Committing oneself to a waiting list, unreliable and ineffective forms of addiction treatment, posing as delays or unsecure support can be extremely draining and tough while living through the turbulence of drug and alcohol abuse.

Once you’ve decided that enough is enough, it’s important that you have a structure, a plan and a direction to follow, to soon accept and embrace drug and alcohol rehab.

We at Addiction Advocates are here to provide you with that direction, to offer a wealth of benefits attached to your rehab admission. We know that you’re probably focusing on arriving at rehab, and subsequently leaving for sobriety. Yet these steps, prior to your rehab admission are very important, helping to define the flow, speed and value of rehab.

Through our services, you can look to secure a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Thanet to reliably recover from, with an efficient start date, with a personalised programme in place, and with awareness of what’s ahead.

By being aware, you’ll feel confident, comfortable and prepared for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, all important to set you up for advancement. Commit yourself to the right type and quality of addiction support to avoid delays, disruptions or disappointment.


How reliable will my rehab admission be?

Your rehab admission, through our services will be highly reliable. Once the important decisions around your rehab programme, including your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Thanet are made, once an admission date is set, and once you’re ready to commit, your rehab admission will be secure.

We understand how difficult it can be to wait for an admission, we understand how disheartening unsecure recommendations are, and we also understand how important your expectations of rehab are. With this in mind, you should expect a professional, private and personal rehab admission which will fulfil your needs and refer you to a quality, CQC rehab clinic.


You can place your trust in our team here at Addiction Advocates.


Can I definitely visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Thanet?

Before communicating definite rehab routes, the first step of your referral will assess your needs, to highlight the most effective and suitable care for your addiction type. There’s a chance that visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Thanet will be doable, especially through a residential, specialist treatment centre.

However, it is very important that we complete the assessment process first, before setting your expectations. Rehab experiences will differ for every individual, so we must take into account your needs, prior to communicating rehab recommendations.

If we do feel that localised recovery will benefit you, we can move swiftly through the referral process to secure your reliable admission into drug and alcohol rehab.

Through our personal and accurate process, you can feel confident, reassured and prepared for what’s ahead for you throughout the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.


How does addiction treatment work?

Rehab is carried by a range of addiction treatment services. Those treatment options will work to promote recovery goals, including withdrawal, restoration, rebuild and relapse prevention.

In order to achieve such goals, a range of treatment services will be recommended, to you on a personal basis, to form a tailored treatment programme. That programme will hold the structure of your rehab stay, to work alongside additional wellbeing and lifestyle services.

The most common combination of treatments includes an initial detox, to work on promoting physical withdrawal, which is usually followed by a range of therapy sessions, to promote psychological restoration. Within that step, anything from family therapy, to exposure therapy, to stress management, and to cognitive behavioural therapy can be recommended.

To concentrate on the rebuild and relapse prevention goals, you’ll likely complete lifestyle management and planning, to develop healthy coping strategies and routines.

Combined together, addiction treatment services work to promote disconnect, to help change your outlook and to secure a foundation for your future recovery back in Thanet.


How will I combat withdrawal symptoms?

Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe and can showcase themselves in many different ways through the detoxification phase. There will be a chance of experiencing some form of symptom while withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. Yet exact expectations cannot be set, as symptoms will be defined by how your body and brain react to sobriety.

However, as symptoms are common, via your chosen drug and alcohol rehab clinic, you’ll be supervised and medically observed, you’ll have a range of complimenting treatments to complete, and you’ll also have helpful resources to hand.

While suffering is commonly linked to detox, through rehab, the aim is to detox comfortably and safely, helping your body and brain adjust to a drug and alcohol-free functioning.


Can I sustain sober living?

Sober living can be sustained. It’s the main goal attached to completing rehab, with the intentions of avoiding drugs and alcohol for the future.

This goal is possible and can be realistic if you do firstly complete the right type of rehab for your needs, and secondly, commit to the whole process. Rehab marks the beginning of this process, which provides you with the foundation and skills to change.

Sustainable sober living will be tested and fulfilled on a post-rehab basis, while you return to normality in Thanet. To help you meet this goal, you’ll again have direction and an aftercare plan to follow. That plan will focus on your lifestyle choices, on your relapse prevention plan, and on aftercare services that you can utilise.

In order to maintain a drug and alcohol-free future, you must be happy and willing to change, and you must be dedicated to controlling your actions and decisions with sobriety in mind.

As we’ve shared above, this is possible and is regularly achieved by recovering addicts. Overtime, it will become easier to sustain a drug and alcohol-free life. Yet initially, you must secure the foundations to achieve this every day.

Throughout the entire process, you’ll have a structure in place to encourage you through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Secure your personal journey with our team at Addiction Advocates, helping you access a leading drug and alcohol rehab in Thanet, with suitability at the forefront.