, there’s a strong likelihood that you will need to complete a comprehensive rehab programme. That programme will include a range of addiction treatment services.

Those services will help to promote both physical and psychological recovery by motivating withdrawal, acknowledgement, repair, relapse prevention and long-term recovery prospects.

Your rehab programme will be structured in a safe and progressive way to ensure that you can personally overcome your unique problem with drugs and alcohol.

Down to this, exact addiction treatment recommendations cannot be provided pre-rehab. Yet, you can expect to complete anything from cognitive behavioural therapy, to art therapy, to stress management and to dual diagnosis treatment.

Completing a comprehensive rehab programme is a must, as a standalone detox will not help the mind heal from addiction.

You must work through a range of addiction treatment services and further progressive steps to boost the sustainability of recovery, and your quality of life back in Perth.


Can I recover from a drug and alcohol rehab in Perth?

Yes, you can select a drug and alcohol rehab in Perth to recover from. This is a common misconception, where many individuals believe that looking beyond their local area, for rehab, will be necessary.

However, by utilising services like ours at Addiction Advocates, we can safeguard the option of localised recovery, ensuring that you can benefit from rehab, while remaining in the Perth area.

There is a high probability that you will need to commit to residential rehab, rather than outpatient rehab, just to ensure that you can recover safely and distraction-free. At this moment, residential rehab may feel like a big ask.

Yet, it will be the greatest decision you make, while also offering the benefits of comfort by remaining in Perth.


What are the benefits of private care?

Privatised rehabilitation services are commonly overlooked, down to their cost. However, we now live in a time where a smaller budget can be accepted through a private drug and alcohol rehab in Perth.

This is down to the fact that addiction recovery is now a mass service. Many individuals are looking for high-quality rehab programmes, to embark on, rather than waiting for a general NHS driven treatment service.

Through this demand, it’s easy to see that there are significant associated benefits of private care.

These include greater reassurance over the quality of care, access to leading forms of addiction treatments, personalised and comfortable settings and programmes, safe and detailed environments, comprehensive rehab programme offerings, including aftercare services, and the greatest exposure possible of addiction recovery.

We can help you experience these benefits by finding a private drug and alcohol rehab in Perth, where residential programmes are on offer, boasting the highest quality form of rehab.


Can I start straight away?

By contacting our team, we can begin your rehab admission straight away. This is where our support services will begin, along with our pre-admission assessments.

Assessments are very important, helping us fulfil the above quality, ensuring that you can experience the most suited form of drug and alcohol rehab.

Post-assessments, our team will work hard to pinpoint a drug and alcohol rehab in Perth, carrying suitability, along with arranging your admission for you.

At this point, your active encounter with drug and alcohol rehab will begin as you’re welcomed into your chosen treatment centre.

While an instant check-in cannot be provided, your admission process will be worthwhile, securing your ability to benefit from drug and alcohol rehab.

Contact our team today to begin your admission, and to boost your awareness even greater around what to expect from drug and alcohol rehab.