In order to recover from a drug and alcohol addiction, there is a process that you must commit to and advance through. Naturally, your exact experience of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process will differ from the next persons.

However, through rehab, comprehensive, structured steppingstones will be promoted to help you recover in a wealth of ways.

That process can start here today, with our admission team at Addiction Advocates, marking the beginning of professional addiction support that you can experience.

Understandably, before reaching out, you’ll however likely want more information, you’ll want to digest that information and you’ll want to act on that information.

Down to this likelihood, below we’ve shared the probable steppingstones that you’ll need to complete to begin and advance your addiction recovery journey. Starting with your referral, admission into a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Merthyr Tydfil can be made, securing the facilitation of your journey.

From here, you’ll be welcomed with a rehab programme to complete, a life-changing plan to advance through and aftercare services to secure your recovery.

While such a process can seem long-winded, it is necessary, can be completed efficiently via rehab, and can be a worthwhile commitment if you’re ready. Start your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey by contacting our team for a free, confidential chat about the next best step of residential rehab.


Completing a referral here at Addiction Advocates

If you’re ready to change and detach from drugs and alcohol, that process can begin with a self-referral here at Addiction Advocates. By taking control of your future, through a referral, you can ensure that the right type and quality of support and treatment are available to you.

Through contacting our team, you’ll start your admission by completing a telephone assessment. This assessment will direct all rehab recommendations, focusing on the type of care that you’ll need to rehabilitate.

We will assess your health, your lifestyle, your relationship with drugs and alcohol, and your readiness to recover, to collate accurate information regarding your addiction.

Once we have greater insight into your drug and alcohol attachment, we can progress your admission by finding a suitable rehab clinic for you to reside from. Searching through our affiliation of accredited rehab clinics, we will work with you to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Merthyr Tydfil that will meet your needs.

This is the step that will differentiate your rehab experience from others, as your needs will drive the impending contents and degree of rehab that you encounter.

Through this process, we will be here to support you emotionally, offer guidance, and make all arrangements linked to your rehab referral and admission.


Securing a drug and alcohol rehab in Merthyr Tydfil

Through our services, one of the greatest benefits is that you can feel reassured and confident in your selection of rehab and the security of your programme. Once your admission has been arranged, you’ll have full knowledge of what’s ahead and that your rehab experience will indefinitely begin.

On your admission, you will need to complete another assessment which will deem your fitness for rehab. This is very important to ensure that your body and mind can cope with the treatment of rehab.

Via your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Merthyr Tydfil, a dedicated team will then work to create your own personalised treatment programme, ensuring that safe and effective steps are in place for you.


Advancing through rehab

At this point, you will have a structure in place to advance through rehab. You will have the backing of addiction specialists who will support you emotionally, who will provide sources of motivation and who will observe your wellbeing throughout rehab.

You’ll have a personal space to call home, to reside from and to experience the entirety of rehab from, including addiction treatment services, relapse prevention planning and lifestyle management steps.

The process of rehab itself will focus on detoxification and therapeutic streams of addiction treatment, to promote physical and psychological recovery. Dual diagnosis treatment may also be included if you are suffering mentally through the turmoil of substance abuse.

While challenges may present themselves, you will have a plan in place to help you advance through rehab and embrace every steppingstone of addiction recovery.

The aims of your residential rehab programme will include drug and alcohol withdrawal, psychological understanding, rebuild and forgiveness, lifestyle change and management, and relapse prevention planning. All of these aims will move you one step closer to independent recovery, managed back at home in Merthyr Tydfil.

Down to the differentiation of your needs, down to the uniqueness of your addiction, and down to the unknowingness of your recovery goals, we cannot provide an accurate roadmap of rehab itself. However, the key aims of rehab will be worked towards in a timely manner to help you recover on a comprehensive yet efficient basis.


Continuing your recovery on an outpatient basis

On the achievement of recovery aims, a return home will be recommended. To ease this steppingstone, you will have ongoing support via aftercare services.

On an outpatient basis, you will have access to ongoing streams of treatment, with a focus on therapy. The post-rehab journey, while worthwhile and life-changing, can be emotional and challenging to digest.

Aftercare will be there to help you on your recovery journey and normalise sober living efforts. Through your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Merthyr Tydfil, such services will be provided on a consistent basis to fit into your new recovery-focused routine.


The above is a common run-through of an average rehab experience. While yours may differ to a degree, mainly focusing on its contents, you will need to complete each steppingstone to benefit from the right type of rehab, to complete rehab, and to take your new skills forward.


At Addiction Advocates we can start this process for you, standing as the first steppingstone, by securing your impending exposure of rehab. If you’re open to visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in your local area, now is the time to contact our team and begin your admission process into rehab.