Recovering from addiction, via a private drug and alcohol rehab clinic is the most effective route to go down. Although going it alone or considering NHS treatments services may offer convenience or the idea of ease, private rehabilitation is recommended.

Due to the fact that a drug and alcohol addiction heavily impacts behaviours, attitudes and mental health, the treatment options, the recovery steps, and the rates of success, linked to private rehab make it sought-after.

Our team of experts are available to arrange your referral, one-on-one treatment programme and your next steps through private rehab.

See some of our FAQs below, or alternatively, reach out to arrange your programme from a drug and alcohol rehab in Erith. Here, convenient, and effective steps of addiction recovery can be expected.

For more information on what to expect from private rehab or to share your questions, contact our team at Addiction Advocates.

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Getting help for addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction treatments are available for any individual suffering from an addiction. There isn’t a criterion for the degree of addiction or suffering that someone experiences through drug and alcohol abuse, meaning that help can be experienced across the board.

No matter your symptoms, you can visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Erith to complete a personal plan of addiction treatment. The duration and approach to rehab will differ depending on each individual, which you can arrange personally and confidentially. However, overall, the intentions and steps of rehab are very similar, supporting the fluctuating and multifaceted nature of addiction.

How can I access a drug and alcohol rehab in Erith?

Accessing the right support will be possible with our guidance here at Addiction Advocates. We specialise in rehab referrals, ensuring that our clients can find and experience suitable bouts of drug and alcohol rehab, to meet their needs and history.

Through accessing your history with drugs and alcohol, no matter how short-lived or complex, rehab can secure the appropriateness of rehab as a steppingstone, along with your available options.

Through the admissions process, we can gauge whether a drug and alcohol rehab in Erith will have the services and resources to deliver your addiction recovery journey. Decisions around your programme will also be made, differentiating between inpatient and outpatient treatment, and the different approaches to rehab.

Benefits of addiction treatment

Addiction treatment services are flexible, are designed with recovery in mind and are extremely targeted to suppress addictive behaviours. They will work in unison to promote safe withdrawal, adapted outlooks, and plans for the future.

The type of addiction treatment services that you complete will depend on the degree and makeup of your addiction. On your arrival to rehab, you’ll therefore be assessed, to lead the way with treatment recommendations.

Everything from your mental health, your physical wellbeing, your tolerance levels, your outlooks, and your coping strategies will be considered, to form a suitable and effective treatment programme. Commonly completed addiction treatment services include detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, a wealth of talking therapies, stress management and group therapy.

What type of aftercare is available?

Aftercare is an available service that helps to bridge the gap between inpatient rehab and normality. Services will focus on maintaining addiction recovery efforts, while also offering a means of support to alleviate the nature of such gap.

Services on offer include support groups, alcoholics anonymous sessions, ongoing talking therapies, and relapse prevention planning. The aim of each will focus on maintaining motivation, preventing relapse, and offering comfort through post-rehab life.

Aftercare will be available from your selected drug and alcohol rehab in Erith, offered as a free 12-month service.

How likely am I to recover?

Recovery rates are personal, based on post-rehab steps and decisions. Rehab is however there to motivate change, to treat the cause of addiction and to provide new techniques to maintain sobriety.

By partaking in aftercare and making use of relapse prevention plans, the effectiveness of private rehab will surface through recovery likelihoods.

Private rehab can offer a wealth of benefits, which may be new to you. Yet with specialist support on offer, along with our reassurance here at Addiction Advocates, approaching a private drug and alcohol rehab in Erith will be possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common alcohol withdrawal symptoms?
Alcohol withdrawal will define the process of detoxing from alcohol. Common symptoms which are encountered through this process include nausea, irritability, sleep problems, anxiety, shakes, physical cravings, and vomiting. Detoxification is a must, which will likely induce such withdrawal symptoms. Yet through a private drug and alcohol rehab clinic, you will have the support and services to work through them safely.
Do drugs and alcohol affect mental health?
Yes, unfortunately, substance abuse is highly linked to mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. This is down to the interaction that drugs and alcohol have with the central nervous system, adjusting emotional responses, feelings, and reactions. Due to such commonality, dual diagnosis treatment will be available for those who struggle with their mental health, either as a primary or secondary condition.
What are the signs of alcoholism?
Common signs of alcoholism focus on changes to behaviour and consumption levels. Increased exposure to alcohol, the inability to stop consumption, the experience of withdrawal symptoms, drinking at early hours, consuming alcohol alone, hiding consumption levels, physical signs of consistent hangover and financial losses are all signs of alcoholism. If you’re struggling, we can help you at Addiction Advocates to secure a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Erith. If you’re looking for private treatment in Erith, contact our team at Addiction Advocates for more information. Support is available for clients and family members, along with rehab referrals and aftercare accessibility.