Here at Addiction Advocates, we can offer guidance, professional insights, and referrals to drug and alcohol rehab. Reach out to our team and discuss what options are available to you. It is a necessary step so our team of experts can gauge the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction, and understand the necessity of professional help you need, for example, if there are any underlying mental health issues.

We want to ensure we find the right rehab for you with a bespoke plan to guarantee your long-term recovery.

Reaching out for help or making a call to Addiction Advocates can conjure up feelings of shame or embarrassment. However, if you or someone you care about is in the grips of substance abuse, doing nothing is a much more dangerous. Simply having a conversation with us could save your life. We are able to talk with no-obligation to decide immediately.

Excessive use of drugs or alcohol can lay waste to your health, family life, friendships and your career. We offer the high quality refferals to residential treatment centres for drug and alcohol addiction in your area, and our drug and alcohol rehab centres are reasonably priced.

Our nearest rehab clinics are in Liverpool, a short journey from Southport. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation offers the opportunity for you to reshape your life and achieve long term recovery.

When you call us, we will have an initial assessment over the phone with you. It will be discreet and our team of experts are friendly, non-judgemental, and dedicated to find your the right alcohol and drug rehab programme. We will then help you to take the first steps on your road to recovery.


How Does Residential Rehab Work?

When you arrive at one of our clinic, we will assess your physical and psychological health, which will allow us to discuss your drug and alcohol consumption in greater, deeper detail. The team are there to understand the issues and struggles you are experiencing so the drug and alcohol rehab can put together a bespoke plan.

All of our clinics guarantee a tranquil and idyllic place to undergo custom rehab programme. We have private and en-suite rooms which are comfortable and luxurious to promote rest, recouperation, and recovery.

Residential drug and alcohol rehab makes it’s a much easier for you to be kept away from the usual destructive temptations and previous addictive characteristics. Our team members and keyworks will be directly by your side during the tough times you may experience within the first month, this includes the detox process.

You will have access to our staff on a 24 hour basis at our drug and alcohol rehab in Southport, and we are here to help you.

There are a wide range of holistic treatments and traditional therapy options that we offer such as cognitive behavioural therapy, art therapy, and family therapy. These programmes will seek to keep you away from drugs and alcohol long-term and provide you with some coping mechanisms when leaving rehab.

All of our treatments have your long-term recovery on the agenda.

We aim to provide first-class care and many of our former clients are relieved to be able to spend their time recovering away from home, in a new and non-toxic environment. Of course if you are less inclined, we can also discuss outpatient treatment options, where you stay at home and visit a rehab centre daily.

After residential rehab, relapse prevention is key and only residential centres provide a relapse prevention plan to help you through your first year of sobriety. This plan ensures your recovery and substance free life.

Alcohol Detoxification: A Timeline

Addiction Advocates employ addiction experts who are here to deliver your rehabilitation programme. Our patients begin drug and alcohol rehab with detoxification. Detox aims to rid the client of toxins caused by a sustained period of substance abuse.

During this period, many patients are allowed controlled access to prescription medications to reduce the often unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that go hand in hand with drug or alcohol detoxification.

Within the first 6 hours a person may begin to experience mild uncomfortable symptoms, and depending on the servity of the alcohol addiction, a person may experience seizures. When you progress to the 48 hour mark of no alcohol, you may experience further withdrawals such as heachache, tremors, and intense stomach problems.

Once you have been alcohol free for more than 48 hours, Delerium Tremens can be a detrimental side effect of severe alcohol abuse. DT can cause increased heart rate which can increase the likelihood of a sezuire, which is why we always recommend a detox happen within a secure and monitored environment like drug and alcohol rehab Southport.

Withdrawal symptoms can differ from person to person so its important you get the right help and bespoke addiction treatment at our alcohol rehab.


About Your Treatment Programme

We’ll need you to commit to a 28-day treatment plan, this can be potentially longer depending on the severity of your condition. Addiction Advocates will investigate and attend underlying mental health disorders which may be the root cause of your drug or alcohol addiction.

We pride ourselves on individualised treatment. Every person is different, no alcohol and drug addiction affects anyone the same, and as such, we have many treatments at our drug and alcohol rehab.  For example, we use modern psychotherapy and group therapy to help you to understand your addiction.

There are also several holistic treatments designed to heal your mental, spiritual, and physical health. Examples of holistic therapies include music therapy and acupuncture. These treatments are proven to reduce cravings whilst you detox and even help any underlying psychological causes which led to your addiction.

There is no cure for addiction and you’ll need to be disciplined and stay strong long after you leave our care, which is why we will spend a lot of time working to heal any mental health conditions. This is paired with the long-term treatment, aim to end your substance dependency.

When you choose Addiction Advocates, you can stay in touch with family when you are undergoing treatment should you wish to do so. If you wish for this, we will welcome your family to be involved in your treatment to gain a better understanding of your needs and how you addiction came about.


Aftercare Services

We care about the progress of your recovery when you leave Addiction Advocates. This is why we have a 12 month free aftercare plan as part of our residential drug and alcohol rehab in Southport.

Our 24/7 helpline will connect you to our highly trained staff, who can help you should you need their help. We will create an custom aftercare plan for you to use, and this will help you in the fight ahead when you reintergrate back home. Overcoming addiction isn’t a fight that ends when you leave us, it will be something you must be mindful of at all times which is why relapse prevention is so important.

Our plan may advise that you attend support groups available to you in Southport. This is because building an support network to be there when you struggle is really important. Moreover, the people around you can make a positive impact on your new substance free life. We may advise that you undergo additional individual therapy if abstinence is a struggle.

Our aftercare specialists create their plan for you before you leave our clinic, which will allow you to head on to the next chapter of your life feeling confident and relaxed about your future. Additionally, you can further discuss the next steps and any concerns you have.

By following your treatment programme, you’ll have everything you need to stop yourself from taking drugs or drinking again. We aim to send you back into your normal life with real positivity about your future and the tools to make the changes stick.


Getting Help with Addiction Advocates

We’ll be able to help you when you come into our care, but we need you to take this first step for us. Please call, on 0800 012 6088 or use our online form, we will do everything we can to help you.

Addiction is difficult to recover from, but Addiction Advocates will help you to make a start. Admitting there’s a problem is the first and hardest step, and we’ll be alongside you when you do so.