Do you live in Lincolnshire? Are you searching for drug and alcohol rehab in the Grimsby area? If this is the case, Addiction Advocates can help you to get clean and turn your life around with immediate effect.

Our treatment centres will allow you to undergo alcohol or drug therapy and detox in a residential rehab clinic, which allows us to offer a wide range of treatments. These vary from individual and group therapy to holistic treatments.

When you are first admitted, we will perform a comprehensive physical and psychological assessment so that we might find the best individual, tailored treatment programme that works for you. Everyone who seeks the help of Addiction Advocates is treated like an individual at every step of their treatment.

We have no waiting list, there’s no need for a GP referral or NHS involvement at all, all you need to do is to call 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222 for a free, no obligation initial assessment over the telephone.

We understand that taking the first step is difficult but be assured that it will get easier from that point when you have us by your side to help.


How does rehab work?

When you first contact us, we will perform an initial assessment so that we might better understand your addiction. This will not take long but it allows us to build a picture of how we might help you. You may also need to fill this in on behalf of a loved one or a friend who is in the grips of a drug or alcohol addiction. We will not judge you at any point and we offer complete compassion and discretion.

When we’ve spoken to you over the telephone, we’ll perform that thorough examination of your physical and mental health. All too often, the root cause of addictions is not treated but at Addiction Advocates, we know this is not best for your long-term recovery. In order for you to truly take control of your recovery journey, we will understand what caused your drug or alcohol addiction to begin.

You will get out of your rehab what you put in, so honesty and transparency is essential at all stages. We will give 100% commitment to your recovery – we need the same from you.


The benefits of a residential rehab

Residential rehab is unquestionably a big commitment, and we ask for a 28-day stay as a minimum from you. However, being treated on an inpatient basis like this is the best way to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction.

A stay with Addiction Advocates in one of our modern, first class treatment centres gives you the opportunity go through an intensive period of treatment and have top class support from our highly trained and caring staff. We offer a safe, peaceful recovery space which allows you to heal with a wide range of treatments. These vary from traditional treatments, such as therapy sessions, to more holistic approaches such as yoga or exercise.

If you have already tried other approaches in Grimsby, such as outpatient treatment on the NHS or local support groups, it is time to consider a residential approach to your treatment. If you are relapsing continuously, then an extended stay in a recovery focused clinic will be helpful. This will allow you to take a month away from your responsibilities and your life in general – this could make a real change to your life.

You may be concerned about the cost of a course of residential rehab, and private rehab isn’t cheap. However, we’re reasonably priced and will work with you to find a treatment programme in Grimsby that fits your budget.


How a detox works

Once you’ve had your assessment, met your keyworkers and had a tour of our lovely facilities, you will need to undergo a detox. We promote a fast detox, and this has been developed and delivered by our addiction experts.

Undoubtedly, detox is a tough part of your treatment, but it is needed in order to flush the toxins that a drug or alcohol addiction causes from your system. Having no access to drugs or alcohol will cause your body to react badly with a series of withdrawal symptoms. These are at best unpleasant but can frequently be dangerous.

With a residential rehab, you’ll be able to have round the clock support from our medical staff, who will monitor your progress. They will also be able to provide prescription medication in order to make the treatment easier and safer if there’s a benefit for you. A detox can last from two or three days to as long as two weeks. The length of your detox will be determined by your dependence on drugs or alcohol.


Your therapy and aftercare in Grimsby

The successful completion of your rehab will allow you to focus on the rest of your treatment. You will be expected to attend individual and group therapy sessions. Your Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions will allow our counsellors and psychiatrists to treat the root cause of your issue. Whilst group therapy sessions may not seem appealing at first, sharing your experiences with fellow recovering addicts is a positive way to gain more knowledge and understanding of what you’ve been through and how far you’ve come.


Make a difference immediately

When your treatment has been completed, you will be a different person. Your mindset will be different, and your mentality tuned to that of your long-term recovery. Addiction Advocates will give you everything you need to continue your recovery once you leave our care.

We will devise an aftercare plan with you in order to ensure that you remember the core principles of your treatment. We will also recommend local support services for you to continue to share your experiences and coping mechanisms with other people.

Again, we understand that you may feel ashamed or embarrassed at calling us. But we want to help you. If you, or someone you care about, needs help with a drug or alcohol addiction, please call Addiction Advocates without delay on 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222 and we can help you today.