If you are worried that a loved one has become addicted to substances, you may well find yourself searching for guidance on how best to support them.

It is also likely that you have attempted to locate a drug and alcohol rehab in Tonypandy in an attempt to ensure that your loved one can secure treatment.

However, realising that your loved one has become addicted to substances will undoubtedly cause you to experience several emotions.  You may even question whether you are to blame or why your loved one has not confided in you.

If this resonates with you, you must consider that drug and alcohol addictions are psychological disorders that arise from many factors.  Furthermore, it is probable that your loved one has deliberately kept their addiction a secret from you, not to hurt you but to protect you.

Should you find yourself searching for guidance, at Addiction Advocates, we can provide just that.  In addition to supporting those with addictions, we provide support to families, friends and even employers.

Our admissions team is on hand to answer any questions you may have and assist you in referring your loved one to a drug and alcohol rehab in Tonypandy for treatment.


Will Attending A Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Tonypandy Truly Benefit My Loved One?

As you come to terms with the fact that an addiction may well be harming your loved one’s life, it is understandable that you will want to do everything you can to help them at home.  However, it is vital that you instead encourage your loved one to seek treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Tonypandy.

While we appreciate that you will think you can help your loved one from the comfort of your own home, when an addiction is present in an individual’s life, attending a drug and alcohol rehab for treatment is essential.  Without professional treatment, addictions are known to spiral beyond control and gradually reduce the quality of an individual’s life.

This is because consuming large amounts of substances regularly will have pessimistic repercussions, not just on an individual’s physical health but also on their mental health.

Yet, when treatment is sought, those suffering from addictions will have the ability to slowly withdraw from the substances they have become addicted to.  Treatment will also ensure that the psychological ramifications of addictions can be overcome.


What Treatment Will My Loved One Be Subject To?

The treatment that your loved one will be subject to will depend entirely on the type of drug and alcohol rehab they attend.

Here at Addiction Advocates, we typically refer those affected by addictions to private drug and alcohol rehabs in Tonypandy.  This is because the treatment is much more effective.  Treatment at a private drug and alcohol rehab is also personalised to the needs of each individual.

If attending a private drug and alcohol rehab in Tonypandy is in your loved one’s best interest, they will progress through a treatment programme that will consist of detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare support.

Detoxification will ensure that your loved one can withdraw from the substance they have become addicted to, while rehabilitation will see your loved one undergo psychological and well-being therapy.

Upon completing a rehabilitation treatment programme at a drug and alcohol rehab in Tonypandy, your loved one will continue to recover as they return home.

To ensure that they remain on track to secure a long-term recovery and maintain sobriety, aftercare support will be provided.  Aftercare support often consists of weekly group therapy meetings, support groups and one-to-one therapy.


How Long Does Rehabilitation Treatment Last?

Understanding that rehabilitation treatment is in your loved one’s best interest, it is entirely normal for you to question how long rehabilitation treatment lasts.

Although the average programme takes as little as 28 days to complete, we would ask you to bear in mind that the severity of your loved one’s addiction will determine how long they need to attend rehab for.

As your loved one enters a drug and alcohol rehab in Tonypandy and completes an admissions assessment, medical professionals will determine how long treatment may be required for.  However, the progress that your loved one makes during their time in rehab could alter this.

For this reason, we would ask you to remain open-minded.


Will I Be Able To See My Loved One During Their Time In Rehab?

Upon commencing treatment, your loved one will be required to temporarily move into a private drug and alcohol rehab in Tonypandy.  This will ensure that they can truly focus on their recovery.

Although your loved one will not be able to leave the rehab they enter during their treatment, you will be able to visit your loved one in rehab.

Many of the rehabs that we refer individuals to permit weekly family visits.  You will also be able to communicate with your loved one via telephone as they complete their treatment.


How Do I Refer My Loved One For Treatment?

If you are ready to refer your loved one for treatment, we welcome you to call us today.

Upon doing so, our admissions team will offer guidance on how to approach your loved one to discuss their addiction.  Our team will also ensure that you have all of the information you need to inform your loved one of the options they have regarding drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge, you will find it easier to support your loved one through this testing period of their life.

If you find that your loved one rejects your support, we can stage an intervention.  This will see us contact your loved one directly.


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