Have you found yourself to be fighting a losing battle with drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction?


Has this losing battle meant that your substance abuse or alcoholism has started to have a profoundly detrimental toll on every aspect of your daily life, be it your relationships with friends and/or family, your psychological and physiological condition, your employment prospects, and your financial security.

If the answer to this is yes, then Addiction Advocates’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre is likely to be the very thing that you need in order to help release you from the agonising clutches of drug and/or alcohol addiction.

As time goes on while a person is under the thumb of addiction, this individual will become progressively more enthralled to their drug addiction or alcohol addiction, and the aspects of life that should be important to that individual can steadily take a back seat in comparison to seeking out their next alcoholic drink or drug hit.

Regardless of whether you have been struggling to conquer addiction for a long time now or only a short amount of time, then Addiction Advocates’ professional residential drug and alcohol rehab in Whitehaven will be able to help you overcome your addiction.

Also, it is crucial that you do not delay in accepting the help of our specialist drug and alcohol treatment staff, as every day that you do not reach out to us is a day that your addiction has won and taken from you.

We understand that taking the step of attending a residential rehab can be a very nerve-wracking experience; however, in reality, Addiction Advocates are committed to making the process as stress-free and easy as possible.

Also, if you still have any concerns after reading the information on this page then you can call us for a free consultation on 0800 012 6088.

Additionally, if you are reading this as you are worried about the drug abuse or alcohol abuse of someone close to you, then we can also operate on friend and family referral.

Simply call us on the above number to hear more about how we can help your friend or loved one to get the help that they need.


It Is Crucial That You Take Steps Towards Overcoming Your Addiction With Us Today

To the majority of people who are battling substance abuse and/or alcohol abuse, the idea of conquering your addiction alone in your own home can seem to be the most appealing avenue to take.

Although, for a really successful recovery to be achieved, much more is required than simply going cold-turkey. Furthermore, the side-effects that present when a person is going through withdrawal can be incredibly difficult to pass through alone.

Even if you find that you have managed to pass through the unpleasant and life-threatening process of detoxification on your own, without a series of professional therapies which can help you to address the root issues which lead to you developing an addiction then it is unlikely that your recovery will be last for a long time.

With this in mind, it is vital to your long-term health that you make the decision to conquer your drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction with the assistance of a professional treatment service such as the service provided by Addiction Advocates.

During your stay at one of Addiction Advocates’ treatment facilities, you’ll experience a personal tailored recovery plan which will be structured based upon your personal needs by our addiction specialists.

Also, our facilities are designed and built with a focus on creating a positive and recovery-orientated atmosphere. By staying at one of our facilities you will be able to spend your days completely focussed on your recovery, which is key to being able to craft a long-lasting recovery.


Our Detox Clinic Will Help Ensure A Safe Withdrawal

Drug withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal can be a potentially life-threatening experience. This is due to the fact that while you are experiencing detoxification, there can be a wide array of unpleasant and life-threatening symptoms that you can present with.

And, while these symptoms, and the time frame in which they will present, can carry massively from person to person, it is not wise to attempt to withdraw on your own.

Detoxification tragically costs many addicts their lives, so it is vital that you don’t risk becoming one of these unfortunate people.

One of the safest possible ways to experience detoxification can be with the help of one of Addiction Advocates’ detox clinics.

At our detox clinics, you will have access to 24/7 professional medical care as well as round-the-clock monitoring from highly-trained medical professionals as well as qualified addiction treatment specialists.

During treatment at our detox clinic, our staff will help lower your intake of negative substances carefully and slowly over time. The medically-assisted detox which our detox clinic will provide you with the best possible baseline upon which to craft a long-lasting and successful recovery.


What Treatments Do We Provide Once You Have Experienced Detox

As mentioned previously, at Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol rehab, you will benefit from having a personally tailored treatment plan drafted up by one of our specialists. This will be based upon such things as your current addiction condition, your medical history, your commitment to recovery, and your budget.

We know that everyone is facing their own struggles when it comes to addiction, and so we want to make sure that you are getting a treatment plan which best suits your actual needs and gets right to the root of your issues.

We will administer a blend of physical and psychological treatments during your stay with us, and these treatments may likely include the likes of: one-to-one/individual therapy, dual-diagnosis treatment, family drug support, art therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT),stress management, group therapy, and exercise therapy.

In order to start getting your life back on track, reach out to Addiction Advocates today and start the process of taking back control of your life. You can call us today for free on 0800 012 6088, or alternatively you can simply text HELP To 83222.